Chronicles of the Borg

Chapter 1

Basic Summary: In a World where Scientists have Discovered a way to Create Mechanical Fighting Suits Known as Borg's They Thought they were Creating Something to help Mankind, But little did they know that soon after They Printed out the Plans a Small band of Thieves broke in and Stole the Plans selling them to Companies around the Globe now Selling for high prices the at most the Most powerful and Expensive Borgs Cost around 250 Thousand Dollars, and the weaker Less Powerful but still Flashy Borgs Cost around 4 Thousand, While all this happens in around a 3 weeks no one Could've predicted what happened next, Bands of Organized Crime lords began Using Borgs for there Own Personal Gain For Evil Now A small Band of Students at a local High school near one of these Crime Lord hangouts Will Discover there Destiny and Help to Save the world From the Most destructive Powers to Appear for a long time.

Chapter 1

"EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH" Kyle Rolled around his bed a few minutes before Reaching over and Finally Shutting off The cursed noise that was His alarm Clock, it was 4:30 in the morning when he finally crawled out of bed, Slinking out into the Living room he Grabbed the Remote Off the Counter and Turned the Television on, as the TV's Picture Came into View Kyle Adjusted his Glasses and Saw a Commercial for the Borgs, "Stupid Things" Kyle Changed the Channel and started watching the news on it was a Report about how Early that morning a Group of Criminals had Taken a Bank Hostage and Using there Stolen Borgs they were Keeping the People Inside as Hostages "Dumb ass Criminals With there Stupid Borg's "Kyle's resentment Towards Borgs had begun a few days ago….

A Few days ago…

Kyle Got to School around his usual time and went to his usual hangout Everything he normally Did was Going well, So he sat down and pulled out his I-Pod and Started listening to Apocolyptica I Don't care Featuring Adam Gontier from Three Days grace One of his Favorite Songs, Shortly after The rest of Kyle's friends arrived and began there Chatting amongst themselves. Now the School had to Get a special alarm For if anyone used Borg powers in school But apparently a Group of two Rich and Spoiled Boys thought it would be Funny to Prance around the School Showing off there Borg Powers, Now the Borg was Basically a Suit of Armor Made with Metal and Given Different Designs, the Borg Suit Would Equip itself onto the users Body By the Use of a Small Communicator on there Wrist that They Could use to Speak with Others who had been on the Same frequency as them. Anyway, So as these two rampaged Around the School and Terrorizing Students and the Teachers as well as the Principals They came to the Group Kyle was in Now Kyle has some pretty Big and strong friends so most of them stood up to the Two boys but were beaten Down easy, Kyle had still been Listening to his I-Pod when the Stronger of the Two Borgs grabbed it out of his hand and Threw it on the Floor proceeding to Smash it into pieces Kyle was outraged so much so that he tried to punch to boy in the Golden Borg Suit But he was grabbed and thrown into a Garbage Can Knocking him unconscious, When Kyle awoke he Found that The school was in ruins and he was in a Hospital. As he looked around he saw that the rest of his friends had been put into the hospital as well and it wasn't until yesterday that he was released.

Back to present day…

A few minutes into the news Kyle heard his mothers alarm begin to blare. After a couple of minutes Kyle's mother Dawn walked out rubbing her eyes, "You getting ready for School Kyle" She asked as she usually Did. Now you see the Reason She asks this is because she Thinks Kyle had gotten into a fight at School the entire incident was covered up by the Local Police So Kyle was expected to go to school despite the fact that The Two rich boys had Taken the School Under there Control they didn't let anybody in Except those who could beat there Powerful and expensive Borg's

"Yeah I'm gonna get in the shower in a few minutes" Kyle replied looking up at his mother, Kyle initial Plan was to head over to Jordan's place and hang out with him until the designated time to come home.

"Did you wish your sister a happy Birthday yet" Dawn asked looking at Kyle and looking up at the TV at the Same time.

"She's still asleep I will before I leave for school," Kyle had already told Diane not to say anything to mom and dad because they would freak out and probably sue the School for allowing this to go unpunished and then they would probably go after the boys Families

"All right well I have to get ready for work" Dawn then went to the bathroom and the sound of the Curtain being pulled over and the faucet being turned over and the water spraying out of the shower nozzle. As Kyle listened to this he Saw another commercial for the borg's Kyle quickly grabbed the remote from the table he had set it on and pressed the power button shutting off the television, Kyle then stood up and walked over to the computer and turned it on sitting down in the leather seated computer chair he proceeded to log onto his computer account and log onto his youtube account after about 5 minutes on there Kyle decided to Shut the computer down and call Jordan he reached down and Picked up the Phone off its cradle and punched in the numbers after 3 rings he picked up


"Hey what's up Jordan"

"Hey Kyle what are you doing"

"Oh nothing at the moment I was actually just getting ready for school" Kyle said school as sarcastically as he could making Jordan laugh on the other line.

"Hehe yeah so hey you still coming over today"

"Yeah I just have to wait for my mom to leave she still thinks I'm going to school"

"Oh you haven't told her yet"

"Dude she wouldn't believe me anyway" Kyle said as he heard the shower Shutoff "Hey Man I have to go I'll see in two hours all right?"

