Stephenie Meyer gave me Edward and Jasper and Emmett and Jake, so I'll thank her for that instead of asking her to pay for therapy. These are her characters and I am just ruining them.


As some of you may know, I typically HATE AU/AH stories. I'm just weird like that, HOWEVER the other day I was walking to my house reading a nice little fic called Saturday School and somewhere between Chapter 6 and Chapter 8 of one of the few AU/AH stories that didn't make me want to hurt someone, the idea for this story popped into my head. I tried to force it in somewhere in the post BD days but it just didn't work. I gave in to the world of AU/AHness and I immediately went to my place and started writing.

I have never used the F word so many times in print. I'm sorry if it offends, but Jake is a fowl mouth when he gets angry. This too will be a shorter fic, no longer than four chapters. It's just a little fun. There's no epic story here.

I also want to give a shout out to my girl Emibella. She's inspired me to write better, smuttier stuff. THANKS!!

I really hope you like it...

Rated M for Language, suggested violence and LEMONS!


Jacob's POV

I was having a great semester. My classes were cake and if I kept my focus up, I was well on my way to receiving my degree in engineering early. I had a kick ass job, working part time at Dade County Customs, customizing phat ass cars. My best friend, Emmett and I had a sweet pad not from campus and we were swimming in pussy.

Miami suited me. At first I felt bad leaving my diabetic father with my bitchy sister, Rachel and her husband, my former best friend Paul, who had become a complete dick after they'd started dating. But I needed to get away.

Washington State held nothing for me. My best friend, Leah, had also gone out of state for school and the rest of my friends were all either stuck in dead end jobs on the reservation or busy playing baby daddy. I had a future and I had to get the fuck out of there. Plus I wasn't about to pass up a minority scholarship to the school of my choosing. Gotta love being the last of a native culture.

My first semester of college, Emmett and I had Bio together and found out the same day we lived in the same dorm. We instantly clicked over our mutual love of sports, cars and tits. He was a total meathead, but a really good guy from a really nice family. His younger brothers Edward and Jasper went to The University of Miami with us, but they had a place of their own a little further from the main campus. Emmett worked at the local Gold's Gym and was getting his degree in Sports Medicine. After a knee injury ended his football career, he was determined to become the medical trainer for an NFL team. He had his sights set on the Bucks.

Life was pretty freaking sweet, except of one thing. One annoying, nagging, pain in the ass thing. One bitchier than bitchy, frosty ice queen, thing. Our other roommate, Rosalie Hale. I loved Emmett like a brother, but every morning when I woke up, and I thought about the bedroom and the bathroom that used to be mine, I considered punching Emmett in the throat for bringing that bitch into my life.

Emmett had met Rosalie during her freshman orientation last year. We'd volunteered to help all the new students move in and while I was helping some pimply faced kid pry himself away from his overbearing mother, Emmett was busy trying to look up Rosalie's skirt as he carried her boxes up the stairs. Rosalie was a straight up frosty bitch, but for some reason she warmed to Emmett and let him be her friend. He'd hoped it would become more, but it never did. And of course when she didn't get along with her roommate, Emmett offered to let her move in with us.

And of course he didn't ask me. I couldn't stand her from the first day.

"What's up with the chick hair, Jack?" She asked, touching my fucking ponytail.

"What's up with your fucking attitude?" I shot right back. These were the first words she'd ever spoken to me and it had been a rocky situation ever since.

One would think she wouldn't want to move in with someone who hated her just as much as she hated him, but that was just the kind of bitch Rosalie was. She didn't care. She knew Emmett would stick up for her. She knew that Emmett would let have what ever she wanted and that included my second floor bedroom with the master bath.

I came home from class one day to find all of my shit in the first floor guest room, next to Emmett's.

"Dude what the fuck is going on?" Emmett lounged on the coach, watching highlights from women's beach volleyball. I paused to watch a particularly perky brunette dive for the ball. She had a great ass. "Where the hell is my stuff?"

