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Based on a drawing made by my best friend Michelle, and my good friend Jasmine.

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Unattainable Before My Very Eyes (Prologue)

The sun was setting, so the sky was bathed in orange, illuminating the entire hill on which Yamanaka Ino was sketching.

Ino was so absorbed with her work, failing to acknowledge the sun's goodbye, until she saw that she was no longer seeing her drawing clearly. Her bright cerulean eyes widened when the handsome face with black hair and onyx eyes and the irresistable smirk she was coloring slowly became dark.

She looked towards the east, and confirmed that the sun was indeed starting to set. She quickly stood up, her platinum blonde hair covering her eyes. She packed up her things, not even bothering to shake the grass off her clothes. She was about to head home, yet when the stars took over the sky, she sat right back down, holding her large sketch pad in her arms. She stared in awe at the stars. Such beauty, fleeting yet forever lasting. Her thoughts soon disappeared when she saw a shooting star before her eyes.

She closed her eyes and her mouth murmured her one wish. Not that she believed in this stuff, it was just relaxing.

"I wish, that my drawing would actually come to life."

After those words were uttered, she quickly went home, fearing her mother's wrath.

"Ino, un. Wake up." Ughn. Why couldn't Deidara just leave her be? He was supposed to be in Iwa, studying, not in Konoha, ruining her sleep. Wait a minute. Deidara?! Her eyes quickly opened after that, and immediately hugged her older brother.

"Deidara! You aren't supposed to come home in two more years! Oh my gosh, does mom know about this?!" She was already talking really fast, but Deidara just watched with an amused look. Finally, he chuckled when Ino had to pause for breath.

"Now, now Ino. You can go all happy go lucky on me when you're back from school. And since school starts at seven…" He pointed to the round blue wall clock, which clearly read 6:45 am. Ino squealed and fell off the bed from surprise. Deidara stood there, laughing his ass off.

"Not funny, Dei." And with that, Ino went to rushing around the house, trying to be on time for school.

She arrived ten minutes late, and after getting reprimanded by the principal Tsunade, she headed into homeroom, where her teacher was a silver-haired, masked perverted man, Hatake Kakashi.

"Good morning, Mr. Hatake." She said, blushing.

"Good morning, Miss Yamanaka. Thank you for attending class." Kakashi replied with a creased eye. Ino realized he was smiling under the mask. She immediately took a seat between Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chouji, her two guy best friends.

"Sorry for being late guys. Deidara woke me up late." She whispered. Chouji nodded, but Shikamaru's face was questioning. "Didn't you say he wasn't supposed to come until next year?"

"I don't know why he was there, but I didn't have time to ask." Ino replied while taking out her sketch pad and continuing the drawing she was finishing yesterday of that boy. Chouji nudged her with his elbow. "Say, Ino, we're going skate boarding later, wanna come?" He asked while smiling. Before Ino had anytime to reply, someone else entered the room.

"Excuse me, is this homeroom 206?" Everyone looked towards the new bass voice. When Ino saw who it was, her jaw dropped. She looked at her drawing then at the new boy. Kakashi, who had been reading an orange book, immediately stood up and hid his book. He cleared his throat and motioned to the new boy.

"Class, this is Uchiha Sasuke, our new transfer student."

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