Kabuto allowed his arms to tighten around Orochimaru's waist, pulling them closer together. Orochimaru seemed not to mind, and tried his best to get close to Kabuto. He pulled the genin closer, in turn, and began edging his way into the kiss. A soft, persuading gesture from Orochimaru parted Kabuto's lips, and the sannin promptly pushed his tongue into the genin's mouth. Kabuto gently pulled Orochimaru's tongue into his mouth, eagerly kissing at his mouth and sucking his tongue in farther. Orochimaru complied without question, moving one hand to run down Kabuto's jaw. Kabuto returned the gentle, sweet caress, entwining his fingers in Orochimaru's silken, raven-colored hair and gently pulling him even closer. The deep kiss sent shockwaves down their spines: the touch of their hands on one another felt like liquid mercury, so scalding hot it caused shivers as cold down their backs, pooling in the curves of their spines and remaining there, a reminder of their heated passion. Kabuto tenderly held Orochimaru's shoulders in his arms, using his other hand to hold the sannin's head to his own as the two exchanged more than passion.

Meanwhile, Tayuya had just run right to Sakon, who she always included in the loop when she went on her gossiping sprees. She found him sitting at the kitchen table, just finishing off a peach. "Guess what!!" she screamed, practically jumping on the Sound ninja in her excitement.

"Ah, what?" Sakon grouched, using one of Ukon's arms in addition to his own to push her off.

"You'll never guess what I saw!" Tayuya exclaimed, basically repeating herself. "I saw Orochimaru-sama and Kabuto-sensei kissing!!"

"Kissing?" Sakon repeated. All of a sudden, his attention was snared. "Kissing, like, quick little nip on the cheek, or full-out make-out?"

"Full-out make-out," Tayuya confirmed. "Oh, my God, it was so hot…"

Sakon rolled his eyes, but smiled just the same. "Aw…those two are cute together, anyway. I knew it was only a matter of time. Have you seen the way those two look at each other?"

"Oh, I know," Tayuya gushed. "Kabuto looks at Orochimaru like the only thing that keeps him alive is the chance to touch Orochimaru, and, I swear, Orochimaru cries at night because he thinks he can't fall in love with a subordinate, and that love will only bring him down, and he's fooling himself when he thinks that he still has emotions left…really, I can tell. He's been so broken up about it. And now, lately, what with this curse thing, they haven't been apart in days. And now, it looks like the time bomb has gone off."

"I've always gotten a sense of longing when I step between them," Sakon said thoughtfully. "Like they wanted to be near each other, but couldn't stand it at the same time."

"They were torturing themselves by holding out on each other," Tayuya said. "They both assumed that the other wouldn't want them, and that love would only complicate things, but in fact, they just made it more complicated by trying to fight it!"

"Quick question, though," Sakon injected into one of Tayuya's rare silences. "Are either of them interested in girls? Or just boys?"

"Probably just boys," Tayuya said, shrugging off the question. "Well, I think Orochimaru is bi, but Kabuto, I think is totally gay. It's so cute, though. One time, I just sat around and we discussed our taste in men. It was so funny, but so awesome at the same time. We were waiting for Orochimaru to wake up from surgery. He's lucky he can steal bodies, seriously. Otherwise, I think he wouldn't even have a spine anymore."

"Oh, he'd have a spine," Sakon said ruefully. "It would just feed his ego that he managed to survive, and still be able to walk."

"Ah, true," Tayuya said, nodding. "And his ego is problem enough already."

Sakon nodded in affirmation, and then propped his head up on his hand. He tossed the peach pit away, wiped his hand on a napkin, and then tossed that into the garbage can, as well. "So, what are you going to do about it?" he asked absently. "Obviously, you'll get killed if you get found out…but I know you. You are going to tell every soul you know."

Tayuya smiled. "Nope. I am just going to tell one very chatty person, and the sit back and watch the chaos. Alter memories, though. I am not getting shot down for this."

Sakon nodded. "Very good plan," he said. Tayuya's brow furrowed in confusion.

"Why good?" she asked. "What do you get from it?"

Sakon's nasty grin reminded Tayuya somewhat of herself when she had a good plan. "I get to watch the show, too."


Tayuya was surprised at how fast news travelled in Oto: when she closed up the gates at the end of the day, the news had already gone around the entire village and then come back. Mei was really a talker, Tayuya mused, heading back into the base. This was going to be good: the second Orochimaru found out, he was likely to faint right into Kabuto's arms.


Well, he didn't faint, but he came close.

Tayuya had just walked into the kitchen again, and Orochimaru and Kabuto were both there. Apparently, Orochimaru had walked in on a couple of girls gossiping-about the recent romantic development. Kabuto grabbed Orochimaru's arm, seeing him sway dangerously, and helped him to a chair, where the sannin collapsed, trying to get himself under control. Understandably, the two girls fled the scene.

"How do they know?" Orochimaru murmured, putting his head in his hands. "Seriously, everything I ever do always ends up in the papers by the next morning. The papers that go to the opposite side of town!"

Kabuto sighed, puling up a chair next to Orochimaru and gently taking his hand. "Is it really that bad?" he asked softly.

"Yes!" Orochimaru cried, his gaze swinging around to meet Kabuto's. "You know how badly this kind of stuff always turns out: and gays aren't exactly accepted here…plus, won't you get killed in your sleep by a mob of angry fangirls who think you've stolen me from them?"

"You're the Kage," Kabuto said dismissively. "Change it. If people see that you accept it, they'll at least back off. And besides, won't everyone be happy for you to have finally found someone? Except the fangirls, of course...but, hey, haven't I stolen you?"

