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It was late in the day when Sasuke got home. He had finally begun true Shinobi work; the entirely elusive S-class with which he'd been denied for the longest time.

It was a good hunt and sent his blood pumping even now. His eyes felt the strain, but oddly Sakura's own could ease the pain and heal him. He wondered at her talent, and she had eventually given in to her secret. It was a family trait that she had inherited and she knew nothing more than what her mother had confessed on her very death bed.

It meant Sasuke didn't want to bring it up, despite how weak if made him feel. It was the woman who wielded the strange trait that made him feel such a weakness.

But it was the mornings when he woke them both up to his passion, or when she sent him eyes across a crowded room, that he felt at his very most powerful.

Sakura was, at the same time, both his strength and weakness but he could not live without her.

They'd been together for three years thus far and it had been the best years of his life. They had had no children, though they'd tried. Damn, had they tried...

Minato, Keiko and Asuma- the Three Terrors, he liked to call- had started going to the Shinobi academy. They were all doing well, especially Minato. She was a hellion with more energy than even her father, Uzumaki; she would surpass him. It had, oddly, made Sasuke incredibly proud of the girl.

He saw his home ahead of him, his woman not likely within. Sakura had taken to being the head mid-wife of entire village. She had been present for every birth within the past two years. It was painful for her, he knew, that she had not borne their own child.

Sasuke frowned at the thought and entered his home. The air was cold and pinching, gooseflesh rose on his skin...something was wrong.

"Sakura!" he howled as he raced up the stairs.

He felt her chakra flare in fright and he instantly bolted to their bedroom and burst open the bathroom door. What he saw caused his chest to tighten painfully.

Sakura was lying on the floor, against their large tub, with tears streaming down her face. Her chest heaved with pain as she turned quickly to hide her face. "Go away!"

Sasuke crouched beside her easily, ignored her unconsciously bruising beats against his chest, before she settled against his embrace in defeat.

"Hush, woman." he hissed, though the voice comforted the hysteric woman.

"S-Sasuke...It happened again."

His expression dropped to pain-filled for an instant before he reigned in his stoic nature. "You're fine. Its okay."

"B-but the baby isn't...okay..." she whimpered. "It's..." Sakura took a shaky breath before Sasuke picked her up and walked from the room.

"Look at me," he said as he sat her on the bed. "Its okay. It can be just us. You and me, woman."

Tears streamed from her emerald eyes and that nearly broke his heart. "But...Sasuke..."

"No." he interrupted. "You are all I need, Sakura. I need only you. You, woman!"

Sakura bit her lower lip and tried to stem her tears. " don't want children, Sasuke?"

His eyes were glowing red with the Mangekyou when she met his gaze. "I do want children, Sakura. But I don't need them..."

Tears continued to flow from her eyes, but he did his best to wipe them as they rose. "I do, however, need you. I won't lose you. Ever."

If was very sad to her to feel at that moment, but Sakura felt an immense weight lift off of her shoulders. He didn't have to have children to love her. He just...loved her.

"Sasuke...I love you so much." she whispered as she raised her hands up to his face.

He took a deep breath at that moment and pressed his forehead against hers. "I know you do...I love you more."

A smile lighted her face as he dragged her further up their bed. At that moment they felt numerous chakra signatures heading to their front door.

"Shit..." Sasuke snapped as his head landed against Sakura's chest. She had begun laughing aloud.

"The kids are here!" she cried out and used some her her immense strength to lift Sasuke's much larger body off her own in excitement.

"You mean the Terrors..." the broody man hissed as he slammed a pillow over his face, anticipating twenty questions and prodding about his latest mission. He held out slight hope they would think he was asleep.

"Don't try it, Sasuke." Sakura said as she wiped her face with a wet towel. "They just finished chakra reading two days ago. You'll only get jumped on."

He threw away the pillow with a hiss. "Damnit!" Sasuke caught his wife's giggle and smirked at her before he hopped out the open window.

"Hey! Sasuke!" She howled after him. "They missed you!"

"Hey is that Uncle Sasuke Temi?"


"Yeah, GET HIM!"

Sakura smirked at the sight of the three genin scaring away an S-ranked Anbu Captain purely by presence. Their own children may have been enriching, but she and Sasuke already had a wonderful marriage and even more wonderful family surrounding them. She looked to the sky and enjoyed the clam wind hitting her face for a moment.

Well, she thought, time to have some fun...

With that, she leapt from the roof, fully intending to give the kids pointers on finding a strong ninja who purposely hide his chakra. Sasuke was a great, albeit unwilling guinea pig...

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