"Spare room," he said blankly, titling his head to the side to get a better view of a firm buttocks. I couldn't help but cock my head in the same direction.

"Yeah, but why?" I droned. It was a really nice ass.

Sport Center suddenly went to commercial and we were snapped out of our haze. Emmett turned and looked at me.

"Oh, Rosalie is moving in with us. Well she's already moved in,' he said casually.

"What the fuck for?"

"She wasn't getting along with her roommate."

"Oh surprise, surprise. Dude were you gonna ask me?"

"What the hell? We're not married. Besides dude, you live here rent free and it is my house." Fuck, he had me there. Emmett's father, Carlisle, was a super wealthy pediatric surgeon. He'd put all his kids up in places of their choosing, all expenses paid. All I ever paid for was my food, gas for my car and my cell phone.

"But dude did you have to give her my room?" I was lucky the stairs aggravated his knee, or that master bath would never have been mine in the first place.

"She's not gonna share a bathroom with me anyway, she'll have more privacy up there. She's pretty busy, too. You won't even notice her."

"You're still trying to fuck her aren't you?" I accused.

"Of course I am." Sports Center was back on. "Jake don't worry about it. She won't get in your way."

Oh, but was he wrong. She had been nothing, but in my way for the past year. She would take my parking space. She would take my wet clothes out of the dryer. Rosalie would end up taking over the whole fucking house.

Our kitchen, once a bachelors' kingdom, fridge stocked with steaks and beer, was now "balanced" with fresh organic juices, ass loads of vegetables, which she bought weekly from the local farmer's market, lean meats, and soy milk, which healthy young woman shouldn't even drink because soy fucks with your estrogen levels. (Did I mention how much I hated this bitch?!) Even my LuckyCharms were replaced overnight by some Kasia bullshit.

"Whatever Jake. It's full of fiber. You could use a good shit," she said one day, walking out of the kitchen. I lunged at her, but Emmett stopped me before I could grab her by the hair and throw her to the floor, stepping on her neck.

Our matching recliners had been replaced, all on Emmett's dime might I add, by a frilly couch and matching love seat. Our pool table was moved to the basement. She even snuck subtle touches into our bathroom.

"What the fuck is this?" I yelled one afternoon, when sitting down for my afternoon yank, I was eye to eye with hand towels. WHO THE HELL ACTUALLY USES HAND TOWELS. Our shower curtain had, too been changed to match the useless pieces of shit and she had put in bath mats. Emmett and I were perfectly content with the crusty beach towel that had been folded next to the tub. At least she was kind enough to get us a navy blue plaid pattern. I would have lost my shit, if I came to sit with my issue of JUGGS and found a pink flower hand towel staring me in the face.

And Rosalie herself, well I don't even know where to start. Bitch didn't even describe it. She was an asshole, a total dickhead, a raging cunt. I had no idea what the fuck her problem was. I'd met her stepsisters, Alice and Bella and they were so nice. Her mother had remarried their father, Charlie. Maybe that was her problem. She had unresolved daddy issues. Or maybe she just needed a good lay. She had been living with us for a long ass time and she never brought dudes home and she NEVER spent the night out. Even when she was drinking with her one friend, Jessica (one friend was all she could handle, she was a bitch) she would always stumble her drunk ass back here and make it into her bed alone. Even if she wasn't into dudes, there were never any chicks up there either.

She went to work, she came home, she went to class, she came home, she went shopping, she came home. Her routine was so locked I wondered just how long the stick up her ass was. Her hair always had to be perfect. I'm pretty sure she dyed it that unnatural shade of blonde, but I never found any evidence. Her clothes always had to be perfect. She ironed her fucking jeans, for Christ's sake. Emmett was right, in a way, to want her though. She was pretty hot and she had a banging body, but god, the second she opened her mouth it was like she took a big fat shit on her only good quality, her looks.

Another thing I hated about Rosalie was how much she fucked up my flow with Emmett. We always had parties, the boys over for beers and the game. Girls over for a little afternoon tittie fucking, but now the parties had all but come to end and Rosalie would lose her mind whenever she ran into some topless chick fetching Emmett or I glass of organic juice from the kitchen.

