This will be a collection of drabbles of exactly 100 words. I've started out with an old prompt from Twilight100 on LiveJournal. Thanks to freakyClaudia for writing the inspiring "Twilight100" and for encouraging me to try! You should definitely check out her drabbles!

Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

The line between love and hate is hard to find. It's constantly moving through a cloudy abyss, taunting the seeker who wishes to find it, to let it define her.

Lately, Bella Swan has been travelling this lonely country. Nothing has physically changed in her life, but nothing's like it was before. Everyday she tries to see through the fog to a clear answer, but everyday that elusive line wanders somewhere else, always just beyond her reach.

The answer to her feelings is never clear. Is it love? Or hate? Maybe both.

Damn Jacob Black for making this so hard.

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