"What? We can't be moving again can we?" I yelled at my family. I can't believe they did this to me again. " I'm just getting settled! You can't be serious!" This time i yelled directly at Kaylee and Jay. They had a shocked expression on their faces. After a moment of silence, Kaylee spoke up. "Bella, honey, we were almost caught the other day. For some reason, the sun started shining while i was taking a walk, and i had to become invisible in front of a lot people." There was a short silence. So I took the advantage, and went ahead to reply. "Oh... I'm sorry i freaked out on you guys. I guess I was just getting to comfortable." Jay and Kaylee had a look of sorrow on their faces. "We know, honey, we know. We feel the exact same. We both like it here" Jay said in a hushed tone.

After a few minutes, Ben walked over to my side to pull me into a hug. But before he could get to me, I blocked him with one of my many powers. He looked hurt, but I didn't care right now. He had an un requited love for me. He said he loved me all the time, but I feel nothing towards him at all.

After I blocked him, everybody else walked towards me to gather me into a hug, and I took down my shield so they could all hug me. We stood there for about ten minutes before I reminded them that we were leaving tomorrow. So we all left each other and started packing up our rooms.

My room is quite large. In the corner is a brand new Onkyo stereo, while, sitting right above it were all my CD's. My CD collection taking up the entire wall. I grabbed the remote and hit play. 'Franklin' by Paramore started playing. So, as I started packing my clothes up, I sang along. After I finished packing my clothes, I moved along to my radio. As soon as I unplugged my stereo, my headphones were in my ears, and I decided to listen to Muse.

We had finally started leaving somewhere around midnight so we would'nt create a scene about us moving. It was really hard on us all. This is the fastest move we've ever made.

We arrived in Forks, Washington at about 5 in the morning. Jay went up to the school and said that we were new here and all needed our schedules for tomorrow. But, of course, he used his power to shape shift so he could go to the school as well.

Kaylee and Jay have an in home business making clothes and computer designs. Both Jay and Kaylee are gone on business trips occasionally. Jay makes the computer designs and Kaylee makes the clothes. We make tons of money every month.

Once Jay got back from the school, we started un packing. I finished unpacking first, so I started to fix up our living room. It wasnt much fun for me. But it was for everybody else. They were having fun watching me struggle with where to put everything. After an hour, I finally settled on putting the TV in front of the window so there wouldnt be a glare when we watched it.

Now, its 7:30 and time to start the dreaded first day of school. I pulled my clothes out, and took a quick 5 minutes to put on my make up. I just simply put on black eyeshadow with a little white so it would blend. I looked in the mirror and noticed that I was missing something. I just remembered though. I grabbed my eyeliner and mascara, and put it on so quickly that a mere human would never see.

Since I was now ready, I ran down stairs at full speed and jumped into my purple lambourghini. I didnt feel like spending time with anybody right now. As soon as I pulled out of the drive way I sped up and made it to school in a matter of 3 minutes.

When I pulled into the parking lot, and got out of my car, I suddenly realized that agreeing to move with them was a huge mistake.

A young boy with light blonde hair that had orderly spikes set into it, came up to me and said "Hi! My name is Mike. You must be one of the new students. Do you think you might need some help getting around? Because if so i could always help you." I replied in a sweet tone "No, I should be okay. I have my family with me. An I still havent gotten my schedule yet. So it should be no big deal. And thanks for the offer. Bye!" As i walked away a heard him mumble bye in a sad tone.