Nowadays, we only had people over when Rosalie was okay with it, or when she went home to New York to see her family. Emmett and I both had to go elsewhere with our pussy. Me, because I couldn't take Rosalie ruining another one my nuts by blaring Britney Spears through the living room speakers in an attempt to drown out the sounds of the moaning I was producing from my partner of the moment. And Emmett, because he still thought, by some freak accident, Rosalie would somehow stumble into his bedroom and offer herself to him, which she would never do, because she was a bitch.

On a particular Wednesday morning, I woke to find Rosalie pouring the 24 cans of Cokes I had just bought, down the sink.

"Rosalie," I growled. Yelling would do no good. She just ignored you. "What are you doing?"

"Getting rid of this shit. It's got so many chemicals in it. Don't worry Jakey poo. I got you so more soda." She pointed towards the counter behind her. There sat a six pack of Hansen's Natural Diet Pomegranate soda. I'm 6'7 and weigh 235 lbs, I can finish a gallon of milk in 2 minutes flat and she thought six sodas would somehow be enough to replace the case of 24 I had bought for Emmett and I to polish off in the next day or so. Now I'd had Hansen's Root Beer before and it was actually pretty good, but that diet pom –whatever shit was gross. I had forced myself to drink it one day when my only other options were homemade V8 and, of course, soy milk. It was nasty and Rose knew I hated it. She'd gotten it this time on purpose.

I grabbed my bag with a grunt and headed for my car. Like usual, I forgot about her the second I got to campus. I actually enjoyed my classes. I was the rare student who saw college as means to the life I wanted. I went to my two MWF classes and met up with Emmett and Edward for lunch.

"You know I saw Rose at the Sig Ep house last week," Edward told us.

"What?" Emmett laughed. Edward and I could both hear the twinge of jealousy in his voice.

"Don't worry, she had her clothes on, but she was puking her guts out. She was crying to Jessica cause she got barf in her hair. It was pretty funny. I'm pretty sure she's not invited back over there, though."

"Ha- I bet." I knew well, the brothers of Sig Ep were not the type to put up with drunken bitches who weren't putting out.

After lunch, I headed over to the shop to pick up my check and then down to Undefeated to pick up a pair of limited edition Jordan's. My day was going just fine -- until I got home.

I could hear Rose in the kitchen again. I wondered for a moment how much time she spent sticking her finger down her throat. She was always cooking shit, blending shit or baking some shit, but she never gained a pound. I know most of the stuff was organic, but she ate a lot.

I came around the corner and saw Rosalie bent over, digging through the fridge. She had the garbage can beside her. I tilted my head to the side. I may have hated the whore, but I was still a dude and she had a nice ass.

"Rosalie, what are you doing?" I asked, approaching her cautiously. She may have had a knife.

"What does it look like I'm doing, you dumbass? I'm cleaning out the fridge." See what I mean. "You may not appreciate the purpose of expiration dates, but I don't enjoy food poisoning."

I walked over to see what little possessions Emmett and I had in there that she had decided to chuck. I bent, glancing over her shoulder.

She turned her head slightly. "A little too close there, asshole. I'll be done in a minute and then you can skull fuck the ice maker." I ignored her and kept doing my silent inventory. Our protein shakes were still there and the gallon of whole milk she'd allowed Emmett. The butter, ketchup, mustard, vitamin water, some slices of sharp cheddar, the kosher all beef franks. I scanned further down the shelves. Something was off. I looked down into the garbage can and that's when I saw them. My babies, dead and buried. The ¾ inch, choice cut steaks, that I had left marinating in the fridge, were now in the trash, on top of some orange rinds and underneath a pile of wet coffee grinds.

Now, I am a nonviolent guy. My size alone has kept me from ever getting involved into any physical altercation. But I had never before in my life, wanted to choke someone to death as bad as I did in this moment.

