The Writer

Once upon a time there was a village, home of a writer, named Fakir. The villagers did not know very much about this writer. Only his books and the fact that he had a duck. There was even a rumor that went around that the duck had been a girl once. The reason for this rumor was the fact that the writer treated the duck like a person.

We begin our story with this writer:

"Duck, you idiot! You're so clumsy." Said Fakir with a sigh. He looked at the broken vase and then at the duck, who looked very guilty. While he cleaned up the mess, he still talked to the duck. "This is the second of today, what do you do with these things?"

The duck quacked, as if she could understand what he was saying and did answer his question.

"Well then, I'll go shopping for dinner. Will you go with me, Duck?"

"Quack!" Said she cheerful and she followed him.

"Shhh" Whispered Piqué from behind a little bush to Lillie. Lillie quickly took something out of her bag and disappeared in the bushes, together they sat there, waiting with tightness.

With a hopeful gaze on their faces they looked towards the gate, this was one of the entrances of the town. The thing that Lillie had taken out of her bag was a camera. She held the camera hopefully before her right eye. When the gate opened, Lillie made immediately a picture. Only it wasn't the one they had expected. It was Femio, the fool of the village. Full of abomination Lillie wanted to scream, but Pique held just in time her hand before Lillie's mouth. And so they sit there for a little while, silently did they look how Femio passed by. A few minutes later the gate opened again. And there he was, the one they waited for. Piqué and Lillie just couldn't control themselves in time and screamed his name: Fakir!

Startled by their own reaction the two girls looked at Fakir while he walked in their direction. The duck, who stood behind him, had jumped five centimeters in the air when she had heard the voices of Piqué and Lillie and she had to have a rest first. When Fakir stood right before Piqué and Lillie, they stared at him with big eyes.
"Hey" Said Fakir slightly irritated. What did those girls want, he really had enough of this, he just wanted to go on with his shopping!

Giggling they ran away. Fakir walked to Duck who still wasn't obtained from the shock. Fakir crouched down i front of her and gazed at her with great apprehension. Duck was old for a duck after all. He took her carefully in his arms and walked into the town. Ahiru leaned calmly against Fakirs' chest, she trusted him completely.

A few days later Duck came down with a cold, in spite of the fact that it was only a cold, it was for a duck as old as her quite dangerous. It took not long for the whole town to know what had happened to the old duck. Every day Fakir got the same comments, like: "How is the duck? Is it getting any better?" But also comments where it looked like Duck had already passed away: Aaw, it was such an adorable ducky," or: "Yeah, all the things pass away some day." Fakir thought it was bad enough that Duck got a cold. He didn't need all the mercy. He just wanted her to be healthy again.

When Fakir came home from shopping, Duck lay no longer in her little bed. Startled Fakir dropped the bag with food on the floor.

"Duck!" Fakir walked further, into the room.

"Quack" Came softly out of the kitchen, quickly Fakir followed her weak voice. There, in the kitchen, near another bag with food sat Duck. She gazed at him cheerfully with her weak, sick eyes.

Fakir said 'no' by shaking his head. "Moron, you have to stay in bed." He took her up and set her a bit rudely upon her pillow.

"Quack" Said Duck resentfully. Fakir just ignored her and picked up the food off the floor.

The doorbell rang. Fakir walked angry to the door and opened it with extraction.

"What?!" He shouted in the faces of Piqué and Lillie who stood at the door. Startled from Fakir's reaction they walked backwards. Fakir understood that he had been too hard on them. He apologized and let them into his house. The two girls did not expect this and stared at him with wide open eyes while they took a seat in the living room. Duck was very tired from her little adventure and she couldn't just stand up. Fakir went to her bed, took her up and set her carefully on his knee. Slowly the little duck closed her eyes and fell asleep like a rose, closely to Fakir. Fakir's eyes began to prick. Piqué's and Lillie's eyes also began to prick and soon they started to cry. Especially Lillie, from whom you really wouldn't expect it, because she was the hardest of the two. She used to really like drama and sadness.
Fakir was the only one who wasn't crying, although he had to try hard not to.

That night, he had a very scary nightmare, it was so real that the tears flowed all over his cheeks. In the dream he took up the weak duck with shaking hands and before he knew it, she was gone. He fell down on his knees with his face buried in his empty hands.

Shaking he opened his eyes. He didn't hesitate for one moment and went straight to Duck's little bed. Slowly he took her up and looked at her, weakly she opened her eyes. She laughed at him and then closed her eyes again. This time forever.


AN: Hey guys, I am so sorry for the bad grammar, so I have decided to rewrite it again for the second time. Please don't panic, all the chapters will be back! I've also changed Ahiru's name into Duck because I call her Duck in the prequel now.