Characters: Charlie/Renee. Prompt: Sharing. For Twilight100 on Livejournal. Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

"Charlie, no!" Renée shrieked, wrestling him for the remote.

"No way, I'm not sharing!" he laughed, holding it just out of her grasp as she lunged across the couch.

"You can't have everything." she pouted. "It's not fair."

"Wanna bet?" he asked, grinning.

She stretched out, put her head in his lap. His arm automatically went around her shoulders. She reached up, pecked his lips teasingly, then attacked. Her kisses were fervent, full of passion.

Charlie was too preoccupied to notice when she slid the remote control from his hand. Renée was laughing as she pulled away.

"Got the remote."