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This episode is going to have flashbacks about Miley and Jake relationship and how Miley handled her friendship with Lilly at that time. Remember, Miley always had a crush on Lilly, but Lilly secretely liked Hannah Montana, or so she thought... Anyways, on with the story!!

Ready for some Miley/Jake/Lilly triangle?

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You Rock My World, Chapter 1

Lust. Passion. Love.

Lilly Truscott was breathing hard. She could feel goosebumps all over her skin. She was laying in front of her girlfriend, naked and at her complete mercy. She was craving her. Her body spasmed as she felt the delicate trail of Miley's fingers against her sides. She shut her eyes, filling the electricity running through her veins as the fingers went down and down and down and... and then, the fingers weren't on her anymore. Lilly opened her eyes. ''Mileyyy'' She groaned as she squirmed trying to get any kind of contact from her lover's body.

''Oh God, Miley'' Lilly cried as Miley finally made the first contact with her quivering center. The pressure deepened and waves of pleasure started to shoot through Lilly's body. She gasped as she felt Miley's hot breath against her neck. She leaned back her neck a little to make room for Miley's lips, but nothing came. However she didn't have time to dwell on it when she felt those same lips... down there. And Lilly lost it. She was a squirming, lusting, hot mess.

Lilly's nails were scratching the surface beneath her as she felt warmth spread all over her, as Miley's tongue kept playing with her clit.

Pleading. Pulling. Stretching.

Miley smiled lustily at the sight in front of her. The thin layer of sweat covering her girlfriend's body. The white taint of the blonde's finger from squeezing so hard. The cries of pleasure coming from deep inside her. All because of what she was doing.

Miley was putting all of herself in pleasing Lilly. Her breathing was as ragged as hers. She came up to kiss her lover, replacing her tongue by two fingers. Lilly hissed in pleasure and settled back down as Miley leaned over her left side and licked the side of her neck, enjoying the salty taste of Lilly's skin, as she kept thrusting inside the blonde.

''Please... keep going.'' Lilly panted. And so Miley kept going. Not that she would have stopped anyway.

Faster, deeper, harder.

This is when Lilly felt it start. Low in the pit of her stomach. Stronger and stronger.

Screaming. Begging. Filling.

It built, and it washed over her. She saw stars. Her back arched as she tightened her grip on Miley's hair as she kept her ministrations. She gritted her teeth in ecstasy and cry out her orgasm.


Lilly felt back limp. She couldn't feel her legs. She was gasping for air. Miley slowly pulled out her fingers as she left a trail of wet kisses along Lilly's face, worshipping her for all she was worth. She placed gentle and loving kisses along Lilly's neck and up her jaw, ending by giving her a long, deep and slow kiss.

Fantastic. Full. Blissful.

Miley hopped off the piano. She was wearing her bra and her jeans. Lilly, well it was another story. She was quite naked and quite lying like this on top of the piano. She was wearing a look of complete bliss and deep satisfaction. She was visibly still on cloud nine and remained unmoving. Miley smirked, proud of what she had just accomplished. Mr Stewart wasn't coming home till late tonight and Jackson was spending the afternoon at a friend's. So, Miley didn't think twice and had dragged Lilly away from school. They had barely entered the house that Miley had Lilly already pinned against the door. Lilly was too shocked at first to respond to her girlfriend's advance, but the lips sucking on her neck had quickly shaken her back to reality. She had gripped Miley's head, holding her in place and encouraged her to keep going.

Miley's hands had roamed down Lilly's body till the front of her thighs and behind and she had easily lifted her up. Lilly, getting the signal, had wrapped her legs around Miley's petite waist. Miley had kept on sucking and licking her girlfriend's neck as she was leading them in the living room. She had wanted to bring them upstairs and make love to her but she had caught sight of the piano on her way. Making love on the piano. It was new, it was sexy. It was perfect. And so she had looked coyly at her girlfriend and lied her down the instrument.

And now, Lilly was still recovering from the earth shattering orgasm she just had. Her arms were spread eagle on the piano and her legs hanging at the edge.

''I can't believe we just did that...'' Lilly breathed, amazed.

''It was... hot!'' Miley said, quite proud of what they just did. She stepped between the legs of her lover and slowly stroked her thighs.

''That it was, that it was.'' Lilly pured as she felt goosebumps rise on her skin at the feel of the brunette's hands. She couldn't believe her body was still reacting to Miley this way after what they had just done.

''I wish I had a camera right now,'' Miley sighed lovingly. ''You look so beautiful. Flushed cheeks, bright blue eyes and all.''

Lilly chuckled. ''That would be quite a picture...''

