1Okay so my first story bombed so tell me what you think of this one. Bella was actually from 1918. Before Edward is turned by Carlisle he leaves a note for her in hopes that someday they meet again. So what happens when they do meet in present day after all these years of trying to find each other. How did Bella get turned? I do not own anything! That would belong to Mrs. Meyer!

My dearest Isabella;

I will spend the rest of my existence thinking about you, loving you, and missing you. I know it's hard to understand but it's time for me to go. Although the pain I am in now could never amount to the pain of losing you in my life, the disease is taking me. I love you Bella and maybe, one day, if fate has its cards right, we will see each other again. No interruptions, no sickness, just you and me together for eternity. Bella please remember I'll always be with you in your heart. Watch after my heart, I've left it with you.

With all my love


I re-read the note one more time before leaving the house. I've read that note well over a million times since I first got it over 90 years ago. It hurts now knowing that I wont see my wonderful Edward because I can never die. I was changed into a vampire, stuck forever at 18, stuck forever without the one true love of my life.

I was turned by a woman named Victoria. She tried to kill me but realized my blood was far to sweet to not have something special in it. She was right. Today I lived with Victoria and her husband James using my special shield to protect them when danger is around.

We were starting high school today in a little town called Forks, which is in Washington state. I was a little nervous even though we have been to high school, college, and grad school too many times. The one thing that carried over to this life was my pain for missing Edward. Edward Anthony Masen. His beautiful green eyes I could never forget. I could see his soul in those eyes. We were going to get married when he got better but he never did.

As I parked my Aston Martin in the school parking lot I noticed a beautiful silver Volvo a few spaces down. It was the only nice car besides mine. Victoria and James ran to school to get a bite to eat, if you know what I mean, before class. We had this strange diet of only drinking animal blood which saved humans. Victoria said she gave up killing humans after she changed me for some strange reason.

I walked up to the main office desk letting my dark brown hair half cover my face. "Hello, I am Bella Swan. I am new and I would like my schedule." I asked the nice woman at the front desk. She seemed a little bewildered to see someone like me but I expected that reaction. "Here you go my dear." She spoke strongly handing me my list.

First period, Biology. I could pass this class with no problem but still I went to the appropriate building and entered the classroom. When I walked up to the teacher he seemed in total shock. My back was facing the classroom and I could hear a chuckle or two behind me. I shrugged it off. "Uhm, Hello Ms. Swan. Welcome to my class I hope you enjoy it! Please have a seat next to Mr. Cullen." He had to look away probably to wipe away his drool.

I turned around and looked for the empty seat. I quickly walked over to the seat and sat down. I sniffed there air and quickly realized that the person next to me was far from human. Another vampire!? How was this possible, we haven't come into contact with anyone since the Volturi almost 10 years ago. I looked up and saw the most beautiful topaz eyes fill my site.

"Bella." His musical voice whispered.

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