Hey there !

Sorry it's not an update... BUT I have news for you. Good and bad though...

I'll give you the bad one first, although you probably know what it is : I won't be updating my stories for a while, till late June at least. I want to be done with school before going back into writing. I just don't have time.

And now for the good one : I'm not giving up on either of my stories. Which means that from late june and through all Summer, you'll have regular updates. At least, once a week.
Here's what's planned : My liley series, Solitary and vulnerable AND Start all over.

Just bear with me 'kay guys? I promise, it will be worth the wait ! Believe me, I have lots of ideas for these stories.

I apologize for all these months where I kinda disappeared. Life sucked for a while, then school totally overwhelmed me, and now finals are coming up... BUT I'll be free by the end of June :-) Sooooo.... I'll see you then !

Take care