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Chapter One: A Sad Goodbye

Flounder watched sadly as the boat containing Eric and his childhood friend Ariel floated away. The ship grew farther and farther away until it was nothing more than a speck in the distance. The poor little guppy sighed one last heart-wrenching sigh, and then dived back into the deep, blue sea.

"I can't believe Ariel's gone for good. I wonder if I'll ever see her again."

He thought, floating slowly through the water feeling depressed and missing his adventurous friend already.

"Gosh, if I'm missing Ariel already just think of how sad King Triton must be feeling. I think I'll go check on him."

So he swam to the King's royal throne room and bowed before his Royal Highness.

"Uh…King Triton, I…uh…"

Triton stared at the little fish with a melancholy look and said without his usual forcefulness,

"Yes Flounder, what is it?"

Flounder gathered up a bit of courage to ask what he needed to ask.

"Well, uh, I was wondering, er, that is to say-"

King Triton had finally had enough of the nervous guppy's stuttering and said impatiently,

"Out with it already!"

Flounder jumped, partly out of fright, and partly out of surprise for the King's voice had turned quite rough, and then cleared his throat and squeaked out,

"I was just wondering if you were, you know, alright. I mean what with Ariel gone and everything I thought you'd be upset or…some…thing…"

His voice trailed off as he watched the King's reaction to his words.

King Triton seemed to deflate in his seat, and his expression turned even moodier.

"S-sorry your majesty! I didn't mean to upset you or anything-"

"No it's quite alright Flounder. I appreciate your concern. As a matter of fact I am feeling a little down now that Ariel's gone. I think we all are." Triton interrupted with a small smile.

The small fish still wanted to cheer up the King so he smiled as bright a smile as he could and said in a light tone,

"Ah, don't worry your Highness; I'm sure Ariel's really happy right now. I think she'd be sad if she knew we were all grieving because she left."

At those words, Triton's smile became a bit brighter as well, and he beamed down at Flounder.

"Your absolutely right Flounder. Ariel wouldn't be very happy if she saw us moping about like this. We should just be happy that she got what she wanted and move on with life."

Flounder, glad that he managed to help lift the King's spirit, floated away to find something to do to take his mind off of Ariel.

Suddenly he remembered something, and grinned slowly. There was one place he could go that had plenty of memories of him and Ariel together.


As Flounder floated to his destination, he bumped into a certain crab on the way.

"Ouch! Hey, what the-oh it's just you Flounder. Watch where your goin' next time, got it?"

"Oh sorry Sebastian. Are you going to see the King?"

"Yes I am; I just got through running an errand.

"Oh, well I guess I'll see you later then."

And he continued on his way.

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