"All right hey Kyle Bring your air soft gun were gonna have air soft wars today"

"All right sounds good bud I'll see you later" Kyle then pressed the off button on the phone and set it back on the cradle he then went into his room and plugged in his stereo and listened to Five finger death punch's Song Never Enough as he Rummaged through his drawers Kyle pulled out his Iron Maiden Shirt and Slipped it on, as he got dressed and ready for "school" the lyrics of the Song kicked in

"Im so fed up with everyone around me," The lead singer sang

"NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE" Another vocalist sang out

Kyle opened up his Closet as the Song continued on he began rummaging through his Clothes pulling out his Black jeans and Studded Wrist band he then Grabbed a pair of Black socks and slipped them on he went into the bathroom and hearing his mom yell from the kitchen he opened the door and asked

"What do you want" His mother responded as she usually did

"Im leaving for work have a good day at school" She hollered as she slammed the door behind her and went out to her car.

A few minutes later Kyle grabbed his Jacket and opened up the Garage grabbing his keys he Walked outside and opened up his truck door he turned the Key in the ignition and the car roared to life Kyle then switched on the Radio to 94.1 and he heard Slipknot playing there new song Psycho Social, Kyle turned up the Volume a bit and then went back inside, he went upstairs and woke his sister up "Hey Diane I'm leaving now so have a good day" She mumbled something in her sleep but Kyle Couldn't understand it so he left a note on the Counter telling her he had left and to have a happy birthday He then went back outside and Locked the door behind him he went over and hopped in the drivers seat of his truck and pressed the button on the dash that closed the garage door, Kyle then made sure no one was behind him and pulled out driving out of the parking lot he looked to see if anybody was coming and turned out onto the street after a few minutes he came to the stop lights it was green so he went for it turning he headed for Pick n' save as Kyle pulled into the parking lot he noticed his dad smoking a cigarette outside His dad wasn't a very big guy he was tall but skinny weighed less then a hundred and fifty pounds and had a well groomed beard. Kyle Honked at his dad and pulled up the curb Rolling down his passenger side window Kyle looked at his dad and waved a good morning then said,

"Hey pa what's up"?

"Oh nothing just taken a break"

"Cool hey im headed inside to get some Stuff you need anything"

"Nah im good I don't need anything at the moment"

"All right later dad love ya" Kyle said as he pulled away from the curb and into a parking spot 20 feet away Kyle Turned off the Car and pulled his key out of the Ignition, and opened up the door hopping out he locked up the car and headed inside after about 20 minutes of grabbing what he wanted he had finally went to the check out line, After paying 126 dollars and 49 cents Kyle walked outside with 8 Twelve packs of Pepsi and Mountain Dew 10 Bags of Different flavored Chips and 12 packs on beef patties for Hamburgers. Kyle loaded up his Groceries into the back of his camper truck putting them into the fridge and freezer that he had in there. Kyle then put the cart away and got back inside he Put the Key in the ignition and turned the car on again, just like before it roared to life and Metallica Enter the Sandman Began playing. Kyle pulled out of the parking lot and waved goodbye to his dad who was still outside smoking this time he didn't look too happy. Kyle shrugged it off and Drove over to Jordan's As he pulled up he saw Jordan Sitting outside he scared the shit out of him when he honked the horn and Jordan looked up from the book he had been reading. Jordan set the book down and walked over to the Truck, Kyle popped the Locks open with the press of a button and Jordan hopped in the passenger seat.

"Hey Jordan what's up"

"Nothing I was just reading"

"I can see that"

"Shut up"

"All right hey I got everything for today it's in the back" Kyle said motioning to the back area. 4 twelve packs that he wasn't able to fit in the fridge sat out

"All right man its gonna be a good day today" Jordan High fived Kyle and they drove off headed out of town Kyle Put in a CD with A Few good heavy metal Songs as he switched the Song up to the 3rd one and Dio's Holy Diver began to play.

"Hey Kyle"

"Yeah whatcha need?"

"You don't think that someone with a Borg will interrupt today do you?"

"If anyone tries I will personally beat their ass"

The Two laughed as they drove down the high way a few moments later Kyle's phone began to ring Kyle pulled it out of his Pocket and Flipped it open


"Hey Kyle You Guys on your way"


"Cool cuz we are gonna get the grills goin all right"

"All right well we will be there in about half an hour were on the highway Right now"

"All right well we'll see you later then"


Kyle Hung up the Phone and Turned up the radio now that the song sittin at a bar came on, and Kyle found himself singing along to the song as he and Jordan drove down the highway after about 45 minutes They pulled into a large driveway that lead to a huge Park with a forest huge play area to Run around in and Many people Everywhere. Kyle pulled into a spot and pulled out his phone, he punched in a few numbers and held the phone up to his ear.


"Hey were over by the parking lot wanna come over here and help us un-load we got a lot of stuff to Carry over"

"Oh yeah sure Chris and I will be right over"

"All right I will be RIGHT here waiting for you"

"Aight we will be there in about 5 minutes okay"

The Phone Clicked Off and Kyle put his phone back in his pocket and started pulling out twelve packs of soda from the back of his truck. Jordan grabbed the radio and brought it outside setting it by the side of the truck Jordan then went back behind the truck and helped Kyle by unloading the rest of the soda chips and hamburger patties, as they did Kyle's buddies Pat and Chris came over and started by Pounding Knuckles, then afterwards they all grabbed some stuff and headed over to where the large tables had been set up and they put out the Chips and then they unloaded the Soda from its packages into the coolers and then Jordan came over with the big radio and plugged it in putting in some Iron Maiden Everybody started Talking while Blood Brothers played, Kyle walked over to where Matt and Josh were and he said

"Hey Guys what's up" Kyle exclaimed whilst pounding knuckles with each of them. "Hey Dude how's it going" Matt Pounded him back and Josh was drinking a 2 liter bottle of mountain dew at the time so all he did was high five Kyle.