My eyelid twitched a little and then I just snapped.

"You fucking bitch," I growled, the true hatred I had for this harpy, dripping like venom from every word.

The she-beast whipped her head around. "What. Did. You. Just. Say. To. Me?" Her eyes bore right into me. Oh, but her glare wasn't gonna work on me. It never had and it certainly wouldn't today. I'd had enough. She had to go.

"You heard me. I called you a fucking bitch. You are a controlling, evil, manipulative, asshole and I want you gone," I said, clear and straight.

"You listen to me, Jacob Black. I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but you should have gotten your head checked before you started talking to me like that. You shiftless, mooching, lazy, ungrateful piece of shit."

"Ungrateful? Who the hell are you calling ungrateful? Laughable, coming from the woman who uses Emmett's kindness to her advantage every minute of every single day. Emmett let's you live here for free, let's you tear the place apart and you still have his balls in a vice as if he owes you anything," I shot right back.

"Oh, that's funny, seeing as how you do the same thing. You live here for free, too asshole and I see how you force him into letting your stupid friends come party here."

"My friends? See. If you even knew what the fuck you were talking about, you would know that those people are Emmett's friends too." I replied. God, her head was so far up her own ass.

"Yeah, but he's not running a Hooters, dick. This is his home and I've been trying to make it feel like home for him as a thank you, but you, no you want to bring sluts up in here all the time, show people this sweet house that isn't even yours."

"Well you won't have to worry about that much longer Rosalie, cause when Emmett gets back I'm telling him about the steaks. THE STEAKS, ROSE!! No wonder you never get fucking laid. You don't know shit about men. YOU NEVER COME BETWEEN A MAN AND HIS STAKES!" I was really pissed about the steaks.

I could feel the muscles in my arms quivering. I had never been this angry before. My knuckles cracked of their own accord and I was debating briefly between choking her out or slamming her head against the counter.

"Yeah. Never want to separate a man from his meat," She said in a low voice. She glared at me. Rosalie was puffing hard, her jaw clenched shut, her fists balled, harsh wind pumping from her nostrils.

"I seriously, fucking hate you," I hissed.

And that's when she launched herself at me, knocking me against the island in the center of the kitchen.

Her arms wrapped around my neck, supporting her momentum as she wrapped her legs around my waist and crushed her lips to mine, a deep guttural moan ripping from her chest.

My arms wrapped around her body, holding her firmly as I quickly spun around, putting her ass on the counter above the dishwasher, which I knew was perfectly empty, thanks to her stick in ass disorder. The force caused her hips to slam into me, the heat from in between her legs piercing through the fabric of my clothes. She clung to me, forcing my lips open with her tongue, coaxing my tongue to wrestle with hers. I was so pissed I wanted to bite hers off, but she tasted so fucking good. Must be the obsessive trips to the farmers market, cause all I could taste were fresh peaches.

My fingers wove their way through the dyed roots of her hair, just at the base of her head. I pulled hard, breaking my lips from hers and just glared at her out the corner of my eye. She licked her lips, then slowly opened her eyes. We were both panting. Our eyes locked for a moment and then I launched my lips at her, latching on to her neck, kissing every inch of exposed skin hungrily. My other hand slid down her, then up her shirt, rubbing the soft skin on the small of her back

Interesting. No scales.

"Fuck," she moaned.

"Shut the fuck up," I snapped between rough strokes of my tongue.

"Okay," she whimpered.

What the hell? Did she just whimper? Did she just concede to my demand without the slightest hesitation?

I pushed the thoughts out of my head. I had other things to worry about, like Rose's crotch grinding up against my jeans. My dick was instantly hard. It had been a while since I'd gotten to be this rough and I liked it.

This was good. This was really good. I would fuck the ever-loving shit out of Rose and then kick her out. And then I'd make her replace those expensive steaks she tossed.

I thrust into her, hard. She whimpered again. I couldn't stand the sound. It was making me so hot for her and I didn't want to be hot for her. I wanted to choke her to death. I wanted my hands around her neck.

