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Title: Her Angel

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Chapter 1: Were going to Camp Rock!!

"Mitchie, this is going to be the last time I say this just never forget it. I love you." Connie touched her daughters cheek lovingly.

"Mum! Don't talk like that! You'll be able to tell me again!! Just hold on a little bit longer! They'll be able to save you!!" I squeezed her hand. Tears pouring down my face. She weekly wiped them away.

"No they wont. This is how its supposed to be. I'll be watching over you." I shook her, begging her to open her eyes. But the Beeping was getting faster.


The doctors came rushing in. Pushing me out of there way.


"NOO!!" I screamed.


I reached for my mothers hand. But I seem far away.


The tears don't stop rolling down my face. I have lost my father today, I don't need my mother gone too.


I wake up in cold sweat. Breathing heavily, I sit up.

I look around and remember where I am. At Caitlyn's house. I've lived here ever since my parents died. It seems that my grandparents didn't want me… so the court allowed me to stay with her.

And just in case you are wondering, they died in a car crash that was all my fault…

Caitlyn was still calling my name. I sigh, get out of bed and slowly walk over to the door. I open it and Caitlyn comes stumbling into the room.

"Mitchie!! What on earth were you screaming about??" she asks concerned. I didn't realize I was screaming…

"I just had a dream," she smiles sympathetically, I'm used to that, a lot of people do it once they realize what I've been through, "What is so important that were trying to knock the door down at, whatever time it is, in the morning??" I am so not a morning person, I stay up until its morning, and wake up at lunch. That is why I have my own bathroom, just incase they can't wake me up, they get cold water from the shower and chuck it on me.

"Its 3 in the afternoon, and you have mail. So come down and have some lunch and have a look at your letters!!" Caitlyn said happily. I curse her and her ability to be happy. But she has that smile that she knows something that I don't, so I ask her what it is, but she just shakes her head and runs down the stairs. I wish she would trip… don't go thinking I'm ungrateful or whatever, I am!! But its just, I'M TIRED!! Yeah… that's a good excuse…

So I go downstairs, open the fridge and get out some vegemite, cheese and butter. I make my sandwich and have a look at my letters.

I had two. I open the official looking one.

Dear Michelle Torres,

We have just uncovered the will of Connie and Steve Torres. They have left some notes witch may be of some importance to you. You have also been left the quantity of 700,000. It has been put in your savings bond that can now be accessed anytime (the credit card is included on a following paper). The house is now legally yours for whatever it is you wish to do upon it.

I am deeply sorry for your loss,

Sincerely Stephanie Stone.

I start to cough, and Caitlyn comes behind me and does thing… you know the weirdo thing were they grab from behind and push on your stomach, well that's what she did. I cough up a fly, I guess my mouth was open…

"They found my parents will. I've been left pretty much everything." I tell Caitlyn. She has her mouth open too, but she closes hers quickly. I decide I will read the papers later.

"What's the other letter??" she is smirking now… I wonder why… well I'm about to find out!!

I rip it open and read it out loud,

To Mitchie Torres,

It is with great pleasure that I announce that you have won the, Best Voice Award!! We had a look at your entry and fell in love with it!! You now have a full ride scholarship to Camp Rock!!

We look forward to seeing you this summer,\


"Oh My Jelly Bean!! CAITLYN!! How dare you enter a competition without asking me!! What if I dot want to go to Camp Rock!! Huh!! Huh!! HUH!!" I yell at her. But she just smirks.

"Too bad. You're going now!! MWAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAHHAA!!" then she runs into her room and locks it.

Geeze Caitlyn. She knows how much I liked Shane. It could've even been love… But now… he hates me..

Now I'm angry!! I think I will read the papers that mum and dad left me,

Birth Certificate

Name: Michelle Annette Torres

Parents: Steve and Connie Torres

Date of Birth: 14 of July

Time of birth: 11:56 p.m.

Siblings: Twin brother

Birth Certificate

Name Joshua Steve Torres

Parents: Steve and Connie Torres

Date of Birth: 15 of July

Time of Birth: 00:03 a.m.

Siblings: Twin sister

Ending Time: 8:25 p.m.

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