"Hey Guys im gonna go help Pat set up the Grills all right so see you guys later" Kyle waved off and headed over to the cooler grabbing himself a Pepsi cracked it open and went over to the grills pulling out his knife he tore open a package of patties and put 5 on the first grill and 5 on the second hearing them sizzle, Kyle Smiled and grabbed the Buns and opening them up he set them out then he yelled at Jordan, who came over and Opened up the Chips pouring them into bowls soon after, several others came over and started grabbing soda and chips. Everything was good…. so far

Meanwhile in the cave under the park something began to stir, you see this cave held many mysteries but everybody was far too afraid too enter but something did enter, it entered a long time ago and still lay dormant in its tomb, the spiders had by now made webs all over the tomb, inside the tomb something stirred something ancient and evil something that would if unleashed would destroy the planet.

Back to the party…

"Hey Kyle what's up" Zack ran over and high fived Kyle as he dealt out burgers to the People that stood in a line

"Oh nothing much im just making burger's" Kyle chuckled a bit as he dealt out another burger

"Cool hey a couple of us are gonna go into that old cave down over the hill and smoke some weed you in" Zack held up a bag of weed and waved it over his face

"Umm no im good buddy" Kyle smiled and went back to dealing out burgers" You know this is supposed to be a fun party right not a you go get high party" Zack chuckled at Kyle's comment and headed off with a few guys towards the cave.

Kyle Shook his head and went back to flipping burgers.

Zack, Rick and Johnny went into the cave with there flashlights and began walking through the dank dark opening and began walking further and further in after about 20 minutes of walking they came to a small area with enough space for them to all sit around and Smoke there weed. Zack pulled out the weed and a pipe for it Rick and Johnny then watched as Zack lit the weed in the pipe and took a hit from it slowly but surely they all took hits one by one until they were all as high as the empire state building. Johnny stood up and stumbled around he then left the group and headed down the corridor laughing to himself he came upon a large Man made object

"What the hell" Johnny squinted his eyes and looked at the object it appeared to be a casket of some sort but far older and made of stone. There was some sort of writing on the side but Johnny couldn't even attempt to read it in his current state. Johnny put his hand on the tomb and felt something move inside so curiosity got the better of him and he pushed the lid off of the Tomb and a huge black hand reached out and grabbed him by the throat before Johnny could even scream He was pulled in and the sound of bones crunching was heard echoing throughout the cave. After a few minutes a large creature stepped out of the box and landed his slimy Feet on the ground. He cracked his neck and stretched a bit, his skin was black and scaly he wore armor on his legs chest and arms. He had blood red eyes that seemed to scan the Walls of the cave. He yawned a moment before finally speaking. "Feels so good to be out of that cursed tomb" He had a Thick Romanian Accent to his dark cruel voice. "Hmm not much has changed in the last 5000 years" he began walking towards the entrance of the cave as he did he saw two giggling people up ahead the beast approached them and grabbed Zack then grabbed Rick by there throats and popped them into his mouth crunching there bones and drinking there warm thick blood. "Ahhhh a refreshing snack" The beast then headed once again for the entrance to the cave.

Back at the party…

After Kyle had finished Dealing out burgers to people he set out a plate of them for anybody to eat that wanted them. Kyle then walked over and plopped down in a chair next to his friend Chris Who was wearing a Black Slipknot T-shirt, lead rings on his arms, black Jeans, black fingernail polish, Black tennis shoes, and he had long black hair. He turned his head towards Kyle and smiled.

"Dude what's up"

"Nothing hey toss me a Pepsi" Kyle watched as Chris reached over and grabbed a Pepsi tossing it over his shoulders to him.

"Thanks man, hey when is it gonna start"

"Oh I think it's gonna begin any minute" Chris smiled and looked back as Kyle looked over he saw the others Grab Air Soft Gun's out of big black suitcases they then pulled out huge buckets of Air soft bullets and began to load the guns Kyle stood up and walked over to them as he got closer he saw Jordan helping them load the guns. "Hey Jordan I'm going to go back to my truck and grab my Air Soft Shotgun and I'll be right back okay" Jordan nodded at him and Kyle ran off towards his truck.


At the opening of the Cave an ominous shadow appeared at the opening sniffing the air The Beast let out a small roar "This planet is just as pathetic as I left it" He Still had a Thick Romanian Accent walking out into the sun he shielded his eyes and Walked out further "This will still be a great place to begin my empire" He Sprouted his wings on his back and Soared up into the air looking around as his wings flapped behind him he noticed about 50 people running around shooting at each other with plastic guns firing plastic bullets at one another "Interesting I will have to investigate this strange ritual" He landed on the ground behind a tree and shape shifted into a normal guy around there age he didn't disguise his accent as he knew they didn't know who he was he walked out and felt a sharp sting as one of the bullets hit him in the chest he saw the guy who shot him and growled but then stopped to keep his cool the guy then waved a sorry and said.

" Hey Man do you need a gun" The Beast then nodded at him and caught the pistol that the boy chucked towards him and he cocked it firing at the boy repeatedly who then took off as the beast smiled, but not before the boy turned to him and said "Hey my names Kevin what's your name" The beast looked at him and said.

"My name is Vex" Kevin looked at him like he was crazy and said.

"Oh cool name man" He then ran off and started shooting at others. Vex looked around and then up at the sky.

