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We landed in Canada and it was twenty degrees. I'd never been so cold in my life, but thank God I had Adam there. He immediately told me to button up the jacket I had to buy on my way to the airport and make sure the hat he'd lent me was snug on my head.

I couldn't even imagine how anyone could drive in this, let alone smoothly, like Adam was. He was going through all these twists and turns at fifty miles an hour without skidding once.

"It's instinct," he told me.

I couldn't help but feel my heart jump just a bit when we pulled into the driveway of his mom's house. There was a light on in the one of the windows, and I could see people moving around inside.

"How many people are here?" I asked, and I hoped I didn't sound as nervous as I felt.

"Just my mom, I thought." He frowned slightly. "She would've told me if other people were going to show up."

He got out and waited on the walkway for me to join him, smiling and laughing whenever I'd slip on the ice. "You gotta learn how to walk in this," he said.

"Why? I live in Florida."

"We'll be visiting more than once." He smiled and winked, then knocked on the door loudly before pushing it open. "Ma! I'm here."

Commotion exploded. There were squeals and people tearing Adam from my hand, hugging him close. A dog came barreling in and just about mauled me to get to him, tackling him to the ground once he did so.

Another blond came into my view. "Who are you?"

He was so blunt, so up front, that I just blinked at him.

He smiled. "I like your voice, it's really beautiful."

Who was this guy? I loved the way he talked, it was such an odd accent, completely different from Adam's.

"You know, you got a great set of pipes but you really need to stop talking."

I mustered up a laugh.

Adam broke away and came up to us. "What the hell are you doing here?" he asked the guy, and gave him a one-handed hug.

"I told you I'd be in New York."

"Yeah, but you're in Canada."

"So it's a little out of my way." He motioned to me. "Who's the jabbering beauty?"

Adam put his arm around my shoulders. "Oh, this is Eligia."

Blondie frowned. "What?"

"Eligia. It's Italian."

"Oh. Cool. My name's Jay."

I nodded slightly, giving him a small smile. "You can call me Gia, if it's easier."

Jay pursed his lips. "I'm gonna call you Red."

I glanced up at Adam, but he was laughing. "Why?"

"Just sounds classy, you know? Distinguished. Like James Bond." He cocked a brow, grabbing my shoulder to tear me away from Adam and bring me into the crowded room. "Come on, Red, I'll show you the digs."

"You better make sure that hand stays on her shoulder, Reso!"

Jay waved him away, sliding it down to my waist. "Let's just see what he does," he whispered.

"I don't know if I—"

"Loosen up, Red, you just walked into a party."

"Yeah, and I don't know anyone."

"You know me." He shrugged. "That's enough."

I smiled slightly—I couldn't help it. "You're very self-assured, you know that?"

"Red, if I weren't, my hand wouldn't be on your ass right now."

I blinked, then jumped, realizing his fingers were dug in my back pocket. "How did you do that!?"

"My voice." He winked. "It's distracting. Can I get you a drink?"

If I hadn't met Adam before I met Jay, and if Jay weren't actually married to a beautiful German model, I would've dated him. Honestly. The guy was hysterical. If I said one thing in all seriousness, he would retort it with something completely funny, but I wouldn't even realize it because he'd mock my tone.

"You're too serious," he told me. "Let your hair down."

I really wanted to, but I hadn't met his mother yet, so I decided against it. "Do you know where Adam is?"

"What? Not enjoying my company?" He smiled, but not at me. "He's in the living room with his mom."

"Oh." I stood up and fixed my shirt, handing Jay my drink. "I guess I should go find him."

"Have you met her yet?"


Jay jerked his head toward the open doorway.

"No. I haven't. Should I be worried?"

"No," he said airily. "Just be nice. I'm sure she'll love you."

I let out a tiny breath and headed into the living room, which had finally quieted down. His mom was sitting next to him, and she looked so small, engulfed by his big arm on the back of the couch.

He looked up at me. "Oh! Gia, I'm glad I found you!"

"You didn't look very hard," I said, smiling.

"I don't have to—you always end up falling into my lap." He winked and pulled me down next to him, kissing my temple. "I want you to meet someone."

I leaned past his lap and smiled at his mom. "Hi. I'm Eligia."

She looked a little distant, but her teeth shone brightly. "Hi, honey. I'm Judy."

"Ah." Adam clapped his arms around us. "The two most important women in my life."

I grinned when he bent down and kissed my ear. "Does he always sweet talk like this?"

"You should hear what he used to say," she said, waving her hand. "But he seems different this time."

"It's because I'm not bullshitting," he said bluntly.

"Watch your mouth."

"Sorry, Ma."

I couldn't hold my giggles. "You two are so cute."

"It's just been the two of us." Adam ruffled his mom's hair. "Since I was born."


He nodded. "And I thank God every day for that."

Then he leaned over and kissed his mom's temple, and I just about had it. I couldn't sit there and watch him act so loving and adorable with his mom, because I knew that our life—if it continues together—will never be that perfect.

But I didn't want to let go of that one second, that one scrap of impeccability, because I was too selfish to get up and leave.

So I sat and listened to them tell stories.

And I realized I could possibly have a life with this guy.

Paragon or not.

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