Chronicles of the Borg

Chapter 7

The Psycho Borgs Part 2

When Kyle pulled up into the area where the energy signature had come from he had no idea how bad things were. The whole area looked like an earthquake beat it into the ground. Kyle sighed trying to figure out where the new monster that Vexus sent was at. Or if he'd get lucky and just run into a large group of skeleborgs. Kyle came to a stop and parked his truck, opening the door he stepped out and took in his surroundings. The neighborhood that he came to was a desolate wasteland, everything had been destroyed. Kyle sighed and thought about how many innocent people could have been here when whatever struck them hit.

I'm sorry everybody, I wish I could've been here sooner.

As Kyle left his truck parked nearbye he started walking out to locate and get rid of the beast that hurt this place. Kyle didn't take more then ten steps when he felt the ground beneath him shake a bit and he had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit by a spike that shot out of the ground. Kyle looked at it then his gaze lead him to the cause of it. A human like figure was approaching him. When he got a little closer Kyle got a good look at him and called out.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

" Psycho Borg Black, I have come to eliminate you." Psycho Black stared at Kyle for a few minutes until Kyle decided it was time to put this guy down. Throwing out his hand the Shadow Bonder appeared in his hand. Throwing up his arm he called out.

"SHADOW BLAST!" Kyle's shadow began to mold up onto his body forming the Shadow Borg armor. Kyle held out his hand and summoned the Shadow Saber, glaring at Psycho Black who held out his hand, several rocks were pulled from the ground and began to mix, match and mold into a blade ended Javelin. Kyle continued to glare at Psycho Black for a few moments before the two of them rushed one another. As they got closer they both swung and clashed blades.

Elsewhere Jordan was nearing Oregon when the thought crossed his mind to contact Flabber and see if he knew anything about what they were up against. After a few more minutes of thinking Jordan decided against it and just as he decided not to he saw the sign welcoming him to Oregon. At first he didn't see anything but further inspection revealed that nobody was around, it was as if everybody ran for the hills. Jordan came in and decided to park his dirtbike and just as he was about to pull into a parking spot a huge cloud of yellow dust engulfed him and his bike throwing him to the ground. Jordan sat up and thought to himself.

Was that Pollen? Jordan couldn't figure it out but as he looked past the wreckage of his dirtbike he saw a female figure approaching him. Standing up straight and throwing his helmet to the ground he took a few steps to the side of the broken bike and said to her.

"And to what do I owe the pleasure of you wrecking my bike?"

"Hmm I was hoping to take you out while you were on the bike, but I guess my aim was a little off." She cracked her neck and chuckled a bit at him before saying to him. "Well then mister Bio Borg, are you going to do something or are you going to make this too easy?" The woman crossed her arms and Jordan said in responce to her.

"I don't know who you are, but I really don't like fighting girls." Jordan continued to stand there waiting for her to make a move. She laughed again and turned to him, she started walking towards him and she said.

"I am one of Vexus's elite warriors, I am Psycho Borg Yellow." She threw out her hand and a gauntlet appeared that looked like a big bee stinger. She then thrusted out her arm and a yellow cloud of dust fired at him, Jordan leapt out of the way and as he hit the ground he called out.

"BIO BLAST!" Jordan transformed into the Bio Borg as he came to his feet. He turned to Psycho Yellow and summoned the Bio Whip, he swung it at her but she avoided it and leapt up into the air, she landed in front of Jordan and slashed the stinger across his chest, setting off sparks and the force of the blow knocked Jordan backwards a few feet. Psycho Yellow then thrusted the stinger into Jordans gut setting off more sparks and shooting Jordan to the ground. Jordan clenched his fist and glared at her. He forced himself to his feet and said to her. "I will defeat you." Jordan then rushed her again.

Kyle and Psycho Black clashed weapons and Psycho Black definetly had the upper hand, he pushed Kyle back and off of him and swinging the Javelin upwards he slashed him right across the chest throwing Kyle through the air and into some garbage cans. Kyle lay there a moment before climbing back to his feet, he summoned the Shadow Blaster and fired it at him a couple of times. Psycho Black cut down each blast, he then pointed the javelin at Kyle and with a chuckle said to him.

"Just surrender Shadow Borg, I'm telling you now and this will be the only chance you get this offer, if you admit defeat I will make your death quick and painless. This fight is meaningless, you are nothing to me." Psycho Black stared at him and lowered his weapon. "I'll give you thirty seconds to make a decision, if you havent decided by then, then i'll make sure you die slow." Psycho Black stabbed his javelin into the ground and crossed his arms. Kyle clenched his fist and thought to himself.

I Have to do something, WAIT! The Shadow Crosser might be able to do some damage to this guy. Only one problem with that, I only get one shot with it. Kyle decided to hold off and save the Shadow crosser idea for a bit as he watched Psycho black uncross his arms and say to him.