"This cursed planet will be nothing more then space dust when I'm finished with it" Vex walked out and started shooting at people when he bumped into Kyle who was shooting off his shotgun at people the two aimed there guns at one another and Kyle was the first to speak

"You fire you die" Kyle smirked as he said it

"You Think this pitiful Weapon can hurt me" Vex Smiled and Lowered the Gun admiring Kyle's bravery but then realizing that Kyle didn't know who he was in truth. Vex held out his hand and spoke with admiration in his voice "My name is Vex it is a pleasure to meet you" Kyle Shook his hand saying with Confusion in his voice,

"My name's Kyle" Kyle tilted his head looking down then up at Vex "So umm are you a new kid" Vex smiled and replied

"Yes I am a new Kid" Vex Spoke with caution in his voice not wanting Kyle to discover his true identity

"So what do you go to Stoughton High School or what" Kyle Shot at another kid that ran past them and Vex watched as he endured three more shots from the boy's automatic machine gun. Vex admired Kyle will to endure such pain, and he smiled again

"Yes I do go to Stoughton High School I am A new student" Vex scanned the rest of the area before saying "I have to go now it was nice Talking to you" Vex turned and ran back into the woods, Kyle shrugged it off and went back to the game.

45 minutes and 500 Thousand welt's later

"Ugh…man that was fun but really painful" Kyle lay there staring at the sky then looking at his watch he saw that it was 2:35 in the afternoon "Ugh shit hey anybody know where Jordan is. Kyle watched as 6 of his friends pointed towards the cooler Kyle stood up and walked over to where he saw Jordan drinking Pepsi. Kyle tapped Jordan on the shoulder and said "Hey Jordan we have to go" Jordan looked at him and said.

"What time is it" Jordan smiled beside him lay about 59 empty cans of Pepsi

"It is 2:37 now we have to get going" Kyle motioned towards the truck and grabbed the equivalent to 6 twelve packs of soda putting them in his truck Kyle Put the Key in the Ignition and then making sure the Jordan grabbed the radio putting it in Cupboard in the back Jordan and Kyle Hoped inside and Kyle put the Key in the ignition turning it the car roared to life Kiss's I Love it Loud was playing so Kyle Turned up the speakers and they Pulled out of the parking lot and headed back towards town.

Meanwhile… in the forest

Vex had reverted back to his original State the large dragon like creature "Ahhh these frail human bodies are weak and useless" His Romanian Accent was darker now then before "I must create my army" Vex headed off towards a nearby town to acquire his army.

Back to Kyle…

Kyle drove for about half an hour and then the song the radio was playing was cut short by a special announcement. "This is Holly Yorkshire reporting from downtown Cottage grove, just recently an entire shipment of lower priced Borgs was stolen from a nearby convenient store, local authorities claim that a large creature with Black Scales and Wings covered in armor with what appeared to be a large sword Entered and demanded them, blowing up several parts of the store in the process until this man has been apprehended we advise you to stay inside for he is extremely dangerous" Kyle Turned the Radio to Z104 and listened to Three Days Grace I hate Everything about you. "That was probably the strangest thing about today huh Jordan" Kyle looked over at Jordan who was looking out the window before looking back at him and saying.

"Yeah that was pretty fucked up wasn't it?" Jordan went back to looking outside.

They continued driving down the highway for about 15 more minutes before Kyle noticed the sign that read YOU ARE NOW ENTERING STOUGHTON, Kyle looked around as he pulled onto main street driving about 5 minutes more he came to the turn for Jordan's house Kyle turned and pulled onto Jordan's street turning again taking a left Kyle Pulled into Jordan's Driveway, Jordan opened the door and Hopped out turning around he Gave Kyle the Pound and went inside Kyle then Pulled out and drove to McDonalds Grabbing his usual and a little something for the folks Kyle let McDonald's and went home pulling into the driveway Kyle saw his parents outside They were Unloading a large package off His father's Truck Kyle assumed that it was Diane's Gift and pulled in Turning off his Truck Kyle Hopped out and hollered over at them "YOU GUYS WANT ANY HELP" Roger Looked at him and motioned for him to come over and help.

"How was school today" Roger asked him as he came over.

"Oh it wasn't bad actually I met this new kid named Vex pretty weird guy but then again I am pretty weird too so I guess it doesn't really matter"

"I see hey grabbed that side we have to get this upstairs"

Kyle grabbed the Side of the Box and they hauled it upstairs after a few minutes they set it down in the middle of the living room Kyle looked at his parents and asked, "So what did you guys get her eh?" Roger looked at him then over at Dawn, Kyle mother motioned a no to him and Roger said.

"Sorry but it's a surprise for Diane she can open it when she gets home" Roger then went to the fridge and grabbed a mountain dew and afterwards went into his room to watch Football.

"Okay well I guess I'm gonna be in my room then watching TV if you need me" Kyle turned and went into his room Shutting and locking the door Kyle sat in his Chair and flipped on the TV as the picture came into view Kyle saw his favorite Show on so he kicked back and watched the screen.


Vex had acquired several Borgs to use as his new army about 200 in total Vex smiled to himself as he used his powers to transform the Borgs from Borgs into Skeleborgs Borg like being with No Mind that will always be obedient to there master they were all Black armored with Clubs and Skeleton markings on there Chests. Vex laughed and said "Now my Skeleborgs let us go and Create our future" Vex turned and opened up a containment jar capturing the 200 Skeleborgs inside it so he could use them whenever he wanted to. Vex went out into the park that all the People had been playing there before and He Blasted a hole in the ground underneath was a Huge Cavern "heheehehe my old Hideout is still in tact how Ironic" Vex entered the Cavern and Sealed up the hole above Vex walked through the Corridors and came to a large White door He opened the door and entered it "Now I need to find a general to lead my army but whom" Vex looked around rubbing his Scaly Chin, before he finally shrugged and said "I shall do it by combining my Skeleborgs" Vex Released the 200 Skeleborgs and molded them together into a Skeleborg Knight he was made of metal with Skeleton Designs had Black Armor, Black Skeleton Helmet, Black Skull Blade, A Black Cape He looked at Vex and smiled bowing to him.

