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Chapter 1:


Charity balls, galas, dinners with the mayor...

How she hated them with a passion.

The 27 year old, Raven, stood very close to the bar with a glass of champagne in her hand, looking bored as ever. The only reason why she went to these stupid things was because they supposedly did something for some charity. So she bit her tongue, got dressed up, and went to the damn things. But she was always sure that she made friends with the bartender when she got there.

Raven sighed as she reached the bottom of her glass.

Well, there goes glass number five, she thought. She looked up and saw 29 year old, Cyborg walking over to her, his date trailing behind him.

"Hey Raven," he greeted as he stood with her, "Enjoying yourself?"

"Not at the current moment," she said as a tray of champagne came closer to her.

She grabbed a glass and switched it with the empty one she had.

She raised her glass, "Now I am."

Cyborg chuckled at her, slightly. Because she had a high alcohol tolerance it was okay for her to drink obsessive amounts. So she would come to these events, such as this one, and drink until she got a bit buzzed. But still, they would worry about her even though they never fully brought it to her attention.

"Just be careful not to drink too much," he warned.

"Yeah, sure, sure," she muttered before she went to drink.

Cyborg looked around into the crowd, "So have you seen B?"

Raven scoffed, "No and personally, I don't want too."

"He said he would be here by now," Cyborg said.

Raven rolled her eyes, "He's probably screwing some poor girl…"

She looked in the crowd and saw a green skinned man walking towards them, "…Speak of the devil."

"Hey B, you made it," Cyborg greeted.

The man smiled at his friend, "Yeah, well, sorry I'm late. I had to uh…pick up a friend of mine."

A 23 year old looking girl walked from behind him to his side and latched onto his arm. She was blonde with sky blue eyes and full pink lips. She was on the skinny side but very curvy. Her dress was red, tight, and very low cut. Actually, it looked like the designer was just using the last bit of that fabric and rhinestone chains to put it together. The fabric covered her relatively large breasts but still showed a massive amount of cleavage. The fabric moved to below the breast line, it all moved to one side. Jewels, of some sort kept all together, forming a chain, revealing the entire left side of her body.

"This is Claudia Devule," he introduced, "Claudia, these are my friends, Cyborg and his date (who I don't know the name of) and Raven."

Cyborg went to shake her hand, hesitantly, and muttered a greeting. His date also did the same. Claudia turned to Raven and held out her hand.

Raven kept her position; a hand holding the glass and the other arm supporting it. Like Hell, Raven was going to touch her. She didn't where her hands have been in, on, around, or whatever. She pressed her lips, gave a bitter smile, and said, "Nice to meet you."

The girl retracted her hand back to her side. She looked around and recognized a friend of hers. She whispered in his ear about it and left his side.

"You sure know how to pick 'em, B," Cyborg said sarcastically.

He looked back at the tall man, "Why do you say that?"

Raven decided to speak this time, "Oh because you pick a girl who does nothing but sells herself."

He looked at Raven, "At least, I pick someone."

Raven smirked, "What are you talking about? I do choose someone."

She raised her glass, "My drink…"

She nodded her head to the bar, "And the bartender."

Cyborg and his date laughed at the joke. She gave another bitter smile to him and walked over to her bartender, for her glass was empty once again. The changeling shook his head as he headed over to where his date stood.

A few moments passed and Raven was still at the bar. Now that he was there, she needed something stronger than champagne; rum. She sighed as she sipped her drink, counting the seconds until this party would be over with.

"You know, I'm starting to think you have a problem, Miss Raven," she heard someone say behind her.

She rolled her eyes, "Go away, Logan."

The 26 year old green skinned man stood next to her, "No."

He quickly ordered a brandy and an apple martini before he turned to face her.

"Getting her drunk before you screw her again, are you?" she asked.

"That's none of your business," he replied.

She smiled, "So is her body."

He sighed, "She wears whatever she wants to wear."

"Just as long as you get to bang her, right?" she shot back.

He ignored her comment and waited for the drinks.

The two had changed over the years. Before, they could just barely call each other friends but after they went to Tokyo, things changed. Logan started to grow and had become very good looking. He was now 6' 4'' beating Robin by an inch. His body had grown into a man's body; broad and decently muscular. His face was sharp and strong, losing all essence of childhood. He even grew into his ears.

Sometime during this change, he went back to Tokyo and…well; let's just say he wasn't as innocent as he was when he left. When he returned, Raven no longer called him Beastboy like the others did. She was too detached from this new man to even compare him to the Beastboy she once knew. He was Logan to her now; he was completely different. No longer the short, annoying, goofball he had always been. He was now a tall, hot, teen eye candy, sex god.

He was actually on VH1's top five sexiest celebrities bodies (number three), top ten hottest guys (number six), top 15 hottest people (number 11) and the one he is most proud of, Most Wanted (sexually) man on the planet. He, actually, surpassed Night Wing and Aqualad in all of those categories by a lot. He flirted constantly with girls and treated them as if they were sex toys (he just had to pretend that he was romantically into them or buy them off with expensive, shiny things). And because he was a super hero, famous, and one of the hottest guys on earth they would give themselves to him. And he would gladly receive.

Raven, on the other hand, stayed pretty much the same; although she did change a bit physically. Her hair was longer. She started to hate her monthly hair cuts at one point and decided to let it grow out. Now it fell to mid-back. She grew into her face, making it a woman's. Her eyes softer but still had that biting glare that all women seem to have. Her body grew a little in the time it had left to grow. She even made VH1'S top ten sexiest celebrities bodies (number seven), making her a little proud.

