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The moon shined softly down on the hooded figure. Her pale complection rivaled that of the giant, glowing orb above her. She sighed softly, only to take a deeper breath. Trying to take in as much of the night air at once as she settled down onto the hard cement of the roof. Her team mates were all asleep by now, resting in the comfort of their beds. The empath didn't have that ability. If she were to sleep, she would only be woken up once more from her nightmares. Just because her father was 'dead' it still didn't give her the liberty off a full nights sleep. No, she had other demons waiting in the corners of her mind to get her.

It'd been almost a year sense Trigon was 'defeated', and yet she still couldn't control her powers. They worked off her emotions, but she felt other people's emotions too. Her hair had grown out, down past her shoulder blades. She had even been so bold as to put a few black highlights through out her violet locks. She wore it up in a pony-tail most of the time, though she rather enjoyed it when it blew free in the wind. She meditated more frequently, and everyone but Beast Boy understood. She needed her privacy, and they gave it to her. But lately, she'd needed more. BB and Cy would get into an argument and she'd pick up the vibes, ending in something being broken.

So, Robin would send her to the roof while they cleaned up for "Alone time". She felt so pent up. Like she couldn't breathe air. There was this fire building inside her and she couldn't find a way to put it out. She'd never been one for hand-to-hand combat or using weapons, but maybe she should start. Get rid of this extra energy that kept building up. Sitting with her legs dangled over the edge of her home, she stiffened as she felt a male presence making his way up the stairs.

"Raven?" His voice was curious as the door swung open with a loud creek.

She visibly relaxed as she placed the voice to the face. "Robin... Join me?"

He grinned slightly at the offer, strolling over, and took a spot next to her. "Why are you up here this late?"

"Why are you?" She shot back.

"My dreams got boring." He offered sarcastically.

"And repetitive." She added. "'Slade' this and 'Slade' that."

He glared at her through the mask he would take off for no one. "Not funny, Rae."

"Wasn't supposed to be, Dick." She turned to him, smirking.

Wrapping his arm around her neck, he tugged her back towards him. She tensed up at the physical contact, and growled as he messed up her hair. "That's not a nickname I want you to get familiar with."

"Bruce used to call you that." She informed him as if he didn't already know.

She pushed him away roughly, and ran her fingers through her hair. She returned her gaze to the crashing waves below them. Letting the soft sound of the rolling waves lull her into a calmness. Her dark, violet orbs softened in a way as she gazed down at the equally dark water.

Robin, sensing her need for quiet, obeyed the silent wish. He leaned back, laying with his hands behind his head, to gaze up at the clear night's sky. He always did enjoy her company. Because of their connection, she knew about him… everything about him. That means he didn't have to go through the trouble of telling her. Which worked for him. He may train until his eyes bleed (metaphorically speaking) but talking about his past was something he wasn't good at doing.

Raven felt the relaxing emotions roll off of him in waves. She felt like the rocks on the shore, and just let them wash over her, dulling her senses. Her eyes drooped and she would have fallen forward if not for Boy Wonder catching her. His arms wrapped around her waist, as he pulled her from ledge. He darted down for a second, to swoop one of his arms under her legs.

"You really shouldn't push yourself so hard." He whispered to her half-asleep form.

"Can't help it. We're both stubborn…" She drifted off into slumber with that.

He carried her to her room as she lay, limp in his arms. Setting her on her bed, he pulled her covers up over. Leaning down, he pressed a soft kiss to her temple. Then, he turned on his heel, headed out of her room. Today was gonna be great. He whistled a soft tune as he headed towards the gym.

'Great indeed.' Raven thought as she slipped into the world of her unconscious.

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