"My name is Skullgar and I am here to serve you Vexus" Skullgar looked at Vexus and smiled a crooked smile.

"Good to hear Skullgar we shall begin immediately I am Giving you your first task as of now, go into town and bring me a thousand Borgs take this containments jar for them once you have them bring them back here for me to transform into Skeleborgs For Our army" Vexus and Skullgar laughed an evil laugh and Skullgar bowed to him and teleported off in a puff of black smoke.

Skullgar appeared just outside the town of Woodsboro as he looked around he noticed that the Borg store was Heavily guarded by Police Borgs "I shall make quick work of these weaklings" Skullgar drew his Skull Blade and Leapt out in front of them slashing at two of them sparks flew as well as blood for Skullgar's blade had not only gone through the metal it had gone about 8 inches into the Policeman's back The two Police crippled to the ground as the other 4 turned and began firing at Skullgar who walked towards them laughing "Your weapons are nothing compared to mine" Skullgar held out his arm and called out "Skull Blaster" a gun with a Skull on it appeared in his hand and he fired it at the Police Borgs the blast blew away the armor of the police Borgs and they fell to the ground. "Now to finish you off and complete my mission" He blasted a single shot through each of there heads killing them instantly, Skullgar stood up and smiled a crooked smile "Now to acquire my army" Skullgar entered the store and apparently the clerk who had been in the backroom whilst Skullgar had been Dispatching the Police Borgs, took one look at Skullgar and smiled a big wide grin.

"My my my you have such an exquisite Borg where did you acquire such a marvelous design" The clerk then fell back against the wall and slid to the ground a crimson stain appeared behind him and formed into a puddle on the ground.

Skullgar dispersed his blaster and went into the back room looking around he saw gigantic cases of Borgs there were a lot more then a thousand Borgs in this store. "Excellent now to take them ALL" Skullgar held out his Containment jar and the Borgs were gone in almost an instant, Skullgar Capped the containment jar and smiled "Now to go back to Vexus with my Prize" Skullgar smiled and teleported back to the hideout.


"Hey Dad do you know where my PSP went?" Kyle hollered from his room as he desperately tried to find it. After a few seconds Kyle yelled again and this time his dad answered.

"I think your sister has it"

"Goddamn that child I swear" Kyle stormed out of the room and went into his sisters room there lying on the floor was a smashed PSP with a note on it that said HA HA that's what you get for wrecking my I-pod. Kyle clenched his fist and was extremely pissed off. He stormed out of her room (after throwing the hammer lying on the floor through her TV and went back into his room about twenty minutes later Dawn (Kyle's mother) entered and asked him to come out for Diane was about to open her presents. "I really don't care about Diane's stupid presents" Dawn turned shrugged and called him an ass before going back into the living room, a few minutes later Kyle's curiosity got the better of him and he opened his door a crack seeing his sister going for the big gift that Kyle's dad and him had to carry up the stairs. As Kyle watched he saw something that seriously pissed him off "WHAT YOU GOT HER A BORG" Kyle was so furious that he yelled this not realizing they hadn't known he was watching.

"Kyle come out here" Dawn said to him calmly and not a hint of anger in her voice.

"We don't have that much money as is we can't afford to buy this fucking thing" Kyle looked at the large Borg the one Diane had received was Pink with Flowery Designs on it, it had a blaster at its side and a Jetpack on it as well. Diane was already putting on the Wristband for the Borg so that she could transform into it.

"That's it screw this" Kyle grabbed his jacket and left the House heading into the woods he started walking "This is fucking bullshit how dare they buy me a new PSP and her a Fucking BORG, god dammit those fucking things are a load of Cra…. Kyle was cut off as he tripped over something in the ground as he sat up he looked over and saw what looked like a black metal box sticking out of the ground. Kyle stood up and dug out the rest of the box it was small and square "What the hell is this thing" Kyle tried to open it but the box wouldn't open so he put it in his pocket and walked over to Jordan's…

Meanwhile back in the Lair…

"Welcome back Skullgar did you get what I asked for" Vexus looked at Him as he entered a big Evil grin on his face

"I have acquired far more then a thousand we have enough to mold into beasts to use against this pitiful planet" Vexus smiled a big Evil grin just like Skullgar had when he entered.

"This is excellent we will have this planet in a few days at the most" Vexus laughed and looked at the Globe he had set on the table across from him he blasted the globe into pieces and laughed, as did Skullgar. They then went into a large room and Skullgar handed the Jar to Vexus who opened it releasing about 4000 Borgs into the room, Vexus laughed and had Skullgar step back. "Now we shall make these Borgs into SKELEBORGS" Vexus fired a blue wave at the Lifeless Borgs molding them into Skeleborgs, they Moved around slightly looking around before Vexus Sucked them back into the jar. Vexus turned and looked back at Skullgar "We must begin first I want you to go to Stoughton and destroy the town let them know that we are not to be trifled with in any matter" Skullgar nodded and then asked.

"Why start with Stoughton?'

"Because there is something they're that if found I believe might be used to destroy me" Vexus looked at Skullgar and then said, "GO NOW" Skullgar turned and teleported away. "Good so it begins" Vexus then went back into his private quarters.


"Hey Jordan do you have any idea what this is" Kyle held out the black box to Jordan who took a look at it. After a few minutes he shook his head and said.

"I have no idea where did you find this" Jordan shook the box and then looked back at Kyle.

"I tripped over it in the woods I was pissed off and just walking through the woods when this thing tripped me when I turned around it was jutting out of the ground"

"Ahhh so you don't know where it came from?"