But for the most part, she was still the same. She still was quiet, read books, meditated even though she was able to feel more emotions now, and such. Same old Raven.

Because of all this change between them did they drift apart.

"So what is she this time, Logan? A slut?" she asked before she took another sip of her drink.

"No," he started, "She's a porn star."

Raven snorted, "Oh, so she's a high paid slut?"

He turned to her, "Yeah? So?"

She laughed, "So? So you brought a slut- a high paid slut- here, to a charity ball. Yeah, way to set an image, Logan."

Logan glared at her before he took a sip from his brandy. He set the drink down and took his time to observe her profile.

Her hair was out and curly around the ends. Part of her hair was put up creating a twisty bun, so that it would keep her hair from out of her face. She wore a nice black cocktail dress that wrapped around her shoulders, exposing very little cleavage. She wore a single jeweled silver necklace that laid on her chest lightly. Very little makeup was applied on her face; a bit of blush, light purple eye shadow, and red Chap Stick. She wore two inched black open toe high heels. Simple yet classy was the style she was wearing.

And quite the sexy little package, if I do say so myself, he thought.

Oddly enough, he had come to find that he had feelings for the dark sorceress some time during his "transformation". Yes, sure he didn't talk to her as often as he used to, but that didn't mean he cared about her any less. He just decided to grow up for her and leave her alone like she had asked him to. Hoping that she would not only be more attracted, but would want to have him around. But no prevail; if anything it was worse…much worse.

He licked his lips and smiled.

"Why do you care what she is or not or what I'm doing with her?" he asked, "Is it because you're jealous?"

Her laughing slowed, "Of a slut? I don't think so."

"Oh, I think so," he said.

"Yippee kiyay for you," she said bitterly.

His smile turned into a sly one and said, "You wanna know why?"

"Not really," she said before she asked for a refill.

"Because you want me," he whispered into her ear.

She glared at him, "I want you?"

He nodded.

"You think that I want you?"

"I would understand. I mean I am, after all, considered a sex god," he said leaning closer to her with a cocky grin on his face.

She stared at him before she grabbed her glass and her black-hand purse and turned to walk away, "Don't flatter yourself, Logan."

She walked through the crowd, quickly sipping her rum. She ran into 27 year old, Starfire and 28 year old, Night Wing, formerly known as Robin.

"Oh hello friend Raven," Starfire said as she came upon them, "Are you having fun?"

"Fun isn't what I would call it," she growled as she sipped her rum.

"How many drinks have you had tonight, Raven?" Night Wing asked.

Raven shrugged, "Ten, maybe."

Night Wing shook his head, "Raven…"

"Oh don't start with me, Boy Wonder. Start with Logan for bringing his porn star girlfriend," she said.

She nodded over to where the girl was and they all cringed.

"Robin?" Starfire said as she turned to her boyfriend. She was the only one that was allowed to call him, Robin. "Why is she wearing only part of a dress?"

"I guess I'll have to talk to him," Nightwing said sternly. It was completely inappropriate to have her there wearing such an outfit. He could see the headlines for tomorrow's news paper; "Titans Scandalous Affair: Beastboy brings a porn star to charity event." And the article would be riddled with negative words about, not just Beastboy, but about all of them. Night Wing felt the headache coming on already.

They talked for a little while longer before Raven used some sort of an excuse to leave. She made her way to the shadows and found an emergency exit. Pushing the door open, she walked into the dark, pale white hallway. She took off her dreadful heels and proceeded down the corridor, silently.

Every time there was an event such as this, she would go out somewhere to walk until she has had enough time alone. Then, she would head back and would stick out the rest of the party…with a drink in hand, of course. She walked until she rounded a corner and stopped.

There she saw Logan with the blonde porn star pressed up against the wall, kissing lustfully. Her left leg was wrapped around his waist and her arms wrapped around him. One of his hands was holding and massaging her left thigh while the other was either kneading her breast or her butt.

"Oh my God," the blonde moaned as he kissed her neck.

Raven turned and hid behind the wall, her back pushing up against it. Her eyes widened due to the disturbing scene she just saw. Then, she heard a belt unbuckle, pants unzip, and a groan of pleasure. That's when she knew she had to get out of there.

She quickly ran back to the door she came in and put her shoes on. She pushed through the crowd and placed her empty rum glass on a tray and grabbed two champagnes. She gulped them both down. She made it to the bar and set the empty glasses down.

"I need something stronger than this stuff," she said quickly to the bartender.

He looked down at the drinks, "Miss, I know you have a high alcohol tolerance but-."

She went through her purse and slammed two hundred dollars on the table, "I didn't ask for your opinion, I asked for a strong drink. Now I'll give you two hundred dollars for you to shut up and give me a bottle of your strongest stuff."

The bartender thought about it before he bit his tongue and took the money. He reached down and got a bottle full of rum.

She grabbed the bottle and muttered a sarcastic thanks to the poor man. She hid it as best as she could, trying to get through the crowds. She went to the coat rack room and got her black shawl. She placed it over her bottle in attempt to hide it and proceeded on out. By the time she was outside, she was already drinking and was buzzed. She hailed down a taxi and asked him to drive her to the tower docks.

He looked in the mirror and saw her drinking herself to a stupor.

"You having a party tonight?" he joked.

She nodded with a drunken smile, "Oh yeah. And you're not invited, so eyes on the…hic…road."

She made it to docks and teleported herself into the tower. She took down the alarm system and stumbled her way to the kitchen. By the time she got there, her bottle was empty. She placed it in the sink and reached up in the cupboard for another two more bottles; a bottle vodka and tequila.

Oh yeah, she was going to have a party, alright.