Here is my newest fic. I am so writer blocked on the remainder of Steal My Heart that I can't continue it without something to draw my mind. I just this works.

I dunno, I always wondered what Sakura would do if she ever had a chance of overpowering Sasuke, cause we all know she has heightened brain power, and her chakra is controllable. I wonder how she would be if she inherited a power from the Haruno women…?

So here it is, even it if might not sound accurate or anything, it's still gonna be a fun ride…

Warning, Violence and HEAVY LEMON!! I am serious! I don't want anyone complaining, I warned you!!



The air shifted and a wave of dread fell over her as she hit her knees in a position that gave off an air of pain. She knew exactly who it was as she felt the chakra indexes which followed closely behind her impending doom. This is it…her blood pumped faster. Now or never! It pumped straight into her suddenly frozen veins so painfully that it felt as if they'd burst within…

She never saw anything as she kept her eyes shut for a time. They were still in the ever present pain from a month and a half earlier…

She nearly moaned even as she heard the crunch of leaves beneath the feet of the three…where was the fourth? He was here though…she could feel his eyes burning into her back.

She heard a noise of disgust come from the skank of a woman from the far left and she allowed her pained eyes to rise up, shocking the bitch and forcing her to back away with uncertainty.

"W-who the hell are you?!" the red head wailed and glared harder.

Sakura decided it was no use dragging out the inevitable, so she showed herself to her targets…well, target but he was clearly not bothered to dispatch her himself. She was too weak and even though she was hooded, he knew it was her. Weak little Haruno…

Oh hell, if only you knew...

She stood up and turned, the hood flying back with the power of some rogue wind, whipping the cloth blindingly away to reveal her face, her hair, her eyes

They backed up a step, even Suigetsu, and she could tell from the deadly change in the air that Sasuke was not amused.

Irises, once a soft sea foam green, had darkened to emerald and changed to alert her enemies; she was a potential risk. She watched within both the pain she felt and the great power she'd received, her prey.

She oddly remembered back to the day when her mother was taking her dying breath a month and half ago. Mama lying on her comfy death bed, absorbing eyes all for her daughter…

"Sakura…I'm dying, sweetheart."

"No, mama, no!" Her head hit the blanket and her mother's warm hands cased her own.

"Its about time you understood us…the Haruno women."

Sakura looked up, curious at her mother's fever-crazed words and tried to focus without tears overpowering.

"Its time that the next generation blooms…" the older woman whispered. "The next woman to take the power."

"Mama, you need rest." She said softly, though seeing with her damned medic eyes that there was no hope for her mother.

"No." the dark emerald eyes shoot up to her daughters and held. "I am saying these words for a reason. I know they sound stupid, but you must heed them…Take this power that I give."

"Mama…" Sakura reasoned, "What power are you talking about?"

"The power to control…"

"Control what?"

Sakura hadn't known exactly what her mother had meant, but the next words had rang in her head for weeks afterwards when finally she had begged Tsuande to go. Just this one last time…then she'd let go forever if it failed.

She looked away from the three in front of her and up into the tree, seeing those dark, fathomless eyes watching her, studying. "I came here to fight you." She said brazenly, though she knew he inwardly must have been laughing. She was now eighteen like both of her old teammates but she hadn't changed in his mind, that she was sure of…

Sasuke said nothing to her but looked down at his companions, growled a low order and in a flash the team had retreated.

Sakura suddenly felt a pinch of insecurity as he landed on the crisp morning leaves a fan of breath escaping him as he made contact. Her eyes wavered a moment, but locked on. The echo of her mother's voice reverberated as she shot forward, and initiated the attack…

"The power to control…"

"Control what, mama?"

"Sakura, the power to control what you want most…The one you both love and hate. Bring him to his knees…Make him beg for you…"

"Mama?" she gasped and watched her mother cough blood. "Mama!"

"Don't fight your instincts, baby, you will do the right thing…"

Her sword sang as it met and clashed with his. She needed him to use it; to use the Sharingan. Everything she had to do was coming to her fevered mind, her strong mind. She had always been sharp, but never a seer, and there…she understood all she had to do to beat him. All she had to do to reach to get her final goal…

She dodged his attack and barely missed getting sliced across the face, her eyes dancing with delight at the sights and the sounds, and of him

"Take me seriously!" she howled with a bit of amusement when he merely tried to ignore her as she suddenly lunged. She didn't know how she did it, but she had sliced through his upper arm. Not lethal, nor deep, but just enough to piss him off...

