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Chapter 2: Scrapped Knee

"So, your arm just started hurting?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, it was really weird," Danny said.

He had just finished explaining to Sam the events that had taken place earlier at the park.

"I still can't believe how horrible those kids were to that boy!" Sam spat in disbelief.

"I know," Danny groaned. He wanted so badly not to think about it, but he desperately wanted to think of a way to help Ron.

"You know, maybe Jazz is right. Maybe you should try that psychiatric mumbo-jumbo she was talking about," Sam suggested.

"Yeah, but how?! I could never imagine being in that kind of pain," Danny said.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp jab in his arm. "Hey!" he snapped rubbing his arm.

"Now you know how it feels," Sam smirked cracking her knuckles.

Danny snorted and gave his friend a quick jab in the side. Sam punched back and eventually, the two started playfully punching each other.

"Ah! Okay, STOP! That's starting to hurt!" Danny cried in defeat as Sam's jabs got harder.

"Heh, sorry," Sam apologized.

"Eh, it's okay. I've been through worse," Danny said rubbing his arm.

The two friends paused when they reached the statue of Danny standing outside City Hall.

"You think Tucker's too busy to talk?" Danny asked.

Sam shrugged. "Maybe, you could always check," Sam said resting her hands on her hips.

"True," Danny smiled, suddenly going ghost.

He turned invisible and flew up to the window. He saw Tucker boredly shuffling papers around. Danny tapped on the window, causing Tucker to flinch, and became visible.

"Hey, Danny!" Tucker greeted.

"Mind if your friends drop by?" Danny asked.

"Not at all," Tucker said.

Danny smiled and flew back down to pick up his friend. Grabbing Sam's arm, he hoisted her into the air and phased them both into the mayor's office.

"Hey, guys! What's up?" Tucker asked, looking slightly more than enthusiastic to see them.

"Nothing much," Sam shrugged.

"What are you up to?" Danny asked.

Tucker sighed. "Ugh! I've gotta read all these stupid papers! I thought being the mayor would be more interesting than this," he moaned.

"If you think this is bad, you should see all the junk Lancer's been giving us," Sam complained.

Tucker snorted and began moving the papers aside. Just then, he flinched in pain. "Youch!" he grabbed his finger.

"Gah!" Danny flinched, feeling a sharp pain in one of his fingers.

"What happened?" Sam asked.

"Paper cut," Tucker hissed.

Danny gripped his stinging finger. He felt a small trickle of blood escape from his finger tip. When he went to wipe it away, there was nothing there. Danny looked at his finger and noticed that it was perfectly fine. There was nothing wrong with it. "Heh?" he wondered.

Tucker pulled out a band aid and wrapped it around his bleeding finger. Danny felt pressure against his finger, as if a band aid was wrapping around it. The pain caused him to wince and Danny scrunched up his nose in an attempt to ignore.

"So, what are you guys up to?" Tucker asked. Noticing Danny's twisted face, he asked: "You okay, Danny?"

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, I'm fine," Danny breathed ignoring the pain entirely.

"Well, Danny was just telling my about these rotten kids he met in the park," Sam stated.

"Did they chase you into the fountain again?" Tucker asked.

"Oh, heh, no. Not that again," Danny laughed. He had been chased by children into the park fountain at least twice in the past month.

Tucker laughed. Sam was about to explain what Danny had told her when suddenly, the phone rang.

"Hello?" Tucker answered. "What? I have to do that now?…Well, yeah, but why do I…What? Oh, yes….huh? ...Ugh! Fine….I'll be right there…"

He hung up.

"Who was it?" Sam asked.

"Ugh! My dad. He says I've got a meeting to go to," Tucker groaned.

"Bummer," Danny sympathized.

"Yeah, oh well! It shouldn't be too long," Tucker said pushing himself out of his chair.

Suddenly, he slipped and fell flat on his rear end.

Sam giggled. Danny would've too if he hadn't felt a sharp pain in his rump.

"Yow!" he yelped.

"You okay, Danny?" Tucker asked.

"What? Oh! Yeah! I'm fine!" Danny said rubbing his bottom.

Sam cocked an eyebrow.

"Well, okay. See you guys later!" Tucker waved as he left.

"Bye," his friend waved back.

Danny phased Sam and himself out of the building and began walking off.

"What was that all about?" Sam asked.

"What do you mean?" Danny asked.

"You know what I mean! Back there. Your butt just started hurting, and so did your finger," Sam reminded.

"I don't know," Danny said.

Sam glared at him.

"I'm serious! I don't know what happened!" Danny defended. "Like I said, I just randomly started hurting today."

"That's really weird. Do you think it has something to do with your powers?" Sam asked.

"I dunno. What ghost power could possibly have anything to do with my butt?" Danny asked jokily.

Sam laughed. "True." Her face suddenly turned stoic. "But seriously, Danny. There's gotta be some explanation for this."

"You sound more and more like Jazz everyday….seriously," Danny lowered his eyelids in slight annoyance.

Right around the corner, a girl was riding her tricycle. "Watch me go, mommy! Watch me go!"

"I'm watching you honey," her mother smiled.

The girl speed up and beamed as she rolled along. Just then, her tricycle hit a crack in the pavement, causing the trike to tip over. The girl fell off and scrapped her knee. She cried out in pain…as did Danny.

"Oh, honey! Come on, mommy will take care of that," the girl's mother cooed picking up her child and carrying her, and the trike, off.

Danny hissed in pain and clutched his knee.

"Okay, Danny. We seriously need to check this out," Sam finalized gripping a reluctant Danny's arm and dragging him to Fenton Works.