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'What happened? What happened to my Halloween?!' his eye-sockets widened in bewilderment while Jack stared at the mortal crowd below him. The chains lay heavy on his wrists, but he stood straight, trying not to show any weakness. The crowd screamed for revenge, for justice. They were almost cheering to the upcoming punishment. They hailed to some official who stood on his podest, ranting something about devilish creatures who deserve to be saved by the hand of god. He pointed out to the tied up skeleton and the crowd applaused in agreement. With a wave of the official's hand a soldier stepped behind the Pumpkin King and tossed him down onto his knees. The screams and shouts rang in Jack's skull. He closed his eyes in defeat and sighed.

'What happened to my Halloween…'


The pumpkin-shaped sun rose high above Halloween Town, colouring the surroundings in warm autumn colours. The fog of the morning hadn't vanished yet, giving out a peaceful and mystic atmosphere. The peacefulness stopped by the gates of the town though. It was the day of All Hallows Eve and the town was busy with the last preperations. The voice of the Mayor could be heard all over the place, giving out hurried instructions on the top of his car.

Sally watched the scene from the window of Jack's tower and sighed.

"Can't you tell him to calm down?" she turned to her beloved skeleton, who sat at his desk, busily flipping through his notes.

"I'm telling him this every year, he wouldn't listen anyway," he mumbled, barely looking up from his notes. "Flying torches – check, fake treats – check, costume – what's the costume doing, darling?"

"I'm almost done," Sally answered, looking down at the brown fabric she held in her hands. "Do you really want to wear this?" she said with a frown.

"Well, sure, why shouldn't I? I couldn't think of any better outfit."

"What about going as yourself this year? You haven't done that for quite a while."

Jack leaned back into his chair, thoughtfully staring at the pumpkin he was going to wear in the evening. Sally stepped over and laid her hands onto his shoulders. "You're the Pumpkin King, you shouldn't be hiding your scary self behind a mask. You look much better without it anyway."

The Pumpkin King chuckled a little by this comment, closing his eyes and enjoying the touch of his precious girl. "you've got a point," he stated. Then he rose all of a sudden, grabbed Sally and whirled her around.

"Oh Sally, this Halloween will be the best Halloween ever! I think I've never been this excited before!" he stopped whirling Sally and turned to the window, watching the busy citizens, his eye-sockets widened with joy. Since that Christmas incident he felt all refreshed and new, his head filling up with new brilliant ideas every second.

Sally gave him a warm smile. 'The last Christmas surely pulled him out of his depression, ' she said to herself happily.

"What's with the costume?" she tried again.

"Forget the costume! The mortals should prepare theirselves to be confronted with the new Jack Skellington!" he emphasized the last sentence with the help of his limbs and gave out an evil laughter. Sally gave out a relieved sigh, throwing the scarecrow-outfit into the nearest corner.

The breaking of dawn came soon and the towns-people all gathered around the fountain of Halloween Town, fully prepared and eager for the upcoming night. When Jack and Sally arrived, everyone gave out cheerful shouts and made room for their Pumpkin King. Jack stepped onto the border of the fountain and bowed, a maniacal grin on his face.

"Are your ready for the scariest and most horrorful night ever since?!" he roared all over the place and was answered with the enthusiastic screaming and shouting of the citizens.

"Let's get going then, everyone! It's PARTYTIME!!" the pumpkin king gave out a terrifying laughter and jumped down the fountain, ready to chill some spines. The creatures of Halloween Town joined him with glee. Singing their very own Halloween song, they left for the mortal world.

/ Jack seems to be in great misery, but what brought him there? What is about to happen in the mortal world? Is it the mortal's turn to scare our beloved halloween-towners? Please review and stay tuned for the next chapter! /