(Author's Note: This was a really stupid bit, but I liked it and I couldn't find a larger story to put this in. It's probably just as well; my shorter fiction often does better. I do not own Bleach, although I do own bleach. I think I've finally managed, in this one small moment, to capture a bit of that distinct brand of randomness that is so characteristic of Orihime.)

A Small Moment of Confusion

Stumbling out of the bathroom, the first person Orihime saw was Chizuru. Urgent to have this odd situation sorted out, Orihime asked Chizuru, "What does it mean when your best friend says she loves you then sticks her tongue down your throat?"

Chizuru replied, "Ah, that would mean she's a rezubian." ("Rezubian" is the word for "lesbian" in Japanese.)

"Rezubian," Orihime said, tasting the word on her lips – it tasted like Tatsuki, who tasted like Juicy Fruit. Yummy! … Although the tongue part was kind of shocking and didn't really turn Orihime on. No, Orihime was not a rezubian, even though it was such a cute word – and it was kind of sad, really, because that meant she had to disappoint Tatsuki.

Chizuru's face was very close to Orihime's, a sly smile on her lips.

"Umm... Chizuru?"