I do NOT own naruto

I do NOT own naruto!!


"Tell me NOW!" He cried, his face was twisted in fury and the ancient grief that gripped tightly on his soul. Roughly grabbing my shoulders, he shook me.

I knew the clock was ticking. We didn't have much time left, but… I just couldn't bring myself to speak. Was he really going to do this? After Neji sacrificed himself for us to be happy? For us to be able to walk down any crowded street anywhere, hand in hand, and flaunt our relationship to anyone without having to suffer for it-and this is what he was planning to do?

Run away?


Absolutely not.


But that was how I felt then.

What I thought then.

Adrenaline was coursing through my veins now. The wind was rippling fiercely through my hair now. His hand was clasped (POSESIVLEY) in mine now.

And now… we are running, full speed and together, towards our new destiny.

The one we shall share together.

Now and forevermore.



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