"I Guess you want to die fighting then." Psycho Black gripped the Javelin and rushed at Kyle who summoned the Shadow Saber alongside the Shadow Blaster. Kyle ran forward and met Psycho Black in the center of there battlefield. Kyle swung the Saber and clashed with Blacks javelin, Kyle brought the Shadow Blaster underneath there weapons and fired several times. Black twisted his body and avoided the blast. spinning around he knocked both Kyles arms down just enough to slash Kyle across the back with his javelin throwing him to the ground again. Psycho black raised up the javelin and let it come to a rest on his shoulder. He laughed at him and said. "Pathetic, i'll bet you can't even use your powers while transformed right?" Psycho Black stared at Kyle who turned to look at him but didn't respond. Psycho Black laughed louder then before and said to him. "I thought so, your pathetic. I never expected the legendary Shadow Borg to be so weak. HA HA HA!" Psycho Blacks laughter infuriated Kyle and he held up the Shadow Saber and Shadow Blaster, he then combined the two together and they formed the Shadow Crosser. Psycho Black's laughter died and he looked at Kyle who aimed the Shadow Crosser up in the air. Psycho Black looked up and said. "What are you planning to do?" He looked at Kyle who was now aiming at him. Psycho Black took a step back, confused at what the weapon Kyle held was. "What is that thing?"

"The Shadow Crosser, TAKE THIS YOU BASTARD!" Kyle fired the beam and it went right past Psycho Black who turned and looked at it a moment before turning back to him laughing uncontrollably.

"WOW THAT WAS YOUR BEST SHOT! HA HA HA HA HA! I COULD'VE AIMED BETTER WHEN I WAS A MICROCHIP AH HA HA HA HA." Psycho Black then readied himself to rush Kyle when a flash of light from behind him caused him to turn around. The Shadow Crossers Blast struck him in the chest and exploded on impact throwing him through the air and headfirst into the ground. Psycho Black hit the ground and lay there a moment before growling and forcing himself up. he turned to Kyle who was panting heavily. "So that's the game you were playing now isn't it?" Psycho Black looked at his chest and saw a big hole formed showing wires and miscellaneous metal components. He glared at Kyle and started walking towards him. "Now your dead, i'm done playing games with you." Psycho Black held out his hand and several spikes shot out of the ground from behind Kyle, they hit him and threw him forward, Psycho Black then flicked his wrist and spikes fired out from the front of Kyle striking him and throwing him back into the ground. While he laid there Psycho Black began concentrating and a hand made of rock form underneath Kyle. The hand enclosed around him and Psycho Black raised him into the air. He then slammed him into the ground several times before raising him into the air. Psycho Black then began to crush him and Kyle started howling out in pain. Psycho Black laughed and then proceeded to slam him into the wall of a nearbye building causing the hand to crumble to nothing and Kyle to power down. Kyle hit the ground broken and bloody, he rolled a bit before stopping on his stomach with his head face down in the dirt. Psycho Black walked towards him and failed to realize that Kyle was holding the Shadow Bonder in his hand and just as he got up him Kyle called out.

"SHADOW BATTLE TANK!" a huge black and red tank that looked a lot like a beetle appeared in a split second, bursting through the wall behind him, it crashed into Psycho Black and threw him across the battlefield into the ground. Kyle forced himself to stand and climbed inside the tank. Once inside he found his target through the targeting device. He poured all power into the main cannon and before Psycho Black could sit up Kyle slammed the red button and a massive blast fired at him. Psycho Black was engulfed by the massive beam and a huge explosion tore through the area. Kyle felt the tank being pushed back a bit by it. within a few seconds the energy cleared leaving a massive cloud of dust. Kyle was exhausted and prayed that Psycho Black was done. As the smoke cleared Kyle saw Psycho Black laying in a crater wires and parts showing, from what Kyle could tell Psycho Black was missing his left arm completely and only part of his right was damaged. he looked like he just went through a trash compacter. Kyle climbed out of the tank and sat atop it. Kyle smiled and breathed a sigh of relief but it was shortlived as he watched Psycho Black twitch and groan as he sat up in the crater before forcing himself to his feet. Kyle stared in complete horror at him. Psycho Black stood up and glared at Kyle who watched him climb out of the crater and start walking towards him. Kyle had nothing left, there was no way for him to fight back. Kyle climbed back into the tank and sealed the hatch collapsing onto the floor he watched through the front camera as Psycho Black came closer and closer. Just as he was about to reach the tank he just dissappeared. Kyle couldn't believe his eyes. His foe was gone, just to be sure Kyle checked every last angle on the camera as well as the cameras on the sides. there was no trace of him. Kyle unsealed the hatch on the tank and fell back letting himself pass out.

