Title: Edge, The Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Author: xClassicxChicx

Summary: After Edge decides what kind of cookie Matt would be, he thinks... what kind of cookie would he be?


So it's like 4 in the morning over here, I should be sleeping, but I slept half the day so it's all good. Excuse my randomness.

So, Edge, proud that he made Matt feel awkward as hell in front of the other guys, walked out of the men's locker room and down the hall. He thought for a minute about what he said to Matt. A SmexInMyMouth Cookie. What kind of cookie would that be? Double chocolate chip? Damn, that can't be. Chocolate chips are delicious. Double chocolate chips are just orgasam in your mouth. He couldn't have that! He wouldn't have that! He'd have to find something better to top that! The Rated R Superstar wouldn't EVER be second to Matt Hardy. No way, no how.

He thought again, what kind of cookie would he be? Jeff was a sugar cookie, and sugar cookies were just yuck.

Peanut butter cookie? Nah, that would be more like Shannon Moore. Creamy, yummy, yet too sticky.

Chocolate chip? Everyone loves those. Yet, he didn't want to be loved. He'd be like John Morrison, only loved for his abs. People only love chocolate chip cookies for the chips. Not the cookie. So that failed.

Plain? ...No. The Rated R Superstar is NOT plain.

Then he had it. It was an epic win. He knew EXACTLY what type of cookie he'd be.


Why? Because they melt in your mouth... and not in your hand! Perfect!

Edge was definitely satisfied with his choice. That absolutely made his night.