"I Have no fucking clue but im gonna head over to the High school with my Katana and take out those idiot Boys with there stupid Borgs if you are in my friend you will join me" Kyle smiled and nodded at Jordan who handed him back the box before saying "I'm so in lets go show those douche bag's that we are not to be messed with" Jordan smiled and gave Kyle the pound before bidding him off as Kyle hopped in his truck and drove home. As Kyle pulled in his parking spot he went up stairs and he saw his mom and dad who told him that they hadn't bought the Borg there Grandparents did with some of there retirement money. Kyle told them he understood and was heading outside to go for a walk. As Kyle stepped out the door closing it behind him he saw someone run behind the housing complex, so curiosity got hold of him and he took off to find out whom it is.

Skullgar reappeared on top of a large clock tower in what appeared to be the center of town, as Skullgar scanned the town from atop the tower he saw nothing to special, "What a pathetic town won't take me too long to destroy it" Skullgar laughed and leapt down towards the ground landing hard creating a crater underneath him Skullgar stood up and fired a huge blast into some cars just down the street from him and they exploded in a heaping pile of metal and blood as these weren't parked cars they were manned cars people ran screaming down the street as Skullgar unleashed 25 Skeleborgs which ran throughout the town Killing people as they found them, as Skullgar watched them he noticed the police Borgs fighting back as well as the Swat Borgs (more powerful versions of the Police Borgs) and Skullgar laughed he then called out to them "YOU MAY THINK YOU CAN BEAT 25 SKELEBORGS BUT YOU CANNOT DEFEAT TWO HUNDRED" Skullgar laughed hysterically and let loose 200 more Skeleborgs from the containment jar they began swarming around the Police and Swat pushing them back killing the weaker ones in a mound of blood and gore. Skullgar smiled and chuckled a sadistic crazy laugh as he watched the frail efforts of what was supposed to be the town's defense.


Kyle stopped after running past the church and looked around "Shit I lost em" Whomever it had been was fast enough to avoid being caught by Kyle. Kyle Turned around and began walking back towards his house when all of a sudden a loud laugh was heard from all around him. Kyle looked towards the apartments then up at the church he saw a shadowy figure standing up top whoever it was then ran back inside and Kyle waited. All of a sudden the stained glass window shattered as a figure leapt through it landing at Kyle's feet as he covered his head to avoid getting cut. The Figure landed in front of him and stood up, Kyle Recognized almost instantly who it was, it was his sister Diane. "DIANE what the hell is wrong with you" Diane began to laugh, "What the fuck is wrong with you I should ask" Kyle Stepped back a bit to avoid her as best he could.

"Kyle I am going to beat you into the ground now you aren't the strongest anymore I am the strongest and I am going to teach you to respect me you stupid ugly reject" Diane stepped forward and pressed the red button on her wrist morpher "Flower Borg Power up" her body was then covered by the armor of the Flower Borg before Kyle knew what had hit him She had leapt forward and socked him straight in the jaw. Blood flew from the gash on his cheek as he stumbled backwards and landed on the ground rubbing his cheek he looked at her and pulled out his knife.

"You know I have been waiting for this for a long time" Kyle Stood up and ran at her going for a slash at her face with the knife Kyle felt his arm caught in the Flower Borg's grip and as he tried to break free she threw a kick into his gut knocking the wind out of him Diane then reared back and hurled him towards the church's brick wall. Kyle was just about to hit the wall when something stopped him he opened his eyes and saw he was floating above the ground looking at the wall he realized that he was a good 6 feet above the ground "Oh my god" Kyle then fell to the ground and landed on his stomach "Oh that definitely is gonna hurt in the morning" as Kyle turned and looked back at the Flower Borg he heard a voice in his head.

You must concentrate…use your shadow against her, use your shadow to open the box Kyle looked around but he didn't get some of it but he had seen enough TV to know what he needed to do.

"DIANE YOU CAN'T BEAT ME" Kyle stood up and held out his hand as he began to concentrate he saw his shadow extend outwards and wrapped around Diane's legs Kyle then pulled and she fell to the ground "YEAH I can't believe that fucking worked" Kyle looked at his shadow as it came back to him and he didn't see Diane running at him she socked him in the face and knocked him backwards against the wall Kyle slid down and he stood up again "Damn you" Kyle then began to concentrate this time he molded his shadow into a large club and whacked the Flower Borg in the face knocking her back to the ground "damn this is pretty cool" Kyle then remembered the last part of what the voice had said, so he immediately pulled out the box from his pocket and set it down he then molded his shadow around the box and the box began to glow as Kyle watched and so did Diane as the light emitted from the box was intense enough to burn out someone's eyeballs, as Kyle watched the box molded into a small little device it looked sort of like a beetle but a lot bigger and was black, grey and red Kyle picked it up and looked at it "what the hell is this" Kyle shook it and thought for a second "This looks a lot like some sort of morpher as Kyle thought about he almost knew what it was by memory but how he had never seen anything like this before thought for a second before laughing and saying. "I Guess since it was my Shadow that became this thing I'll call it my shadow bonder" Kyle chuckled at his comment and looked back at Diane "Diane we're ending this fight now" Kyle concentrated harder this time giving himself a headache but he managed to wrap his shadow around her whole body "All right good BYE" He hoisted her into the air and catapulted her about 400 yards away. Kyle fell to the ground as he had concentrated too much of his energy into that throw, and it caused him to cripple. Kyle looked up and saw his sister still flying through the air, he managed to stand up and hobble back to his house. As he entered the house he stumbled onto the couch and saw the news a creature was blasting downtown Stoughton he didn't look like a Borg but he fought like one. Kyle's eyes widened as the cameraman had been shooting the creature from a helicopter overhead. "Shit and I can't do much about that cuz of my stupid sister" Kyle said to himself as he lay there on the couch watching the news.