Skullgar was trashing the city of Madison with his batallion of Skeleborgs as he laughed and took out member after member of the swat borgs sent to stop him. Skullgar laughed and then as he looked up he saw all of his Skeleborgs were lying on the ground, each was dead and Skullgar looked up he saw somebody standing there.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be? somebody that got there hands on a borg and decided to play hero?" Skullgar was then struck across the chest by what looked like a stream of water. Skullgar hit the ground and rolled a moment before standing up and glaring at this new person. All of a sudden it began to rain just over top of Skullgar, the water started to burn away at Skullgars armor and he howled out in pain. As the rain continued to come down harder over just him it was as if an acidic rain cloud formed right above Skullgar hitting nothing else with it's acidic powers. Skullgars armor was nearly gone and he just vanished. The figure then said.

"Well, I guess he couldn't handle me after all." The figure then checked the computer inside there helmet and said nodding. "Looks like Kyle forced off Psycho Black. Now it's up to Jordan to force away Psycho Yellow." The figure then turned and powered down before walking away, heading for Stoughton.

Jordan rolled to avoid another wave of pollen from Psycho Yellows stinger as she laughed and continued firing it at him. Jordan started running a criss cross pattern and leapt back and forth to get up close to her. She went in to stab him but Jordan caught the underside of the stinger and raised her arm up. He then slashed the Bio Whip across her chest setting of a shower of sparks from her chest and throwing her to the ground. Jordan went in to slash downwards at her but she vanished. Jordan struck the ground and looked around hoping she didn't have some hidden ability to turn herself invisible." Jordan sighed and summoned the Bio battle jet and flew off back to Stoughton where he found Kyle unconscious inside his tank. Pulling him out Jordan sent the Tank back to the AV hanger. Jordan then said to himself.

"We can't keep going like this, we need to get Flabber to train us again." Jordan set Kyle inside the Battle jet and flew off, his next destination was Hillhurst. Meanwhile a mysterious figure watched the jet fly off from a nearbye alleyway smiling as they started to follow the speeding away jet.

Vexus sat upon his throne staring at his elites. Psycho Black had been taken to the infirmary where he was being repaired. Skullgar and Psycho Yellow weren't in as bad a position as Psycho Black but still Vexus was unable to decipher the reasoning behind why they failed. Skullgar had reported doing battle with a Borg user that defeated him with such ease that it wasn't funny. Vexus clenched his fist and thought about the Shadow Borg and Bio Borg thinking to himself as he did.

Those two are getting stronger, this is not good. I need to find the other cards and release the remaining Psycho Borgs. Then those two will be eliminated once and for all!

Vexus sighed and said to Psycho Yellow

"Go and rest my elite warrior. You did a fine job against the Bio Borg, while you await Psycho Blacks repair I want you to rest." Vexus motioned for the two to leave his chamber and he stood up from his throne as they exited the room. Vexus turned and walked towards the back of his throne, pressing a button near the top of the throne where one of the gargoyles sat the throne slid to the side and revealed a hidden door covered in cobwebs. Vexus entered the doorway and the throne slid back into place. Vexus walked down the narrow corridor and came to a large room that appeared to be a lab room. there were computers and test tubes along the wall. Vexus walked to one of the computers and pressed a button on the panel. the room lit up and the biggest test tube lit up. Vexus walked up to it and said. "It won't be long my Emperor, soon you will have the power to resume control, and end this pitiful planet. What those Borgs did to you in the past was inexcusable. I will revive you my lord." Vexus placed a hand on the tube and turned away from it. He walked back to his throne and sat back down. Vexus then decided to take a little nap.

Psycho Black was laying on the table and the skeleborgs that Vexus gave brains to were busy repairing him. While he lay there he was lost in thought.

That Shadow Borg was different then the one before. What is it that gave him his power? I need to figure this out, I have to destroy him. Psycho Black sighed and awaited his finished repairs.

Flabber was tending to a dead garden on the windowsill of Hillhurst when he heard the roar of an engine. Creeping up to the window he saw Jordan hauling the unconscious Kyle out of the Bio Battle Jet and up to the house where Flabber met them at the door.

"Good grief what the helk happened to you guys?"

"The Psycho Borgs happened thats what." At Jordan's words Flabber nearly turned pale, Jordan then asked. "Flabber we need you to train us some more, we have to be ready for when the Psycho Borgs return." Jordan then sighed as Flabber helped him get Kyle inside and onto the couch. Flabber sighed and said to them.

"Well if you two need to get stronger then I guess we have no choice, I knew this day would come." Flabber sat down and stared at Jordan and said. "Tell me what happened?"

End of chapter 7