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Chapter 3: Ino's POV

Right after the bell rang Kiba and I hurriedly cleaned our area, and submitted the finished activity sheets to Miss Yuuhi. We went outside together, and while we were waiting for Naruto and Sasuke, we just kept talking.

"Hey Ino, thanks for letting me copy the information from your paper." Hah, you really didn't think Kiba actually did the sheets on his own, right? I mean, come on, he's one of the bestest friends one could ever ask for and I love him to death, but he's got huge points in the laziness department. That's why he's really happy that Bio always has partner activities. I wasn't going to voice this out loud though, so I just winked at him.

"No prob, just reward me with a few great moves next month in Suna, 'kay?" Kiba cheered. "You bet man! I am so psyched and waiting for the Skateboard Competition next month! I can see all the headlines right now, 'Konoha Team 12 trumps the Sand Siblings!'" Kiba said proudly.

"Don't count your chicks before they hatch, Dog boy." Naruto said, surprising Kiba and me. He grinned. "Gotcha." I playfully pushed him, and grinned back.

"Oh come on, Na-Ru-To. You know we definitely own the match!" Kiba said. I laughed. "Don't be so sure Kiba. I heard that Gaara guy, you know, the one with the tattoo on his forehead?" They nodded their heads. "I heard that he's perfected the Triple Flip." (A/N: I have no idea if there is such a thing in skateboarding.) Naruto's jaw dropped.

"Whoa. That is seriously wicked!" Kiba snorted. "Yeah right, he probably made up that rumor so he could scare us." I pursed my lips before speaking. "Maybe, maybe not. You remember Temari, that girl who beat Shikamaru?" Kiba and Naruto both grimaced. That memory was pretty bad for all of us. "She's Gaara's oldest sister." This time, it was Kiba's jaw that dropped.

"NO WAY! The Temari of the Sand?! The girl who exhibited the perfect kick flip? HER?!" I swear, Kiba looked so surprised, I thought his eyes would pop out from his sockets on springs. …Ew… gross mental images.

"Hi guys. Are we going to class or what?" I turned around, it was Sasuke. "Or are you gonna gossip until the cows come home?" Kiba replied, "Nope, just until the cows die." I shook my head.

"Sasuke's right. We can't be late for Art, it's Sasuke's first day. And you two," I pointed at both of them, "better run to Chemistry or Asuma-sensei will kill you." Kiba and Naruto took off after that, bumping into Tenten and Neji in their hurry. I giggled, then turned to Sasuke.

"Well, come on Sasuke. I guarantee that you are gonna love it there!" I suppressed the laugh threatening to erupt. Oh yes, he is just gonna love it with Gai-sensei there.

"So uh… are you an artist?" Sasuke asked while we were walking. I smiled,

"Yup! Well, I'm not that good. I only took it up two years ago, in recommendation of my ex-boyfriend, Takari Sai. But even though we broke up, I still love art." I said clearly, not showing any sign of hurt or sting whatsoever.

"Oh. What do you specialize in?" Sasuke asked, curious this time.

"Well, I specialize in human emotions." At Sasuke's surprised look, I grinned. "Yeah, I focused on that ever since we broke up, 'cause it's the only thing Sai's weak at. And you?"

Sasuke smiled. "I specialize in abstract paintings, and I love blending complementary colors." But before Sasuke could continue, I spoke and interrupted him.

"Sooo… you're the one who designed this?" I fished out a CD from the small pouch that was draped across my body, and showed it to him. Sasuke's jaw dropped in shock. I swear, that face he was making was even funnier than Kiba's face earlier.

"How'd you know???" I laughed. "Well, since your brother's in Akatsuki, and you're an artist, it clicked. I mean, the rock music and RnB hits go with Abstracts and you said you specialize in it, well… why would you pay for an artist when you already have one right in front of you?" I finished, grinning.

Sasuke was speechless. "Wow." Was the only thing he muttered, impressed. When I saw the look in his eyes, I shook my head, and pointed to my temple.

"Nah, Shikamaru always taught me to use my coconut shell." And I laughed. Before we knew it, we were in front of the Art Room. As soon as I opened the door, Gai-sensei greeted us – well, Sasuke only. I seriously pity the poor boy.

"Uchiha Sasuke, I welcome you to the youthful world of paintings, wonderful creativity, and blooming passion. Welcome to the youthfully wonderful World of Art!" His bowl cut, thick eyebrows and ultra-jovial personality scaring Sasuke a bit, I noticed.

"Hi Gai-sensei." I said, trying not to laugh stupidly at the expression on Sasuke's face. That was the face of all the newbies who entered this class after hearing Gai-sensei's speech. Including me of course, no matter how much I wanted to deny.

"Hello, Ino-chan!" Gai greeted in his loud, booming voice and blinding smile. Then he turned to look at us. "You may sit beside Ino on the third table. Please, make yourself comfortable and your drawing materials are ready over there. Enjoy letting your youthful spirits flow!" And with a thumbs up and showing his blinding smile, Gai-sensei left us alone, Sasuke wide-eyed and me laughing my ass off. Just then, someone tapped me on the back.

"Hello Miss Beautiful. Would you like to sit with me at my, I mean our table?" I automatically froze. I turned around, and there he was- Takari Sai, my ex-boyfriend, tall, dark, and handsome as always. It surprised me how he didn't appeal to me anymore like he once did.

"Hello Sai." I replied, voice measured and even. "I'm afraid I can't join you at YOUR table." I said, emphasize on the your. "I'm afraid I am joining Sasuke." And gave him the cold shoulder and walked over to where Sasuke was, head underneath the table, looking for a white colored pencil that he dropped. And he hit his head in the process. I giggled and picked up the pencil which rolled in front of me. I handed it to him, "Ya know, you should watch where you're going." Sasuke laughed nervously, "Yeah, thanks."

I really hoped I had seen the other pair of dark onyx orbs that was staring at Sasuke with so much hate.

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