''Huhuh'' Miley smiled as she let her hands travel from the thighs to Lilly's abs. ''I love those you know.'' She remarked as she leaned down to kiss them. Lilly automatically slid her fingers through Miley's hair as she sighed in pleasure.

''Ready for round two?'' Miley said as she lightly bit down on the lower belly of her lover. The buckle of Lilly's hips was enough answer for her. ''I love you'' she said before going down.

Dinner was almost ready, and Miley was finishing cleaning up her drawers. Lilly had left to go have dinner with her mother a few minutes earlier. During this time apart, Miley had come to a decision. She wanted to make room for her girlfriend in her dresser. Lilly always left so many things here. Sometimes, it was like she was living here. Miley wanted to surprise her by giving her her own special space. It wasn't like she was going to ask her to live with her, they weren't quite there yet, but it made her feel all tingly to think about having some of her Lilly always here, officially, and not because she had just forgot to pick up her socks after a movie night.

Miley decided to choose the last drawer from the top for her girlfriend. She wasn't really using it. She just stored some stuff she didn't use anymore in there. She pulled it off its fastenings and emptied the content on the floor.

''Ewww'' She exclaimed as she saw all the junks, going through it with a grimace on her face. ''Looks like Jackson's bedroom... Oh my god, maybe it's hereditary. Maybe I'm gonna turn like him when I'm his age. And Lilly will leave me, and I'll be doom to a lonely life with cockroaches and funcky grapes!''

Miley stopped her ranting... thinking about she had just said, and bursted out laughing. ''As if I was like Jackson. I mean, I'm sure we're not even from the same species!''

Still chuckling, she went back to sorting her stuff out. She was thinking about how Lilly was going to be happy with her gift, when she froze. She had in her hands a long velvety box. She instantly recognized it from her past. The memory from that day rushed back to her as she opened it.

Flash back

''Hey Miley!''

''Jake...'' She greeted him with a smile and a kiss. Jake smiled back and grabbed her hands leaning against her locker.

''Listen, I was thinking that maybe tonight we could go to the beach.''

''Sure.'' Miley agreed. She couldn't help but smile at the shy look on Jake's face. He was only shy with her and it was insanely cute. ''So, what do you wanna do at the beach?''

''I don't know... Talk? You know, catch up. Know each other better...'' he said looking down slightly blushing.

''Oh, err... I don't know. I'd have to ask my dad...'' and I'm not sure I want to have a date with you...

That night, Miley, dressed casual but not too casual, went down to the beach to meet up with Jake. She saw him at Rico's, pacing nervously. She could see Rico look at him as he wanted to kill him. A wide smile spread on Jake's lips as he noticed Miley walking towards him.

''You... you... You l-look b-b-eautiful.'' He said.

''Laaaaame'' could be heard from behind the counter. Although they couldn't actually see Rico, his annoying voice was quite recognizable.

''Wanna take a walk on the beach?'' He asked. Miley nodded and she followed Jake down the small path. During the walk, Miley felt Jake's hand brushing repeatedly against hers. He obviously wanted to hold her hand but didn't know how... or maybe he didn't want to come on too strong... Whatever it was, Miley decided for them both that it was okay to hold hands, so she grabbed his and entertwined their fingers. As by magic, a bright smile made itself known on his face.

''Here, this is for you.'' Jake said as he handed her a long jewellery box, making them stop.

Miley smiled slightly. ''What is it?''

''Open it and you'll see.'' He shrugged.

And she did. She gasped at the diamond bracelet in front of her. She knew Jake had money. But still, this was a lot... too much actually. She couldn't...

''I know what you're thinking. Stop thinking.''


''But nothing. Listen. I like you... a lot. I want you to have this. I can't think of anyone else who would wear it better than you.''

Miley stayed silent and stared at Jake for a while. He seemed to be sincere and full of hope. He really wanted her to have it. There was no doubt...

''Thank you.'' She breathed causing Jake to beam insanely.

''You're welcome... I have one question though, Miley... will you be my girlfriend?''

Miley looked at him, the cheezy but oh so sweet question still ringing in her head. She liked him. At least, she thought. Although it wasn't even comparable to the feelings she had for a certain someone, a someone who would never return her feelings. So there was no need to think about it, really... She should do it. Lilly told her to.

''Yes. Yes, I will.''

And that moment was sealed with the first kiss they ever shared. And even though Miley didn't want to feel something, she did. Maybe this could work. Maybe she could forget after all.

End Flashback

Miley was snapped out of her daydream when she heard a voice call her.

''Hey Miles, you're coming already?!'' Jackson yelled.