She found herself engulfed within the crimson and blackness, her new power welcoming it as it surrounded her like a lover's embrace. She was trapped within the Mangekyou and she didn't know whether to be offended or flattered. She saw him walking towards her with his sword as she lied peaceably against the cross she was nailed to.

As he raised the sword, her eyes flashed, the only color other than red and black around them. They shown green and luminous, halting the fall of his sword for just a fraction, before continuing and hitting through her shoulder and cutting clean through her collarbone and successfully snapping it. To Sasuke's shock and amazement, her voice rang out not in pain. No, not pain...

A feeling descended from the pit of her stomach, down between her thighs and she moaned in pleasure loudly, her eyes lifting erotically to eyes of the man who'd given her such pleasure.

Sasuke's mind reeled within his Sharingan eye and he felt a quiver of delight shoot down to his loins, making him uncomfortable as he controlled the woman not one foot away from him. He also saw her face with his actual eyes, and it had contorted pleasantly in delight.

Angered, Mangekyou Sasuke pulled his sword from her severed bone and skin, causing her to grin up into the sky, as if thanking some god there for such an amazing gift. He lunged forward, slammed the blade through her lower abdomen, hitting the wooden post behind...and that did it.

Her eyes widened and she cried out with lust before she pulled herself forward, running herself through even more, to clasp her hands over his shoulders and up his neck to tangle in his hair. "Sasuke-kun…" she moaned sensuously. "I never knew you would be so…good."

Shocked, mildly disgusted and highly turned on, the real Sasuke released his Mangekyou and watched as the real Sakura's eyes opened and she looked up at him with a blush on her face, her body quivering as she sank to her knees.

"Sasuke…kun." She muttered and tossed her head back, moaning aloud for him to shake with heavily descending arousal. "Do something!" she screamed with pain from her unsatisfied state and he felt his skin ring with a primal urge.

"Shit!" he hissed and backed up only to hit a rock crevice, trapping him slightly. Sasuke didn't want to go near her at all. He didn't know what he would do…

But his Sharingan eyes absorbed her as she raised a hand to her hair, running it down, over her slim neck to land on one of her well-developed breasts, squeezed. Her squeak of pleasure made his pants tighten yet again, and he watched as her other hand went even lower. Lower…

He practically bled through his nose when those sneaky digits of hers disappeared through her slim black pants. "S-Sakura…" he hissed and wobbled on his own two feet wondering at her boldness…maybe she was just crazy!

Either way, he was hornier than he'd ever been in his whole life. She suddenly cried out and fell back, lifting her hips into the air as he clearly saw her fingers busy at work on herself.

Holy fuck!

Sasuke moaned in desperation and hit his knees actually moaning as she bucked herself up, her normal eyes secretly on him as he writhed.

Sakura was well aware of the humiliation she was subjecting herself to. And if he was not responding to her so well, she would have requested for him to just kill her right there. Like if he said, "Sakura…you're annoying." That would have crushed everything…her plan, herself.

But no!

He was on his knees before her, shaking with need for her. She could see his hard-on standing tall within his pants and saluting her and she knew what she had to do to cement his attachment back to Konoha. All she needed from him now, was to beg…

"Sakura!" he moaned and looked up at her, eyes now normal black and desperate for help, like she had never seen before. "Stop this, please!"

"Sasuke-kun…" she moaned and rolled to her knees, crawling over to him enticingly slow as he laid back on his back, surrendering to her. She moved over his feverish body and watched as his eyes sought hers, glad to see them normal.

Sasuke easily opened her white vest and unceremoniously ripped down the fishnet over her chest. His mouth was hard and hot as he flipped her over and covered her with his own body

She yelped as a hard rock hit her back, and he shook violently as he tried to fight back a wave of desire. "Fuck!" he groaned and licked up her neck causing her to shiver in delight.

"Sasuke…" she whimpered as his hand moved down her stomach and under the top of her pants. Her whole body jerked beneath him as he inserted two fingers, pumping quickly for her pleasure. "Ah!"

His mouth clamped down on her throat and licked heatedly, giving them both heightened pleasure throughout. He withdrew his fingers, feeling them sticky with her juices and he couldn't help himself. His fingers entered his mouth as he watched her with dark eyes, could see her become even more aroused as he licked the nectar.

"Sasuke…" she moaned and he allowed her to untie his black shirt and push it off his shoulders as he sat up, lowered his pants.

Sakura's eyes widened when he withdrew the astonishing member for her to enjoy before he lied over her, eyes turning crimson as he watched her writhe beneath him. The chilly autumn air was cold on his naked ass, but he ignored it as the warmth consumed him once he plunged deep within her core.

