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Chapter 1—Friends and Enemies

"Bella? Bella! Come on! Wake up, we're almost there!" Alice squealed as she was trying to shake me awake.

We've been on a bus for five hours to get to Camp Cullen. It used to be a summer camp only for boys but the director's wife convinced him to start letting girls come too. We so owe her.

Alice, Rosalie, and I have been planning our three week summer vacation for months and this summer is going to be perfect.

"There it is," Rose said from the seat opposite of Alice and I. We were just pulling into a long driveway surrounded by forest. There was a sign that said: Camp Cullen. We were really here.

The entire bus was chatting excitedly now. The forest around the drive was thinnning and we could see the huge banquet hall where we would be eating and having all those other campwide activities. Then we started seeing the cabins; they were small and simple and they kind of reminded me of Lincoln log houses.

"Oh my God, look at the lake!" I said excitedly. That was one of the main reasons I agreed to come here. I refuse to be very far away from the water at any time this summer.

"It's beautiful," alice mumured. We could see trails, basketball courts, volleyball nets, canoes, kyaks-this is the perfect camp.

When the bus finally came to a stop we hurried off the bus and collected our bags. "Where do we go now?" I asked no one in particular as I looked at the rest of the confused people who stepped off of our bus.

"Banquet hall I guess," Alice said leading the way into the huge building.

Inside there was a huge stage, one of those huge cafeteria counters with food, and about 40 other teenagers filling up tables and talking excitedly. We scooted into one of the few empty tables that were left.

Just as we were getting ourselves and our bags situated around us a pretty brown haired girl with glasses walked up to our table. "Do you mind if I sit here?" she asked tentively.

"Sure, go ahead. I'm Alice Brandon, this is Rosalie Hale, and Bella Swan," Alice said as the girl sat down with her bags.

"I'm Angela Weber. Do you guys know what cabin you're in?" Angela asked hopefully.

"Cabin 4," I said automatically.

"Really?! I'm in that cabin too!" she said happily. You could tell she was relieved. We were too.

"Oh good. We'll all be together. I was so worried we would end up with a horrible cabin mate," Alice said happily.

"So, where are you guys from? It looks like you've known each other for a while?" she asked politely.

"We're all from Forks, WA. We've known each other since we were kids. Where are you from?" Rosalie asked pleasantly.

"Seattle actually, we're only about 45 minutes away," she said smiling. I think it would be nice to hang out with her after this year…

"Welcome to Camp Cullen!" a loud voice interrupted. I looked over to the stage where I saw a blonde man who could be a movie star. I'm assuming that's Carlisle Cullen, I heard he was gorgeous. "I'm Carlisle Cullen, the director and owner of this camp. I'm pleased to say that this year 28 girls are joining us for these next three weeks. I'm sure this will be an excellent year. You can find your cabins whenever you'd like. If you don't have your cabin assignment yet please find me or my wife Esme and we will be happy to help with anything you need. Make sure your all on time for dinner tonight and enjoy the rest of your summer!" he said smiling brightly, he seems really nice.

Everyone clapped and cheered before grabbing their bags and pushing and shoving to get outside. It took us about five minutes to get our and then another five to actually find our cabin. I didn't mind though, we were right by the lake!

We walked into our cabin and I was surprised at how nice it was. There were two bunk beds, two dressers, two nightstands, and a separate door that lead to the bathroom and shower.

"This place rocks," I said to myself.

"Yeah it does. Who wants to sleep where? I want a top bunk if that's okay?" Alice asked everyone.

"Bottom," I said quickly. I get into enough trouble when I'm on the ground.

"Bottom," Rose said.

"Top's fine with me," Angela said shrugging easily. Alice ended up on top of my bunk and Angela on top of Rosalie's. I think everyone was pretty happy with it.

"What do we want to do now?" Alice asked climbing down from her bunk.

"Beach?" Rose suggested. We all agreed and quickly changed and grabbed our beach bags.

The lake was absolutely perfect. There was a sandy beach two piers extending from the sand to and about 20 ft. into the lake. On one speed boats were tied and the other was for swimmers and diving. There were also two floating yellow platforms that you could swim out to. This was going to be fun.

We ended up laying out our towels on the sand and talking about random things.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Alice asked Angela curiously.

"Nah, not for about a year. What about you guys?" Angela asked.

"None of us do. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want this summer to be about boys," I said honestly. I just wanted to hang out with my friends on our last summer before college.

Yeah, you're right Bella. This is our last summer before college. It should be about us," Alice agreed. Angela nodded in agreement.

"I say we make a no boys pact," Rosalie stated. "You can talk, you can look, you can flirt, but nothing more," she said smiling.

"I'm in," I said putting my hand in the sand between all of us. Rose put her hand on top of mine, followed by Angela and Alice. We all laughed and started talking about the boys we have dated when suddenly a big shadow covered all of us. We looked up to find four boys standing over us blocking the sun.

One was huge and muscular with curly brown hair. Another was fairly short with brown hair. One was blonde with bright blue eyes. The last one had bronze hair with glowing green eyes, he was hot! But then again he was blocking my sun…

"Do you mind?" I asked icily.

He looked down at me and smirked, "Sorry, am I in your way?"

"Yeah, you are. So move," I said glaring at the cocky jerk.

"Only if you tell me your name," he said with his stupid smirk still on his face.

"Imma," I said immediately. I saw the girls give me confused side glances but didn't say anything.

"Imma what?" he asked.

"You're a dick," I said smirking at him. "I'm going to go swim," I told my laughing friends as I got up and walked passed all the guys quickly.

I walked to the end of the pier and dove off into the cool water. I let myself shoot straight out the opposite direction of the pier. When I surfaced I realized I wasn't too far away from the yellow platforms. I swam over and climbed on. I just decided lay down and close my eyes and soon I drifted off to sleep…

"Bella! Aww shit, come on Bella! Wake up!" I heard Alice yelling. She seemed really far away. I opened my eyes and sat up; looking toward the shore that I realized had gotten a lot farther away. They were on the pier that was now about a football field away. I growled when I figured out what happened. The platform was unhooked and pushed away. It was that damn guy!

I looked to the right of the girls as I saw movement in the corner of my eye. Those guys were sitting on the other (still in place) yellow platform. They were laughing hysterically at my predicament.

Too bad it's really not as funny as they think. I got a scholarship to the University of Washington for swimming. 100 yards is nothing I can't handle, but I guess I should push the raft back too…

I stood up and dove off the raft to the side farthest away from the pier. I could hear the guys stop laughing, they were probably wondering why I dove off the wrong way. I started pushing the raft forward quickly. Pushing this stupid thing is nothing compared to what I had to do on my old swim team. I soon made it so I was even with those jerks. I took a deep breathe and dove under the raft, keeping my eyes open and looking for the hook up.

I soon found a chain that was attached to the middle of the raft and a huge block of cement at the bottom of the lake. I quickly swam under and hooked it up with just enough to make it back up.

Before I swam back to the pier I went around to the side closest to the boys who were still sitting down and staring at me from their yellow platform. I smiled and flipped them off before swimming the rest of the way to the pier. Dicks.

I could hear my friends laughing as I got closer. I went to the side and climbed up the stairs where a towel was shoved in my arms. "That was so funny Bella! I'm so glad your on the swim team or that could have been bad," Alice said laughing.

"It will be bad," I said confidently. They all looked at me like I was completely insane. I smiled wickedly and added, "for them."

And so the war began…

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