Vexus paced back and forth in his underground lair as he watched the monitor above showing Skullgar blasting buildings and killing Swat members with one shot. "I must create a creature to aid Skullgar, that light in the distance earlier wasn't a normal disturbance the genesis has been opened soon the genesis shards will awaken with it and those who claim there powers will use them against me" Vexus Slammed a fist into the wall putting a hole in the wall. "Well I guess I can use this" Vexus held out his arm and a black glow emanated from it as Vexus rose up the pieces of the globe he had blasted earlier. Vexus then combined the piece's of the globe with a scale off of his Body when the smoke cleared a beast stood there he had a globe for a head and a Globe covered shield his Skin was black and he wore Globe shaped armor, his sword was a long black blade and he let out a small roar

"Master Vexus I am here to serve you my name is Globarat and I am going to destroy the world for you" Vexus smiled and turned back to the screen.

"I want you to go and help Skullgar destroy Stoughton and don't fail me" Globarat nodded and bowed to him before teleporting off to join Skullgar.

One hour later…

Kyle entered the school taking a look both ways as he entered so as to not alert them he was there as he and Jordan walked in they saw nothing that they hadn't seen before, library hallway and blasted holes in the walls smoking items in the library. "Hey Jordan be careful we have no clue how strong these guys are compared to my sister's Borg so we might have our work cut out for us. Jordan nodded in agreement and they kept going. A few moments later Kyle stuck his head around a corner and BAM a Golden Fist Collided with his jaw sending him soaring through the air and through the glass window to the Library Kyle landed on the desk and bounced landing on the ground. "Oh…my…. god" Kyle then heard struggling as he then saw Jordan fly through the window Jordan hit one of the bookshelves and caused it to topple over. Kyle stood up and drew his Katana He ran out and hopped out of the window rubbing his head "Damn those guys are gonna pay for that" Kyle turned and looked down the hallway he saw one of them rushing around a corner "What the hell those guys are just toying with us" Kyle turned and ran back into the library he helped Jordan up and said to him "Dude there messing with us at this rate they could beat us at any time" Jordan nodded and replied.

"Man hey what about those Shadow powers you said you had" Jordan stood up and rubbed his sore arm drawing his Katana as well.

"Yeah I haven't really tried using them on these guys yet it might work and it might not I have no clue" Kyle then saw something crash through the window opposite the one they had been thrown through and as it landed Kyle saw it was a Bomb "OH SHIT RUN" Kyle and Jordan turned and ran Leaping out of the Hole in the window they were in and rushing down the hallway as they got around the corner They dove to the ground and a loud explosion tore through the middle of the school. Books went flying by as they covered their heads and hoped not to get hit by one of them. When only the smoke was covering them, they stood up and looked around as they did they managed to get split up Jordan ended up on one end of the school where as Kyle ended up on another. As the smoke began to finally clear and the two could see where they were again.

"So you two think you can take us down huh" Jordan looked around trying to figure out where it came from "You think your just so great coming in here with nothing more then a Katana and you expect to win" Jordan turned as he saw a Shadow move down the hallway "But I'm gonna show you that you can't beat us you can't do anything to stop us unless you had a Borg and I can easily see you don't so LETS END THIS WEAKLING" Jordan looked down hearing a crack in the ground and then BAM The Black and Gray Borg tore through the ground and sent an upper cut him in the jaw knocking him back Jordan fell back holding his jaw before saying.

"Damn you I swear I'll pay you back for that" Jordan ran at him with his Katana swinging at him the black and grey Borg caught it and snapped it throwing Jordan into a wall. Jordan slid down and lay there before he felt a sharp sting as the Borg's foot was sent soaring into his gut. Just then as he was about to finish Jordan off he turned and saw Kyle running at him with his Katana as Kyle got up within attacking distance the Golden Borg smashed through the wall next to him and plowed into Kyle knocking him through a wall and into a group of computers Kyle slid across the table and fell to the floor, as Kyle lay there trying to regain his breath he saw the Golden Borg approach him

"Hehe nice try you would've had him had I not intervened" The Man in the golden Borg laughed and said "my name is Kevin and the other Guy is named Jeff and this School is ours nothing you do can stop us from having our fun" Kevin the kicked Kyle in the gut knocking him against the wall upon hitting the wall Kyle's Shadow Bonder fell out of his pocket. As Kyle's vision started to fade he saw the bonder next to his body and he grabbed it as he touched it he felt as if he knew what to do with it "Whatcha Got there little buddy" Kevin knelt down and reached out for the Shadow Bonder but Kyle didn't let him get to it He kicked him in the gut and rolled to avoid him Kyle managed to pull himself up and as soon as he got up he held up his Shadow Bonder and called out "SHADOW BLAST" The Bonder then began to emit a black light from it as Kyle's shadow began to rise up his body it wrapped around his legs and molded into black armor it wrapped up onto his chest and molded into black and red armor it wrapped around his arms and molded into armor then it molded up to form his helmet as the Light Cleared Kevin and Jeff looked on to see Kyle standing there clenching his fists and then Kyle began to laugh.