Her nails dug into his flesh and he heart rate skyrocketed as she fought the pain. Her own chakra worked to ease it and she quickly began to enjoy all of what he was doing to her. "Ah, Sasuke-kun!" she whispered and he began to move with more confidence.

It was like heaven, he thought. It was perhaps the greatest thing he'd ever known being caught by Sakura Haruno. What had she done to him? He was still him he knew, so how the fuck had she gotten him so…alive?

Her hips began to meet his every thrust and his skin shivered with carnal delight as her muscles squeezed tight, begging for him to show her his best. He wasn't going to disappoint her…

His speed was incredible, his controlled beats like liquid fire inside of her body and she cried out loudly, watching him as he watched her like a huge mountain cat, waiting to devour.

"Sasuke…Sasuke!" she chanted like a miracle in his ear as she lurched up and bit his jawline, moaning like a vixen in heat. "More…"

Horny woman…he thought with a pleased grin.

Sasuke was only to happy to oblige her honest request as he leaned up, grabbing her legs and pulling her onto his lap. He pumped furiously into her core and her eyes nearly crossed with unbearable pleasure and energy that built within her.

His eyes watched everything about her, his hand reaching down to grasp a bouncy breast and squeeze just to hear her moan of delight.

Something had changed inside him, something small yet powerful enough to change his mind about a few things…all involving her.

His still hungry eyes watched her pant and mew random words that fueled his lust giving him a idea that made him stop abruptly. She whined in protest until she found herself on her knees, her ass to him as he dragged her back roughly and over his long member. Her shocked yip echoed throughout the small clearing and the warm afternoon sun fell upon them as he began to move.

His feral growl reached her ears and she visibly shook in his grasp. "I think I need to show you who is boss here, Haruno…" he whispered devilishly and he felt her tighten around him. "Shit!"

He pushed her down, forcing her on her stomach and legs straight beneath him as he held her hair in on hand, the other on her small back as he stayed sheathed within her core. His slick little movement made the nymph in her embrace the feeling of of being possessed. It was what he was doing...holding her tightly body and mind.

But she didn't realize how much she had him in the palm of her hand as he moved in the possessive position. It was arousing him highly as he fucked her from behind as she lied on the ground crying out his name in delight.

"Faster, Sasuke. Now!"

His hand held her waist as he picked up the pace for her, secretly enthralled by her command. No one ever told him what to do…

"You bitch," he hissed in her ear as he pressed deeper with in her, hitting her deepest, darkest secrets within her core.

Her cry of passion rang throughout the chill air and she shook with the first orgasm she'd ever had. "S-Sas…m-more." She whispered and felt him nearly lay his entire weight upon her as he leaned over to nibble her ear. She instantly turned her head to meet his lips, hungry for more.

Sasuke ran his hands over her perfectly rounded ass and took another look at their position, memorizing the arousing position for a later date. He had thoroughly enjoyed it…

She found herself upon his chest as she finally recovered from the waves of lust and looked at his expectant face.

"Ride me, Sakura." He hissed and lifted his hips in warning, making her toss her head back in delight. It seemed she now had the reins…

Sakura leaned on her hands and bounced her hips over his long member, cooing and moaning as she felt what she did to them. His eyes rolled back and he urged her on, grasping her hips and lifting her up and down.

He watched her, with an emotion she couldn't place as she continued to ride them both to orgasm. It was actually only a few minutes, but to them it seemed to never end, and that was how they wanted it.

Finally her movements picked up and her face flushed with desire, his eyes glazed over, and they both were floored by the intensity of their orgasms. Their mingled cries echoed over the crisp forest and finally, Sakura fell to his chest where his arms instantly shot up to hold her closer.

"Holy fuck…" his hissed into her ear and she felt her heart soar with his obvious approval. He was still unloading his seed into her and he idly thought about his future heir with an inward grin.

Another goal taken care of…he thought proudly and looked over to her flushed and blissful face. What had gotten into her? And how had she gotten free of the Mangekyou?

He assumed she would tell him eventually, but wondered at why she had thrown herself so confidently at him. It was like she had planned it all out…

It was then she opened her eyes and she smiled lightly as he was hypnotized by the alarming emerald orbs absorbing his conscious mind. Once she had him in a dead sleep, she smiled and lifted herself off his body. She stood with great difficulty, as he was a powerful and gifted lover and she stretched.

Sakura smiled as she watched him smirk softly within the dreams he was having. Oh she had a feeling he'd just made her pregnant, but she really didn't mind. After all, she thought, as she looked up into the sky, I made him beg…and now he's coming home to Konoha…with me.


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