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Chapter 1

There's a girl laying in my bed at the moment.

No. A young woman (as she puts it).

And all I can do is stand here, drinking some orange juice, and watch her sleep while wondering what I should do next.

A few months ago she was only my student. And now, she's naked under my sheets. But, you wouldn't understand unless you were there...

Three months ago

"He's late! Again!" Naruto barked, glaring at nothing in particular. "Why does that surprise you, he's always late." Sasuke tried to quiet his own voice since the blond's was obviously on high. He heard the whiskered sunspot plop onto the level of the old bridge as he leaned against the railing, pretending as if he wasn't, also, as depleted of energy. Did Kakashi enjoy causing his team sleep deprivation?

"Yo." A white puff of smoke made the brunette and blond sputter for oxygen. Their mentor's face hid behind a mask which was effectively hidden behind an orange book. "Sorry I'm late." he finished.

"What's your lame excuse this time?!" Naruto was still on edge after team seven's last mission to retrieve a stolen vase failed. He blamed Kakashi and his belated ways. If he hadn't been late that morning they could have gotten a head-jump on the criminals and received a hefty paycheck.

But the book(porn)worm just shrugged off the unsuccessful mission and gave one of his metaphors of how things don't change just cause you want them to. "Have you ever watched "Gilligan's Island" reruns and really, really think that they're going to get off the island this time?" he had asked him no longer than a few days ago. (Or something to that effect).

'Can I trade this job for what's behind door number one?' He pondered and patted the Sunkist boy on the head. "I ran into a young artist, she wanted to use me as her motivation."

"Liar." Sakura scowled playfully as she gradually walked up to the three men who were her teammates. She was fatigued, and the mission hadn't even started yet. Kakashi looked up from his book to regard her. "How was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?" she watched his only visible eye crinkle,obviously amused with himself.

"I was looking for you for the past hour." that was all the rosette nineteen-year-old scratched out. "You should have knocked on my door." he went back to reading. She didn't know if he was serious or not. With Kakashi, one could never tell. She looked to his unreadable, charcoal eye. Nothing. Was it a rhetorical question?

"I did. For ten minutes." she leaned her right leg onto the railing next to Sasuke's left to strap on her kunai holster. "Oh. So that was the noise I pretended not to hear." By now his sarcasm was normal to them. It was what made Kakashi Kakashi. If he wasn't being sarcastic, perverted, or aloof for at least seven tenths of the day, he was either reading his corrupt book, or catnapping under a tree during training.

The only thing we could do about his satiricness was to retort back in just an equally brilliant play of words. "You sure are grumpy today, Kakashi-sensei. Did the aliens forget to remove your anal probe?" She inquired. "Touche." was his response.

She tried to see any hint of emotion and got the same look from him as she did her cat.

"Stop fucking around. We could have begun the mission by now, and I could be doing something more entertaining than listening to your bickering." That was the most Sakura had ever heard from the Uchiha. It was mostly a "Hn" or a nod to her questions, but she hadn't talked to him in weeks. (Mostly because of his latest bull-shit remark of how she could be training to get stronger instead of asking him on another date). And also for the rumor going around about him and Naruto being lovers, though it could be completely false.

Sakura had given up either way. It was useless to keep your heart set on one man (who might not even like women all together) when she was going out with Tahuro.

"So..." her sensei's voice pulled her from her reverie of the date her and Tahuro had went on the night before. "Shall we rebrief the mission?" he finished, and forced Icha Icha into his rear pack. "What's there to say? We have our own scrolls." Sasuke complained, trying to save face and time.

"Naruto probably forgot the details by now. It's for the best." Sakura pointed over her shoulder to the blond boy sleeping on the planks of wood. A puddle of drool was forming on the ground next to his left hand. He snorted and shot up to the loud roar that sounded, signaling that it was seven o'clock. "I hate cicadas." Sakura sighed and pulled out her mission scroll for the rebriefing.