"My heart, at least," Orochimaru said ruefully. "I guess it wouldn't be so bad...but still, this is my private life. I would like it to stay at least somewhat…well, private."

Kabuto nodded. "Completely understandable," he said. "But, hey, such is the price of fame." With these last words of advice, he took his lover's other hand, pulled him closer, and placed a soft kiss on his lips. "Come on," he whispered, standing up. He gently pulled Orochimaru to his feet as well, only releasing one of his hands. "It's getting late; you need to eat, and that can be accomplished back in your suite. There's a kitchen in there, too. And at least there, we can have some privacy."

Tayuya took that as her cue to be anywhere but Orochimaru's suite.


The door slammed behind them, and Kabuto hastily reached out to lock it. He wasn't risking being spied on again. With that out of the way, Kabuto reached over to Orochimaru, taking the snake in his arms and pulling him as close as he could. Orochimaru grabbed Kabuto's hair, pulling him down into a demanding kiss. So short a time they had been together, and already Orochimaru was demanding attention from him? Ah, but who was Kabuto to deny Orochimaru the attention? Especially the potential it whispered…that whisper would be come a scream soon enough, Kabuto knew. Orochimaru was quite the passionate little slut in bed.

Or on a medical examination table.

Kabuto smirked as the thought resurfaced in his mind. The image of a submissive Orochimaru, pinned beneath him, thrashing in pleasure and screaming like there was no tomorrow was simply stunning. Kabuto couldn't get that one image out of his mind. He got a hard-on just thinking about it…

"Kabuto," Orochimaru gasped, barely breaking their kiss to speak. Kabuto let a small moan escape his throat, and then buried it in a chuckle.

"What, my love?" he whispered, burying his face in the pale column of Orochimaru's throat. He wasted no time in placing a harsh bite on the pale skin he found there-Orochimaru was his, and everyone needed to know it! Well, everyone who got that far, anyway.

Orochimaru gasped at the sudden pleasure of the bite. He had never really been into pain before, and he doubted anyone but Kabuto could make it feel so good. "Can we really go that far…so soon?"

"Wasn't planning on it," Kabuto murmured, sensually licking the blood off the wound. "But, if you want to…that's a whole other story."

Orochimaru shook his head, but a whimper rose in his throat just the same. "To go with the mind…or the body…" Kabuto whispered breathlessly, kissing his way back up Orochimaru's throat, to his jaw, and finally taking his lips in a firm, passionate kiss. "My darling, please, choose quickly."

Orochimaru shook his head, more firmly now, and gently pushed Kabuto's shoulders away. Kabuto pouted a bit, but backed away. "Sorry," he said softly, placing a small, but chaste kiss on Orochimaru's lips. Orochimaru shook his head slightly.

"Not your fault," he said. "Nothing to be sorry for."

Kabuto allowed a small smile to grace his lips, and Orochimaru thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. It was a real smile; from the heart, not the sadistic air surrounding it. Deep down, Orochimaru supposed Kabuto had a sweet side…probably took a lot of work to get there, but it was all worth it, in Orochimaru's opinion.


Orochimaru snapped back to reality, noticing how he had become strangely quiet all of a sudden. "Sorry," he murmured. "Just thinking."

"About what?" Kabuto asked, gently tugging his love closer. He took a step towards the sitting area of the apartment, and Orochimaru followed. Kabuto went over to the larger of the two couches and sat down, pulling Orochimaru with him. Orochimaru at down surprisingly far away from Kabuto. The genin was about to protest, but then saw why. Orochimaru leaned over, placing his head in Kabuto's lap and curling up on the couch. Kabuto started a bit, adequately surprised for, oh, say, the rest of the week. But, he quickly adjusted to the situation, and carefully lifted one hand to Orochimaru's hair. "Rather out of character for you," he mused, gently settling his hand in Orochimaru's hair. His hand slowly began to move, stroking Orochimaru's ebony hair in the soothing motions he thought would help. "Since when do you trust me so much?"

Orochimaru shrugged as best he could lying on his side. "Since you've been there for me…well, as far back as I can remember." Kabuto smiled; another real smile! Orochimaru was elated, to say the least. But still, from the outside, no one could tell. "And just recently…we've been getting so much closer…and now, I guess…I guess one could say we're dating."

Kabuto shrugged. "The teenage fangirl equivalent of dating," he said lightly, still stroking Orochimaru's hair. "But still, this is nice…just the two of us, finally in some peace and quiet. I never really saw this side of you."

Orochimaru shook his head, shifting closer to Kabuto. "I never wanted you to," he said slowly. "I didn't want to appear weak…"

"Well, isn't that the classic cop-out," Kabuto remarked dryly. "Come on, we all know it's because you were afraid of rejection."

A light slap on Kabuto's hand corrected that. "Don't assume that, boy," Orochimaru said roughly. "But I didn't want to start something that couldn't be finished."

Kabuto said nothing; instead, he reached down, fitting his arms around Orochimaru's chest and lifting him up a bit as he leveled out his body. Kabuto fell into the same position as Orochimaru, spread out over the couch and just lying around. He propped himself up on the arm of the couch, putting his head in one hand and keeping the other wrapped around Orochimaru's waist. Orochimaru turned a bit more, crowding into Kabuto's body. Snakes couldn't control their own internal body temperature, and warmth was never refused.

Plus, it was just nice to have the contact of another human. Not that Orochimaru would admit it, even to himself.

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