Sorry for the bit of the confusing chapter last time. I'll try and make this one extra special!


I was showing Edward around town tonight and I wanted to look extra special. I put on a blue tank top, a white skirt that went to my ankles, and my everyday shoes. I let my hair hang long and slightly curly. At 7p.m. on the dot my doorbell rang. I ran downstairs to get it and opened the door to see a beautiful Edward in the moonlight.

"Good Evening Bella. Might I say, you look quite beautiful in blue." He said kissing my hand and letting if fall down. I blushed a deep red.

"Thank you. You look quite stunning yourself." I managed to squeak out. He let a quick chuckle escape as he took my hand to exit the house.

"Where to tonight?" He said still holding my hand lightly.

"I was thinking maybe a walk around the town park. I'll show you how amazing it looks at night." I was hoping that would impress him.

"Nothing, Bella, could be as amazing as you tonight." The blush came back. It was here I knew that I wanted him to be mine, forever.

Before I hit the floor from the impact of James and Victoria someone else entered the room stopping the both of them. They were moving quick, even for vampire speeds. When they stopped moving around so much, I saw the pale figure helping me was Edward.

"Bella, go! Now!" He screamed at me holding back Victoria and James. They both were growling fiercely but I didn't want to leave Edward here alone.

"No!" I said ready to jump back in. He gave me a strict look. Victoria was just about to break free from his grip and suddenly, for the first time in 90 years, I was scared.

"Bella, Jasper and Emmett are on their way, LEAVE!" He growled at me. I ran as quickly as I could out of the house. I didn't know where I was going until I hit the main road way. I should head to the Cullen house.

Within ten minutes I was on their doorstep knocking quite hard. "Alice! Dr. Cullen! Open up please!" I was screaming far too loud and if there were neighbors they would know this wasn't human. It was Esme who opened the door with a look of panic on her face.

"Bella! Come in dear, please." She said rushing me inside.

"Where is Jasper and Emmett?!" I questioned still in a panic mode.

"They went to help Edward. Bella, are you alright?" She said seriously sitting me down on the nearest couch. I nodded quickly.

"Esme, I will never forgive myself if Edward is killed during this. If any of them are killed. We have to help them." I said.

"Trust me, I've seen these boys in a lot worse situations over the years. They will be fine and before you know it they will be home." She said smiling.

"I'm so stupid!" I said hitting my head in frustration. "I could have protected them! Esme, that's my power. I have this shield that can protect anyone from anything. If I had stayed I could have used it on the boys! I need to go back!" I said screaming and standing up.

"Bella, don't go! They are going to win!" Alice said shouting rushing down the stairs at lightening speed. I gave her a puzzling look. "They are going to win. I just saw it. They should be home in half an hour. Jasper and Emmett will kill James and Edward will take care of Victoria." She said smiling brightly.

I sat back down again a bit dizzy from all this information. Just then Dr. Cullen came down the stairs and took a seat next to me. "Isabella, you're in quite the situation aren't you?" He questioned me. 90 years later he was still the best doctor I had ever been to.

"They were my family for so long." I said breathlessly. "But Edward and I were suppose to get married almost a century ago." I was torn between the two groups I loved.

"Do you think you can still love him after this?" Dr. Cullen questioned me putting a reassuring arm around my shoulders.

"Dr. Cullen, I have spent 90 years loving Edward. Each day that I thought he was gone hurt more than the last. Of course I can love him. It's just, James and Victoria created who I was. Laurent was a big part of that as well." I said sounding a little defeated.

"Yeah, but they'll be dead. You'll be with Edward." A bitter sounding Rosalie said from the top of the stairs. She descended slowly and kept a fixed gaze on me. I gave her a puzzling look.

"Either way, you win in this situation. You either A, loose Edward and keep James and Victoria or B, loose those two and keep Edward forever. If you get the first one, I lose a brother." She hissed at me.

"She get's Edward, forever, Rosalie. Trust me." Alice said giving her sister a dirty look. Esme just shook her head.

"Only if he'll take me back after my mini melt down." I said looking at my feet.

"Isabella, Edward died twice in his day. Once when I changed him, and once when he found out you weren't in his life anymore. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't think about you. You were his life, and always will be." Dr. Cullen said giving me a hug. I smiled. To think, after all these years our love was still strong.

Within half an hour the boys were back, looking victorious. I ran to Edward's open arms. "Thank you." I whispered. He kissed the top of my head.

"Bella, for you, anything." He spoke so softly. Just then we all saw Alice make a distracted face.

"Guys, we have bad news." Alice said looking at Edward. He obviously had seen Alice's vision.

"The Volturi know what happened. They know everything. We have less than 24 hours." My dead heart felt heavy in my chest. What other problems could I bring them?


"Well Isabella Swan. You possess quite a lovely gift." Aro said stroking my hair. I winced away from him.

"It's not working on her!" Jane shouted in frustration. Victoria and James laughed a bit at this.

"It never will Jane-y. Let it go." Victoria said with a smile on her face. Jane hissed towards her.

This was my new life, a vampire, one that has the possibility to change everything they once had known.