Every time I ask my mom why I'm moving to live with my dad, Charlie, she just says things like 'I want to be with Phil' or 'Because I cant handle you anymore, sorry'. But I still dont understand. Is she just going to drop me off on his doorstep? He probably wont want me either. I get in trouble constantly, and I'm not very good with other people. So, why is she sending me to someplace where I will probably cause more trouble? I just dont get it. So now I am packing my bags.

After a while I went to the bathroom to make sure I didnt hurt myself anywhere. I just got my nose pierced, and I think thats one of the reasons my mom is making me move. I get into a whole lot of trouble and have piercings. My nose, tongue, ears, lip, and eyebrow. My old friends dont talk to me anymore because of it. They abandoned me after I got my tongue peirced, my first peircing. It wasnt a big deal to me, but they made fun of me a lot. Because once they saw my tongue was peirced, they were a little freaked out, I guess. After I got my nose, lip, and eyebrow done, they made fun of me even more. I dont know why though. They was nothing weird or stupid about it. This was all my decision.

After I was done packing, I went back to my bathroom to get my clothes. I was going to wear purple, leopard print skinny jeans, my Paramore tank top, and a skelanimals, ribcage jacket. Once we got in the car, I put my headphones in and played 'Misery Business' by Paramore. I turned it up all the way, so I could block my thoughts and Renee's voice. After about an hour, Renee nudged me in my side lightly, to let me know that we were at the airport. We grabbed my bags, walked inside, and once Renee checked me in and I was at my terminal, she gave me a quick hug, said goodbye and left. About 10 minutes after she left, we started boarding the plane.


I got off the plane, only to see Charlie, my dad, waiting for me at the baggage claim. He pulled me into an awkward hug, said hi and went off to find my bags. Once we got my bags, I took the one that had all my CD's in it.

Once we were in the car, I pulled out the the Flyleaf CD. Once Lacey started screaming in 'I'm So Sick', Charlie flipped through the songs. He stopped on # 7. All Around Me. He looked at me to make sure that it had no screaming in it. I just simply nodded my head.

After about an hour we made it to his house. He tryed to make a conversation right before I made it to the stairs, "So... How has Renee been lately?" I responded with only a few words. "She's fine." After a short silence, I decide to say something. "Well, I'm going to add more pink to my hair like I planned to." As I walked away, I heard him sigh in frustration. He's probably thinking of how he is never going to be able to change my way of acting.

Once I was in the bathroom, I pulled out the pink hair dye and stripped it through my hair. Once I got the dye in my hair, I turned the shower on high so the steam would make my hair warm. I do this so I wouldnt have to use a hairdryer for 2 hours.

After an hour and a half, I washed my hair out, and looked in the mirrorr. It wasnt how I thought it would be. But that was just because my hair is wet. So I grabbed my blow dryer and blew my hair dry. Once it was dry, I went back to the mirrorr. Perfect! Just what I wanted. There was pink everywhere. It was all over the top layer of my hair, with a hint of blonde from the last time I did it.

I went back downstairs and grabbed my bags. Once up stairs, and in my room I started to unpack. I put all my CD's on the computer desk, clothes -of course- the closet, my radio was on the nightstand next to my bed, and my IPod is on the charger. I was almost done unpacking when I remembered that I brought the laptop my mom bought me on my sixteenth birthday. So, I unplugged the old computer that was on the desk and replaced it with my Laptop. Right when I was about to get on it, Charlie called me down stairs.

"Whats up?" I asked breathlessly, from running down the stairs.

"Nothing. I just wanted to say that I bought you a car. I really hope you like it." He said, right before leading me outside.

Once we were outside, my eyes grew wide. In the drive way was a really old truck. "Oh my gosh! I love it! Thank you so much, Dad!" I practically yelled, and jumped into his arms to give him a hug. It took him a minute to return the hug becuase he was a little stunned. After a while I could tell he was getting uncomfortable, so I let go.

"Your Welcome, Bells" He said before I walked back inside.

I went in the kitchen to start dinner, but once I opened the fridge, there was nothing to cook. "Its okay, Bells. I'll just order some pizza. Just worry about yourself for now.You can go food shopping tomorrow." I replied quickly."Oh... Okay."

Once the pizza arrived, I took a slice, ate and told Charlie I was going to bed.

After, I took a shower, got into my pajamas, and went to bed... crying myself to sleep.


My alarm woke me up at 7:30 with 'I Hate Everything About You' by Three Days Grace. Once I was dressed in my Emily skinny jeans, LOVE jacket, and my tripp grey and black striped sweater. I went down stairs, realizing that Charlie already left, to make myself some breakfast. I grabbed the bag of cereal that I spotted the other night, and the rest of the milk.

Once I finished breakfast, I grabbed my bag, headed out to my truck, and left for school. About 15 minutes later, I arrived at the school.

A boy with blonde hair, that was set in orderly spikes, walked up to me.

Oh god! Why did Renee have to do this to me?