The scene that inspired this short, concise poem most greatly was that scene in the anime in episode 25. When Kazuma saw his Grandfather, who was cursed by the Cat, behind those bars of solitude...the music that was played also inspired me, cause I loved it so. That scene was so emotional, and I loved the feelings it conveyed, that I just had to write this from a scene that was a mere 30 seconds.

step by step,
it draws me near,
to where you lie
imprisoned inside.

behind bars,
i could only stare,
as you softly called
my name to "come here."

the rejection i gave,
as i turned and left,
does a scar still remain?
i can only ask.

but the smile i saw,
gently from your lips,
back then i was lost,
but your kindness was unmatched.

as the years pass,
and i look back,
i see that mistake i made,
of rejecting your hand.