I wanted my fingers in her mouth, my dick in her mouth. I wanted to suck her tits and I wanted her to come in my mouth. I wanted to fuck her in the kitchen, on the back porch, in my bed, in her bed, on the stairs. I wanted her naked. Now.

I released her neck and I could see a hicky starting to form. I pressed my forehead to hers, both of us trying to catch our breath.

What first? Take off her jeans or her--

"Jake," She breathed.

My eyes snapped open.

"I thought I told you to shut the fuck up. Do you want me to fuck you or not?"

"Yes," she sighed. There was a twinge of fear in her eyes. That made me even harder.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Daddy. Please. I want you to fuck me," she begged, whining a little.

I could do without the whining, but did just call me Daddy? What kind of freak was Rose? Did it really matter? I was just hoping for a please, but no, the whole daddy thing was hot. I wasn't about to put a stop to it.

"Well why don't you be a good girl and keep your mouth shut. I don't need the soundtrack of your gums flapping to help me make you come. Am I understood?"

She nodded obediently, biting her lip. It was freaking hot, her teeth piercing the soft pink skin. I could taste her in my mouth just looking down at it.

I had zero plan of attack. It would have been different if this was some girl I actually liked, I would have taken my time. Kissed her slow, undressed her even slower, stroked ever inch of her body seductively with my fingers tips, making her feel all the pleasure possible.

But this was Rose. I didn't give a shit about what she wanted. I was gonna fuck her my way, none of that soft bullshit and I was gonna make her come when I was ready.

"Lean back," I told her. She quickly followed orders, reclining her body on the counter, support herself with her arms. I titled my head back a bit surveying her body. Rose was so little compared to me. She was a good 5'8, but still her personality was so unbearable that it felt like we were the same height every time I had to talk to her. But now, with her cowering beneath me, I could really get a good look at her proportions.

Her tits. Huge and Perfect

Her thighs. Nice and round.

Start with the shirt.

I'd do this slow to torture her, leaving her begging for more. It would only make it sweeter when I made her blast all over my lap and then sent her to craigslist to find a new place to live.

I slowly, reached under her shirt running my hands up her soft, perfectly shaped stomach. She worked out.

Her head fell back as she tried to suppress another moan.

"I think you should look at me when I'm touching you," I said gruffly. Her head snapped back instantly, her eyes wide now. "Lift up your arms."

She obeyed and I slid her shirt up over her head. It was one of her favorites, a tight red v-neck tshirt. I threw it in the trash, on top of the coffee grinds.

Rosalie's tits were even better under that shirt, sheathed in black lace. I knew she had a little freak in her.

I grabbed them roughly and started massaging them with my palms. Her nipples were already hard. A muscle in her cheek twitched as she was straining to control herself.

"Do you like the way that feels?" I muttered.

She nodded deeply twice.

"I can't really hear you."

"Yes," she moaned.

"Yes, what?

"Yes, Daddy."

"I don't know, Rose. You're fucking up. I think I should stop."

"Please don't stop, Daddy. I'll be good."

"Good." I reached behind her back and undid her bra. Her perfect tits barely moved, so big and firm and perfect, with juicy brown nipples just the way I liked them. She arched her back, tilting her body ever so slightly to the right, just begging me to start in on her left breast, apparently her favorite. I pretended I didn't notice the motion and instead grabbed her by the waist and stood her up on the floor. She watched me as I undid the button on her jeans and quickly pulled them down to her ankles. I stayed bent over until she stepped out of them then swept them out of the way. As I was standing up I came face to face with her black lace boy shorts. I swear to god, she'd make millions for Victoria Secret if she modeled for them.

I wasted no more time starring at the piece of fabric and did away with those too. They looked a little pricey, so I grabbed the hem on the left side and tore them off her hip. She gasped as I did the same to the other side. I motioned for her to open her legs slightly so I could pull them out of the way. Those went in my pocket. She had a perfect, clean shaven puss.