"The men who robbed Horinji Sama (a feudal lord in the Land Covered in Fog) headed east. That was yesterday, so they would most likely have made it to the port key a few miles from Takayama. We'll travel to Takayama town and stay the night. Tomorrow, we'll infiltrate their camp and take back the diamond that they stole from Horinji sama's wife." Kakashi let out the rest of his unneeded breath and began to breathe once more.

It was surely a new kind of mission that team seven had taken on. Sakura was becoming excited. She could feel the butterflies well up in her stomach. Horinji's wife's diamond was even known in the Leaf Village for how large, expensive, and beautiful it was. And Sakura might have a chance to actually hold it.

'Maybe she will be so grateful for our trouble she'll let me keep it!'But it was just useless hankering on Sakura's behalf. 'I can just imagine Ino pig's face now!'

There was another puff of smoke at the entrance of the bridge. Shikamaru's form emerged from the fog. His hand was outward in Kakashi's direction. In it was a scroll no different from our mission document.

Kakashi slowly walked and retrieved the parchment from the sleepy appearing Jounin. "Mn." he said, reading the text. "Hokage sama wishes to see you immediately." A boy behind Shikamaru stated exactly what the parchment had writtin in it. "Who the heck are you?!" Naruto spat, pointing a finger inches from his face. "This is Fuyo, he's the newest member of team ten since I became Joinin leader." Shikamaru didn't seem that interested in his own explanation.

"Kawaisoune!! (How pathetic) Sakura, you look like you just rolled out of bed." Team ten's blond medic preached. "You're so brave to not care what people think." Ino smiled sweetly, though it was obvious that she was being insulting. "What did you say, Ino pig!?" Chouji pulled Ino behind Fuyo, as Kakashi did the same with Sakura, separating the two bickering friends/rivals. Sometimes nobody could tell which they were.

'One minute they're friends, the next they're combating.' Kakashi patted her pink head. "You shouldn't care what other people think or say, Sakura. You look fine." Sakura scowled at his words. He never compliments anybody, he must have been lying. How does he have the right to say anything like that anyways? If he didn't care what people thought he wouldn't wear that stupid mask.

"Why should I listen to you? You don't understand." She felt a little guilty after saying this, but as usual the headstrong girl was reluctant to apologise. Kakashi's charcoal eyes searched her face. He sighed lightly, shaking his head, and walked back to Shikamaru. Sakura watched his form drift off, wishing that she had worded it differently. Kakashi obviously took what she said to heart, though his eyes showed no emotion. Sakura had known him long enough now to know just what to say to get into his head.

"We're about to start our mission-" Kakashi was cut off mid-sentence. "She wants to see you immediately, we're taking control of mission 3226 for you. You are being assigned a new one." Fuyo said again, as if he thought that he was the leader. There was no doubt in Kakashi's mind that it would cause trouble for team ten soon enough. But, being the good friend that Kakashi was, he would rather stay out of it and watch the fireworks go off later.

"Alright." he agreed. The idea of a new mission was sounding good to the silver haired Jounin. After all, it had to be more interesting than retrieving some stupid diamond for a rich old hag.

"Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura. We're leaving, now." he looked at each of their faces as he spoke their names. The weary team followed as ordered. Sakura handed Ino a fixed glare as Kakashi exchanged mission scrolls with team ten's new leader. Whether that be Fuyo or Shikamaru.

The circular waiting room outside of Tsunade's office was always Sakura's most abominable place to be. She hated the quiet. She hated the wall clock with its ticking and tocking. She hated everything about it. This was approximately the only thing that Sakura and Kakashi agreed on.

"This isn't an office, it's hell with florescent lighting." Sakura looked to the source of the murmur. Kakashi set in one of the chairs aligning the circular wall, third to her right. His Hitai-ate was lifted, no longer hiding his scarred eye, though it remained closed. His arms were a makeshift pillow as he rested them on the wall behind his head and looked up to the ceiling. His legs were apart in the fashion of saying 'I'm a rebel, and I don't care.'.

