I wrote this poem a while ago and today I felt like uploading it XD This is the first poem of mine, apart from one that was published in a book when I was eight, that the general public has seen so it's pretty nerve-racking for me O.O Anyhoo, enough rabbiting on! Edit: just to fix some grammar.


The Ghost of Her

You're in love with a ghost

The ghost of her

A fragile remnant

Of what you were

She haunts this place

Her name unsaid

But it's still there

Inside your head

Must I remind you

That she's not here?

But you don't listen

Your mind unclear

The girl you knew

Has lost her mind

Her self is dead

Left far behind

A memory

Is what she is

There's no one there

To return your kiss

Even now for her

Your love runs deep

But the time has come

To leave ghosts to sleep

Instead of her

You could have me

Who's still alive

To hear and see

You wouldn't be

Betraying her

You can love twice

We could be together

I love you more

Than I can say

I wish I knew

If you felt that way

Sometimes I think

You truly do

You smile and praise me

In what I do

Then suddenly

A change of mood

You'll shut me out

And sit and brood

I want you to

Come back to life

Don't drown yourself

In pain and strife

We're shadowed by

The ghost of her

She's in your mind

As you remember

Your eyes are shut

Not letting you wake

Open them soon

Or I'll shatter

and break.