Excellent. Now I couldn't tell if the carpet matched the drapes.

I grabbed her by the waist again and plopped her up on the counter. This felt much better, her completely exposed. She instinctively leaned back again, supporting her weight, her head cocked to the right. She was angling her body left again, subconsciously offering up a side.

I stared at her body for a moment, then slowly ran my finger up her slit. Rosalie was soaking wet. I took my coated finger and smeared her juices all over her left nipple slowly, rubbing and pinching. She bit down on her lips suppressing another moan. Her hips twitched forward slightly, but to no avail. My hips were a good 2 feet away from her, my arm span, her worst enemy at the moment. My dick was throbbing in my jean, just aching to plow into her, but I could tell this was killing her. I had to drag this out as long as possible.

"Now be a good girl and lick it off." She reached for my hand, lips parting. "No, no. Lick it off your nipple." I clarified. Without hesitation, she grabbed her tit and started lapping her tongue over the swollen peek, looking up at me through her eyelashes. I knew she could reach. Her tits were so fucking huge. It was too easy to fuck with her like this.

"Okay you can stop now," I said, pretending to sound bored. She sulked a little, her bottom lips jutting out in a pathetically sexy pout.

God, this was really too easy. I wonder how long she's been wanting this?

I leaned forward, my hands on either side of her thighs. Rosalie's breath caught at my close proximity.

I gently swept my lips, up her stomach, quickly passing over her wet nipple, then proceed up her neck to her ear. I could hear her body react, see the goose bumps spread. She was fighting so hard to contain herself.

I stopped at her ear, slowly tracing the lobe with my tongue. When she shivered I said, "Why don't you touch your pussy for me."

"Okay, Daddy," she whispered. I held my position, arms on either side of her and looked down as she started slowly teasing her clit.

Good. I thought. I was gonna smack her hand away if she went too fast.

Maybe she wasn't so prude after all. Rosalie knew what she was doing. She knew her body, knew how to make herself feel good. The sight of her glistening fingers made my hard dick twitch and throb. I wasn't going to watch her do this much longer. It was time to make her scream my name.

I looked into her eyes while she continued to stroke herself, deep and slow. Her gaze met mine and I could see the lust burning there. She'd never been this turned on before. Fuck, neither had I.

Her body started to move now, her hips grinding harder into her hand. It was hot as hell, but there was no way she was coming here on the counter with my dick still in my pants.

I was still leaning over her, my feet staggered apart. I licked my lips, sizing her up. "I wonder…" I ran my tongue up her neck again. "what exactly you taste like?" She swallowed a lump in her throat. "Do you know?" She shook her head. "Really?" I wasn't sure I believed her.

"Never," she shook her head again bashfully. She was telling the truth. I pulled her hand up from her lap, her two fingers were absolutely covers in her wetness. I fed just the tips of her fingers to her. Her tongue lapped over them, getting just a taste.

"Is it good?" She nodded, biting her lip. Her fingers were still really close to her lip so I leaned closer and took her fingers into my mouth. Holy shit, she tasted great. Fresh and warm. I could hear her breath stutter, feeling my tongue caress her digits. I pulled her fingers away, and pressed my lips to hers. My head was swimming. The taste of her pussy, the taste of her mouth, the sweet peaches. I had to fuck her now.

I took her off the counter and pointed towards the stairs. I hadn't had sex up there in a while. I wanted to spend some time in my old room.

She walked obediently up the stairs. I walked behind her running my finger up the crack of her ass. She turned, looking down at me, embarrassed.

"Is there a problem?"

She shook her head, No, and kept walking.

When she opened the door to her bedroom, I was pissed all over again. My room, MY ROOM, had been completely transformed, not in a bad way, but a "wow, Emmett really let's you do whatever you want" sort of way. The 60 inch flat screen that was mysteriously replaced in the living room, by a 52 inch of lesser quality, was hanging over her enormous dresser. The walls had been repainted this amazing electric blue. Her sheets and curtains all matched, with patterns of green and purple swirls. It was a drastic improvement, not girlie at all, but calm and soothing.