Miley rolled her eyes in exasperation and shut the box. She had long forgotten she still had it and truthfully she didn't miss it. She was still attached to it because it was a souvenir of a relationship she had. She had loved Jake but it was nothing compared to what she was feeling for Lilly. Miley grabbed the box and put it in the top drawer of her dresser, promising herself to just store it somewhere. She didn't want to throw it away. It was a part of her. In the past. She headed downstairs.

The next day, Saturday, Miley was expecting Lilly to come over. They wanted to head down to the beach, and then maybe go to a movie. She still hadn't found a good place for the bracelet, putting it in her socks drawer. She picked it up, deciding it would be better in a box in her closet.

''Hey Miles? What you're doing?'' Lilly said as she entered the room unannounced.

''Nothin'!'' Miley answered, a little too quickly, as she pushed the box back in her drawer.

''What is that?'' she heard the blonde ask her. She groaned and bit her lip guiltily.

''it's nothin' Lils. Just some old stuff I found earlier.''

''Really? Cool!'' Lilly exclaimed excited. ''Show me ! I love it when you show me stuff from your past. It's like I can know you better...'' she beamed. ''So?''


''Yeah! What did you find?'' Lilly pressed in a 'duh' tone.

''Oh, just an old piece of jewellery...'' the popstar replied vaguely.

Lilly frowned. Miley was vague, had slight red cheeks, was avoiding eye contact. ''Miley... What is it... Is everything ok?''

''Yes! Why?''

''I don't know... you look all... pink and flushed. Is it something about your mom? If it is, I mean, I understand you don't want to talk about it. I know it's hard for you, especially since what happened last Christmas. But you know I'm here, and if you want to talk about it... you can... with me.''

''No Lilly. It's not it. I.. it's just... it's...'' She let out a defeated breath. She couldn't lie to Lilly. So she turned around and grabbed the box, showing it to her girlfriend.

A look a recognition flashed across Lilly's face. ''Is it...?'' Miley nodded. ''You still have it?''

''Well yeah... I couldn't throw away something like that. Besides,...'' Miley stopped, knowing she shouldn't say the rest.

''Besides...?'' Her girlfriend pressed.

''Besides, I know Jake is kind of a sensitive subject, but he's still a part of my past and even though our relationship was a mistake, I don't want to forget it...''

Lilly didn't respond. She was looking down at the floor. She wasn't comfortable with this subject because she felt threatened by Jake. He was Miley's first crush, boyfriend, kiss, love. She always feared that she was going to go back with him some day. Yes, she had dumped him for her, but still ... She shouldn't be worried because she knew that what she had with Miley surpassed everything Miley had with Jake, but she just couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't that simple. However, she did understand why Miley wanted to keep the bracelet.

''It's okay, y'know.'' She said. Miley raised an eyebrow. ''I mean, it's okay that you kept it. I don't mind. You don't have to feel guilty. Jake meant a lot to you at a time, and still does in a way. I get it. It's fine.''

Miley let out breath she didn't know she had been holding. She put the box away and walked to her girlfriend, engulfing her in a bone crashing hug. ''You're the best,'' she whispered in her ear. Lilly nodded and buried her head in Miley's neck.

''Oh my god, it's Jake Ryan!'' A girl squealed in the middle of the hall. All the heads shot up towards the entrance of the highschool. There he was, Jake Ryan. Back from the shooting of his last movie, back to Malibu, back to school.

Jake made his way slowly down the corridors, taking his time to greet his fans, mostly girls. He didn't really look at them though, his eyes searching for someone. Someone who wasn't in this hord of groupies. Where is she? Isn't she happy to see me? Oh wait, she doesn't know I'm back yet. That's why she's not there. I guess I'll have to wait by her locker.

Still signing autographs and doing small talks with his fans, Jake headed towards the famous locker. His heart was beating wildly in anticipation. Even though he knew Miley had broken up with him, he was certain that she was still in love with him (what girl wasn't really?). It was only a matter of time before making her his again. He stopped in front of the say locker and leaned against it, trying to look as cool as a movie star.

Miley hated mondays. Why? The answer was simple. Lilly had to ride to school with her mom to spend some ''quality time'' – insert eye roll from Lilly - with her, which meant she had to ride with Jackson. Not the best way to start the day... Still pesting over Jackson's last stunt, Miley stepped into the school immediatly heading towards her locker.

However, she stopped dead in her tracks a few feet away as she saw the silhouette of the body obviously stalking her locker.

''Sweet niblets!'' She groaned. She grabbed the first person she found and hid behind the poor boy, hoping to get away from Jake incognito. What she hadn't thought about was the fact that Rico was going to this school and that he was starting at the same time, at that he had his locker not too far from her. And so, Miley soon realized she had grabbed Rico.