"I Get it now, the shadow bonder is what was in the box…no wait it was the box and this was what the Bonder possessed hehe YES I MAY HATE BORGS BUT THIS ONE I LIKE" Kyle then opened up a folder inside his helmet and looked at the weapons "hehe a Shadow Sabre" Kyle held up his hand to his face and called out "Shadow Sabre" The blade then appeared in his hand and Kyle looked at Kevin before saying "lets go buddy" Kevin drew his lance and ran at him as they clashed blade against Lance Kyle threw Kevin back and slashed at his chest sparks and blood flew through the air and the Shadow Sabre had pierced Kevin's armor. And drawn blood from him, as Kevin stepped back he couldn't brace himself for what Kyle was about to do Kyle thrust his Sword through Kevin's helmet and it came out the other side blood dripped off of the blade as Kyle pulled it back out and Kevin's Body fell to the floor. Kyle turned to Jeff and motioned for him to leave before he ended him like he did Kevin, Jeff dropped his club and ran for his life. Kyle ran over and helped Jordan to his feet as Kyle asked him if he was okay Jordan just stared at him before saying.

"DUDE THAT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME" Kyle chuckled and powered down but before he did he saw a blinking item in the corner so opening it he saw Skullgar attacking the town. Kyle powered down and looked at Jordan.

"Dude we have to go" They then ran off out of the school grabbing their bikes they took off towards down town.

Meanwhile Globarat had arrived in town and had joined Skullgar in the destruction of Stoughton and so far they had done a pretty good job. Skullgar looked at Globarat and chuckled "They actually sent something like you to help me" Globarat looked at him and growled before saying.

"Vexus sent me to aid you in the destruction of this miserable town"

"Your are the ugliest creature Vexus has ever created"

"Your not exactly a bouquet of flowers yourself"

Skullgar held his blade up to Globarat's throat and said

"Don't make me end you here you pitiful excuse for a bowling ball"

Globarat Turned and blasted a nearby car causing it to explode in a large fiery blast Skullgar chuckled and blasted at a nearby Swat Borg hiding behind a building.

Kyle and Jordan pedaled as fast as they could to get downtown as they came to the corner where the Library was they stopped Kyle looked at Jordan and told him to wait because he didn't have a Borg and these guys might actually hurt him. Jordan agreed and stood back as Kyle parked his bike next to Jordan's he then stood there and thought to himself. This might be like that show I used to watch what was it…. BEETLEBORGS oh hells yeah which means I can do what they did Kyle held out his hand and called out "Shadow Bonder" His Bonder appeared in his hand and Kyle held it above his head "SHADOW BLAST" Skullgar heard him and turned looking at the boy as he transformed into the Shadow Borg His shadow molded up his body and molded into his armor as Kyle then said looking back at Jordan "Hey Man if I don't come back then it's up to you bro" Jordan nodded and he watched Kyle run down to face Skullgar.

"What was that light?" Skullgar asked looking at Globarat who shrugged as then a blast hit the ground in front of Skullgar who jumped back and looked over at the Shadow Borg as he ran towards them.

"SHADOW BLASTER FIRE" Kyle held out his blaster and pulled the trigger twice firing two shots at Skullgar who knocked them aside with his Skull Sabre The Shadow Borg leapt up into the air and held his hand up to his face "SHADOW SABRE" His Shadow Sabre appeared in his hand and He clashed his Shadow Sabre with Skullgar's Skull Sabre and they pushed against each other

"Who are you?"

"Im your worst enemy"

"Oh how Cliché"

"Screw you"

The Shadow Borg broke the contact and sent a kick into Skullgar's Gut causing him to double back as the Shadow Borg's Shadow Sabre made contact with his chest throwing him back to the ground. Skullgar stood up and glanced over at Globarat

"Hey you big lummox get over here and take this guy out"

"Very well DIE WEAKLING"

Globarat ran at The Shadow Borg who stood his ground and then ran forward at him as well. They made contact in a brief strike as they stood on opposite sides of each other The Shadow Borg fell to his knees and Globarat began to laugh but then fell backwards and exploded in a huge explosion of Fire and light.

"WHAT he actually managed to beat The Bowling ball…. but in the process it looks like he got injured what fun I can finish him off easy now"

Just as Skullgar finished talking to himself several blasts hit him in the chest igniting causing him to stumble back "What the" Skullgar then barely managed to counter as Shadow Borg collided with him and they began pushing against one another just when Skullgar thought he would give out a large explosion through The two to the ground as Skullgar looked over he saw Vexus walking towards them.

"Master Vexus"

"Who the hell is that"?

"What you don't know who Master Vexus is"

"Uhhh duh that's what I just said"

Vexus held out his hand and blasted Kyle in the chest throwing him back in through a wall of a nearby building.

"You Skullgar failed me"

"But Master Vexus I tried to beat him he was too strong I don't know where his power came from but I…. I couldn't beat it"

Almost as soon as Skullgar ended his sentence Vexus backhanded him sending him to the ground. Then held out his hand changing Skullgar back into the Skeleborgs he had molded him from and trapped them in the containment jar. Vexus turned to where Kyle was pulling himself out of the building.

"I don't know who you are but your GOING DOWN"

"You don't even understand the power you have do you"

"What…. what do you mean"

"You have the power of one of the strongest warriors in history and you don't even know how to use it properly"

"Hey how do you know so much about my power"

"Hehe your power what a laughable concept you wouldn't know power if it bit you in your rear, you are but one of 6 Elements I will tell you who to seek out in order to have any sort of a chance against me, Seek out the one called Flabber he resides in Hillhurst in Charterville Find him and tell him I have returned, heh he thought he sealed me but NOW I AM BACK AND HERE TO END THIS PLANET"

Vexus disappeared and Left Kyle standing there confused all to hell.

Who is this Flabber that Vexus told Kyle to seek out what possible help could he give the confused teenager to find out read Chapter 2 of The Chronicles of the Borg coming soon…