However, her girlie shit was all over the place, discarded outfits, flowered pictures frames, pages ripped from magazines donning the bare abs of Justin Timberlake and Gerard Butler. My palace, my sanctuary, had been destroyed.

I sat on the edge of the bed, still a little pissed, preparing to torture Rosalie a little more before I plowed into her. I shifted my weight back and then felt something bizarre under the covers. Near the foot of the bed, there was a small dip in the mattress, a hole even, where some of the cotton had gone missing. A hole that had once started as an innocent cigar burn, one night while celebrating a Broncos win in bed. A hole that had grown larger over the past 2 years, as I jumped in and out of bed every morning and every night.

"You kept my fucking mattress?" I spat at her in low tones.

"Jessica and I couldn't get it through the door, so Emmett just had a new one delivered to your room, before you got home," Rosalie said looking at her feet.

That did it.

I stood and walked menacingly behind her and pushed Rosalie forward on the bed, with just enough force. She fell on her stomach with a high-pitched gasp. She turned her head slightly to look at me, pulling her arms up over her head.

"Don't move," I growled. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it in the corner, then quickly ripped off my belt, my jeans and boxers following swiftly after. "Are you on the pill?"

"Yes," she whimpered.

I lay down on the bed next to her and she turned her head to look at me.

"I'm pretty pissed right now. It might be best if you looked the other way." I saw a flash of hurt in her eyes, before she quickly turned looking at the other wall. I slid my body up against hers, my right leg flush up against her left, my erection pressing up against her thigh.

Another soft whimper.

God, she was in desperate need of some dick her life.

I slowly ran my fingertips, down the length of her back, from nape to the small. She began to shiver a little. I gently rubbed circles on her ass. I pulled back and gave it a firm but control smack. She yelped and I watched as a pink mark faintly, in the shape of my hand, began to form.

I slid my hand to her right hip, gripping it firmly, pulling her on her side towards me. I left a little distance between the lower half of our bodies as, with my whole hand, I reach between her legs and cupped her dripping pussy from behind, I could feel every single muscle of her aching core twitching. I used my palm and all of my fingers to massage her, deeply from the outside. She let out a rough guttural moan, as her head fell back against my chest.

"Tell me Rosalie, have you ever had a guy to touch you like this?" I breathed in her ear.

"No, Daddy. Never."

"Are you a virgin, Rose?" I had to know, cause my dick was not small and I would surely tear her apart.

"No. I've been with one other guy," She moaned. Interesting. I felt a little bit better. I hated the shit out of her, but I wasn't actually an asshole. I wouldn't like myself in the morning if I took her virginity and my mattress, and my TV and my room back.

I had had enough of this. I pulled my hand away and made Rosalie lick my fingers clean. It was so fucking hot to watch her suck each finger. She looked like she was really getting off on her taste and having any part of me inside of any part of her.

When she finished I pushed her back down on her stomach and slid over, my body covering hers. I held the full force of my weight off her, one elbow supporting my frame on the bed. I grabbed my dick and slid it between her legs. She arched her back, her ass pressing into my stomach, giving my better access to her sweetness. I slid up the moisture between her thighs and right into her tight core. I gave her every last inch in one hard thrust, staying inside of her. She gasped, gritting her teeth.

"Is that too much for you, little girl?" I grunted.

"No, Daddy," she cried. I slid my cock out slowly, then slammed back in. That one was for the soy milk. And then again, for my sodas, and again for the pool table. Again and again, I slid into a fierce rhythm. Soon Rosalie's pussy began to quiver and clench my dick. She moaned and whimpered lightly.

Orgasm number one out of the way.

I slid out of her slowly pushing her to the side of the bed with my long arm. She turned and looked at me, guessing my intention and stood up.