''I knew you couldn't resist to the charm of Rrrrrrrrico! MuaAhahahahah.''

To add to her bad luck, Rico who was barely as tall as a ten year old... And so, not a very good place to hide behind. Miley covered her eyes with her right hand in desesperation, wondering how she always found herselves in situation like this. She felt somewhat tap her shoulders. She spread two her fingers, picking through the hole to see who was disturbing her in her misery. Blue eyes. Puppy eyes. Jake's eyes.

''Hey Miley!'' Big smile. Scary white teeth. Movie star's teeth.

She took a deep breath and pulled down her hand, forcing a smile. ''Hey Jake! Long time no see!''

''I know!!'' he exclaimed as he pulled her into him, crushing her in a big hug.

''C-can't... brea-the.''

''Oh, yeah sorry. It's 'cause I missed you so much!'' he explained matter-of-factly. ''Did I miss you?''

To lie or not to lie... ''Of course I missed you Jake.'' To lie it is.

''I knew it. But you know what? I've got great news! I'm moving back here and I'm taking some time off from the movie business! Which means... I'm going back to school with you!''

''Wow, that's... great!''

''Well duh! We can pick up from where we left off!''

''which was...''

''we...'' But he was interrupted by a voice coming from behind.

''Hey Mi...'' Lilly stopped as soon as she recognized those hair. Those stupid freaky blonde hair. ''Jake...''

''Hi Lilly!'' He said turning around. ''How's it going?'' He said brightly. Lilly's eyes were wide open from the shock. ''Surprise to see me I take it!''

Miley was bitting her bottom lip, a worried look on her face wondering what was going on through her girlfriend's mind. She could see the wheel turning in Lilly's head, and considering the conversation they had this weekend...

''Er.. good... I'm... good.'' Lilly finally let out.

Lilly kept looking back and forth between Miley and Jake. Miley was looking at her apologetically and Jake was beaming almost ridiculously. She didn't know what to say or what to think. Should she stay and talk with him, say that she was Miley's girlfriend so that he should stay away from her? Or maybe beg him to go in a far far away galaxy and disappear from their life. Or maybe she should just leave and let them catch. Her choice was made when she saw Jake wrap an arm around Miley's shoulders. She exchanged a look with her girlfriend, Miley silently pleading for her to let it go. She decided to respect it and no say anything but she couldn't stay here and watch either.

''I... er... I'm... gonna leave you guys... alone... 'cause you obviously need to... talk... and... yeah. Bye!'' and she disappeared. She heard Miley call her but she didn't turn around.

''Hello class!'' Mr Corelli said happily as he marched in the room.

''Hello Mr Corelli!'' the class chanted, although not quite as enthusiastic as he would have liked.

''We are in April now and who says april says spring break. And to celebrate, we are going to organize a small talent show. When I say 'we' I mean, this class. This show is considered as a project and thus you will be graded...'' The class groaned. ''Now, I guess you're wondering how is this going to happen, huh?'' Seeing he got no reactions from his students, he continued. ''You're going to be paired up. Randomly. And perform in two weeks on stage set up at the gym.'' He grabbed dandruff Danny's hat, shook it, and turned it upside down. ''now, the left side of the class is going to write their name on a small piece of paper and put it into the hat and the other side is going to pick one of the names.'' he said as he passed around the rows. Once everyone was done, he kept going. ''okay. Good luck you guys. Remember, who you pick is who you're stuck with to prepare a number.'' He said a dramatic voice. ''May the force be with you.''

One by one, the students picked out a paper.

''Tracy,'' one of the boys said as he high fived his friend in victory.


''Sarah,'' Oliver said. Sarah waved at him as he sent her a fake smile. Please, don't make me play a tree and do a remake of An Inconvenient thruth, he thought.

''Amber...'' Lilly growled. She heard Oliver giggle and got ready to slap him in the head. The next voice she heard prevented her to do anything.

''Jake...'' Miley said weakly, waiting for her girlfriend's reaction. But Lilly didn't look at her. She had heard Miley. She had heard the name. And franckly she didn't know what to think, or what to do.

From across the room, Jake waved to Miley excitingly, while Amber was shooting daggers at Lilly for picking her name.

That's gonna be interesting... Miley thought as she leaned her head against her desk.

Author's note:

Yep, Jake Ryan is finally back... Can you spell Drama! :-)

By the way, I didn't give up on 'Start All Over'. I'm still working on it. :-) But, as I said before, this story is quite challenging. So I really want to take my time to not write something stupid and tasteless...