"I wonder how the mission's going for Shikaramu and the others." Sakura pondered, taking her eyes off of the man. "They'll be fine. You know Shikamaru." Naruto, who sat five chairs to her left, gave her a thumbs up and a friendly wink before Tsunade stepped out. Pink tinged her cheeks, signaling that she was either drunk already or she had a hangover. Since she wasn't stumbling and was hunched in a crippling manner, Sakura supposed that it was the ladder.

"Ssakura, get in here." Tsunade swayed in the doorway of her cubical motioning for the chunnin medic to come in. "Yes, Tsunade shishou." She obeyed, lifting her slim figure from the chair and quietly made her way into the office. She shut the door with a soft click.

"What is it that you need?" Sakura didn't hesitate to ask. Normally when she was called in alone it meant that something serious needed to be discussed. But, Tsunade had been drinking, so it had to be more serious than serious.

"I have a misssion that I am going to discusss with you." The inebriated woman slirred. "It'ss up to you to take it or not, but I want you to think about thiss carefully and report your anssswer to me tomorrow morning. Do you undersstand?" it was hard for Sakura to keep a strait face with the woman dropping her pen into her coffee. The cup's contents splattered onto the mission document that Tsunade was reading over for the hundredth time.

She looked conflicted as the read. Sakura handed her a tissue so that she may whipe the droplets away. "Yes, Tsunade shishou. What are the details?"

"What do you thinks so important that she can't say it in front of us?!" Naruto was growing restless. "Obviously it's none of your business so stay out of it." Sasuke gazed out the elongated window. "She's our teammate, everything about her is our business!" Naruto slouched back into the seat and poutingly crossed his arms across his chest.

"What do you think Kakashi sensei?" The blond asked his mentor. Kakashi came back to reality and noticed the boy staring at him. Kakashi stared back. "What are you looking at?" He interrogated. "Did you even listen to a thing I asked?! This is serious! I need to know what's so important that we can't know!" Naruto flailed his arms for effect.

Kakashi made not to answer. He knew what it was about. He had been on many of these missions. Tsunade would call in the woman of the team and give her the details, then they would have the night to think it over. It was just that this time it had to be his own student. His Sakura. Wait...his Sakura?! 'What am I thinking?!'

He drew out his book, hoping to get his mind off of the conversation in the other room. It was Sakura's decision, not his. He could state his opinion but in the end she would make the judgments. He would just have to be optimistic that she would make the right one.

"What?" Sakura was sure that she heard wrong. "If you acccept this misssion you will be sstationed in Kutsuki for however long it takess to complete. You will posse as a brothel girl and work for Gaizu. I want you to get as much information on him as you can in your time there. Of coursse, if anything should go wrong you have Kakashi, Naruto, and Sassuke to back you up." It seemed a daze. The words that Sakura was hearing had to be from the wrong scroll. It had to have been a mistake.

"Information hass been given to me by a very reliable source that Gaizu hass been trafficing young girlss to other countries as bargaining chipss for favors." Tsunade looked to her apprentice from her desk. Pink eyebrows furrowed, as if the brain behind them thought it was some kind of sick joke.

"I trusst that you will make the right decision, Ssakura. I know your abilities, which is why you are the besst candidate. This mission calls for a young woman that can handle hersself around uncomfortable situations. If you do not believe that you can handle it I can call team ten back and sswitch your missions. Ino will then be given the decision to take thiss mission or not."

"Ino?..." Sakura looked down to the floor. Ino was a strong willed girl. And was, no doubt, not a virgin. She would take the mission without thought as soon as she saw the income. If it was just another mission Sakura would have done the same. But it was against all her morals as a kunoichi.

To trade sex for the well being of hundreds of other women should have been an easy decision (If she had ever had sex before). But Sakura wouldn't be able to stand the thought of something bad happening to Ino if she took it instead.

"I'll think about it, shishou." tonight would lead to more sleep deprivation.

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