Introduction: This is round-robin fanfic collaboratively written by emochinchillia, forgottendiary, and steshin inspired by this image: i35. tinypic. com/ 2qtbr83.jpg (cut and paste to your browser without the spaces).

Story 1/Silent Plea

Alto rubbed his temples in exasperation as he watched Sheryl roll around and moan in her sleep.

"Mou...she acts so much like a kid sometimes, I swear..." He muttered to himself. He'd had a long day, flying on sortie, buying ingredients for dinner and then preparing said dinner, getting the champagne, and carrying the galactic fairy to her bed.

His gaze wandered to the nightstand. Her medicine was there.

Alto frowned at the reminder of her impending death.

"I guess she can't help it..."

He let out a sigh and he sat down on the bed, gazing at her sleeping state.

Alto just stared at the slumbering pop idol, as she turned around to face him, smiling in her sleep. "Love you...Alto..." She mumbled, hugging the covers tighter to herself and nuzzling her face into the pillow.

But, at least she's happy, as time gets... He mused, his train of thought wandering off as his gaze again went to the untaken capsules of medicine lying on Sheryl's bed stand.

As the gravity of his "not"-girlfriend's death started to weigh on him, tears he was afraid to shed in public, in front of Sheryl, started to well up in his golden eyes.

Why Sheryl...why?

Alto quietly kneeled on the floor, supporting himself with his elbows on the bed's edge. With the orange-glow of the lamp, he watched Sheryl's sleep under the wine's spell. He stayed like that for quite some time, watching her face make small movements, listening to her steady breathing and taking in her faint scent intermingled with the wine.

Sheryl stirred a little and he thought he'd woken her up, but to his relief she remained asleep. Her movements laid a free hand in front of Alto. With a thought, he gently placed his palm over hers and slowly laced their fingers together.

A small smile crept on his lips at the gesture. What would Sheryl think about him sneaking like this?

She will most likely tease me, he said to himself.

Her hand was soft and warm reminding him she was alive right at that moment. That she was there with him. But it also reminded him of what will be taken away from him. His forehead creased. To make things worse, she could be taken away anytime--tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, tonight...he did not know.

He must have been too lost in his thoughts and did not realize he was already gripping her hand too strongly. Sheryl stirred again but continued to sleep as he quickly released his tight hold.

For the longest time, they have been fighting against the Vajra and even Sheryl has devoted what was left of her life to the cause. They have to win this war if they were to have any future.

Slowly and quietly, he took her hand and planted a kiss on her knuckles.

However, when everything is over, he had another battle to face. When that time comes, he is not sure he will be able to cope completely.

How exactly do you win against an enemy as strong as death itself?

"Sheryl..." came his raspy voice.

Alto mouthed a few words before burying his face on the bed, holding onto Sheryl's arm almost desperately. As he silently wept into the mattress, so did he silently plea for Sheryl's life.