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Mating rituals

'oh great another crappy wasted night which was spent killing FREAKS ' seras thought as she walked to her room to get cleaned and get some sleep. The thought of the hot water coming from the shower only made seras purr happy like a cat and then the bed. The most important thing, lately more and more ghouls appeared and the reason was still unknown from where they came

She still refused to drink her blood which did not please her master nor integra ,sighing she entered the shower room which was very big, most likely more people could take showers here lucky for her nobody was there( or so she thinks)

Leaving her uniform on the counter she enters the hot steamy water washing at first her hair and then she tries to reach to the shower gel even though it was too fogy at first she doesn't grab it and then she grabs something that felt more like a hand

Yelling she let's go of the hand saying covered with a white glove and a certain hellsing mark on it and a bit of red material which all belonged to her master

"WHAT THE HELL!!" seras yelled as the fog started to disappear reveling a smirking alucard which leaned on the wall holding her shower gel

"Forgot something police girl?" he asked in a mocking tone as he grinned revealing his fangs

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM MASTER? HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF PRIVACY?!" seras yelled trying to cover her breasts with her hands and keeping her legs crossed

What an embarrassing situation this was indeed, her standing in the shower naked with water dripping over all her body and her hair was a mess, and her master had no problem with it in fact to make things even better he was grinning as if he planned this all along

"Oh my looks like someone is embarrassed? Don't be police girl its not like I haven't seen it before might I say you have a pretty body so why hide it? "He asked mocking her and then grinning

The worst part was that his glasses and hat were missing so seras felt his eyes roam over all her body from the top to the bottom ,his red crimson eyes almost seemed to drink her just by looking at her .

She saw lust in his eyes...but for what? For...HER?! What the…something was not right here

"Master could you at least turn around SO I CAN CHANGE??" she yelled the last part

"Awe don't get so mad police girl …I just dropped by to tell you to drink your blood and you a there something wrong with that?" he asked almost puring the last part

"No's just…that…….never mind at least let me finish my bath and we will talk after wards …." Seras said the last part without thinking about the consequences

On the other hand alucard only smirked and tossed her the shower gel making the girl gasp and reach out to catch the bottle so it wouldn't brake and make a mess

Seras failed not only to cover herself but also she failed to catch the bottle and tripped and hit her head, while bleeding she started to yell


"Aww don't be so mad at me police girl besides I had a nice view …remember don't make me mad by disobeying me and not drinking your blood or else I might punish you next time" alucard said materializing and disappearing

'hmpf…I …FREAKIN HATE HIMMM….Gahh' sears thought pissed off what a crappy night it had been , so far only shity stuff happened to her

What could possibly happen next? She thought as she placed her white kimono on her so she could walk out the shower

Suddenly she felt two strong arms grabbing her and pining her to the shower wall ,as she looked up her blue eyes met crimson ones, it was her masters

"Did you really think I would leave you so quickly police girl?" alucard asked grinning showing of his fangs

"uhh master…..i…" seras said as she sweat dropped

"already tired with my presence? Or what annoying you the most? The fact that I know so many of your secrets? It would be normal for me to know about them after all you are …mine…." He whispered the last part against her neck as he nuzzled it

Seras was simply speechless , her master talking and acting this was towards her something was not right .The vampire groaned against her neck and his wet tongue started to travel on her neck ending on her bite marks that the girl had from him

Smirking he still remembered the night she became his "slave" and he started to nip and bite gently on her skin

The blonde girl only shut her eyes in order to not let them betray her to her master , her intention was to make sure that she didn't like this one bit

But she was failing badly because as soon as alucard started to bite and suck her blood , after he cleaned her wound and started to leave bite marks over her neck , his lips made their way to hers

He grabbed her from behind her head pulling her in a violent kiss , biting down on her lower lip she gasped leaving his tongue to enter her mouth .His tongue eventually found hers and molded together , the kiss was shortly ended by seras which was trashing her way out

Alucard growled and leaned closer to her ear " seras….remember …you are mine…" he whispered disappearing in the shadows

Seras fell to the cold floor panting and only remained shocked at what her master said. So he really wanted something from her .. neither that nor he was trying to get to integra by using her

No matter what he would try she promised herself not to give in , she felt the hickies appear on her neck while one her fingers reached up to touch them

She wondered what will really happen from now on

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