See Rosalie had really, really fucked up, I mean besides being stupid enough to think I wasn't going to do anything about her ruining my happy home life. I'm not sure what kind of sick fantasies she was having but me, but Rosalie wasn't about to get off quick and call it quits. I had crazy stamina, genetic I think. I could literally go for hours, having had stronger woman than her beg me to come. They couldn't handle it, theirs pussies swollen and battered, they simply couldn't stand anymore.

Rosalie stood next to the bed, expectantly waiting for my next orders. I slid up the bed, leaning my back against the headboard. I wanted to get comfortable while she sucked my dick.

I looked at her. "Are you waiting for an invitation?" I asked harshly.

"Sorry, Daddy," she whispered. She genuinely looked ashamed. She was sick. She was really enjoying caving to my every command, my every whim.

What was wrong with her?

Her nipples were so hard and I could still see her juices glistening on her thighs as she climbed in between my legs. She grabbed my throbbing length, and pulled it into her mouth, every last inch. My eyes grew wide at the sight of it. I repeat, I do not have a small dick. I could feel the back of her throat on me. Most girls teased the tip, drooling down my shaft, using their hand to do most of the work. But Rose, she never heard of a gag relax. She pulled back slowly, sucking with just enough force. My hips wanted to buck towards her, but I restrained myself. She couldn't know how good she was at this. This was my game now. She wasn't about to feel the upper hand.

"Come here," I said slowly. She released me from her grasp and crawled up my body. "Have a seat." She sat on my cock in lithe motion. We hissed together.

Holy Fuck, she's tight.

I leaned forward slightly and started sucking her right nipple, seeing as how she preferred the left. Her lips clamped shut, another high-pitched whimper leaked from her throat. She was loving this. But so was I.

My other hand slipped down her back and grabbed her ass, hard. More whimpering, more moans.

She was an expert at riding dick, each motion of her hips bringing her pussy, down and around my shaft and her thorough understanding of her own body, had the head of my cock stroking her g-spot every time. Just like I wanted, she did all the work.

"Shhh," I growled in her ear as I could feel an ear splitting scream of pleasure threatening to burst from her lips. Finally she came again. I held her close, wrapping her arms around me. Needing desperately, another outlet, the fucking bitch bit me on my shoulder.

"Fuck," I yelled, but I still didn't pull her by the hair, I like I wanted to. It hurt, but in a good way. I yanked her back, quickly turning her around. The next second I was on my knees, drilling her from behind. I grabbed a fist full of her hair, my other hand grasping her thigh.

"Fuck me," she sighed.

"What was that?" I asked.

I can't believe she fucking bit me.

"Fuck me," She repeated a little louder, clearly forgetting who she was dealing with.

"I'm sorry," I slammed into her. "I think there's something wrong with my hearing. What. The. Fuck. Did. You. Just. Say?"

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!," she begged. And I did just that, pounding her lush pussy over and over again. I leaned forward, reaching my hand underneath her, grabbing her tit roughly, pinching and twisting her nipple.

Quick, high moans came again and again from her lips.

"I love the way you fuck me, Jacob Black," she whispered, sighing gently, "Love it." She immediately winced again as I thrust my cock as deep as it could go. There was something wrong with the words she'd just spoke. All night every, thing she'd said with an unusual eagerness, like she wanted to play my little game, or like she was glad I'd decided to play hers. But the way she said love, the hesitant yet desperate way she said the word, it was as if she truly meant it, as if she was confessing that this was and would always be the best sex of her life, that I pushed every button, struck every chord and now she was mine to use at will.

I came at the idea and she too, sensing my tensing release, thrust back into me twice more as we came together. I stayed inside her for a few more strokes, making sure every last drop filled her.

Then I followed her as I pushed her up off the bed, and pulled the sheets back. I lay down ON MY MATTRESS, pulling her back into my arms. She cuddled against me, nuzzling her cheek into my chest.

"Is Daddy's little girl happy now?" I yawned.

"Mmmhmm," she sighed.

"Good—" I was nearly asleep as she snuggled even closer.

Within seconds, I had passed out, glad it was Wednesday.

Emmett wouldn't be back from the gym for hours.


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