KP-TZ - The Middleton Files: Voice in the Dark

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KP-TZ - The Middleton Files: Voice in the Dark




The evening started like any other for Kim on a weeknight. It happened to be a Wednesday, and she had a small amount of homework to do for the next day, but for some reason it seemed to be harder than usual.

For her Physics class she had to take the volume of a fish tank, and figure at what pressure the water would come out if a ¼ inch hole were drilled 2 inches from the bottom. It gave her fits for about two hours, but finally got an answer, and showed all of her work.

The second bit of homework wasn't as intense, but she had to really think. In the past two weeks, the class had read Moby Dick, and now they had to make a comparison of Captain Ahab to any politician of their own choice who had taken a strong stance on any issue. Kim knew that her paper might get some serious ridicule for her comparison, but she just had to compare the doomed Captain's adventure to Al Gore and his stance on Global Warming. The paper wasn't due until Friday, but she was able to get the rough draft finished, and she would clean it up Thursday evening.

With bleary eyes and slightly disheveled hair from pulling at it on various occasions trying to make her brain work, Kim stumbled into bed just before midnight. She knew her alarm would wake her up in time to take a shower in the morning, so she didn't even bother to undress, and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

About 2 hours later, something woke her from a deep sleep. It almost sounded like her Kimmunicator on her nightstand, but in her sleep-fogged mind, something didn't sound right. The normal tone of the unit came out a bit garbled, almost as if it were recorded on tape, which was now stretching.





"Huh?" She said groggily. "Whazzat?" Her befuddled mind hadn't realized that the noise actually came from her communications device.

Two small bursts of static came out, and then something very strange. It almost sounded like a little girl's voice, but it was fading in and out, mixed with the static. "Hello? (static) Is anybody out there? (static)… Please… Can anyone hear me?"

Kim reached over and flopped her hand on the unit, dragging it over next to her head and set it on the pillow. Even with her brain not "firing on all cylinders", she had reacted automatically and reached out for the unit, dragging it over to her. She answered in sleep slurred words, "Wade… is that you?"

Apparently the voice on the other side didn't hear her, as the voice spoke again. "Please… (static) can anyone help me?"

At this point the word "Help" caused Kim's mind to finally kick start itself somewhat, and her eyes flew open. However, her fingers didn't quite want to do what she was telling them, and Kim fumbled with the buttons trying to respond.

"Hello?" She said, sounding more awake. "Who is this? What's wrong? How can I help?" By now Kim was sitting up in her bed looking down at the Kimmunicator's screen, which was filled with nothing but white noise.

The voice spoke again, but it was fading out. "I need… (static) help! Please! I… (static) you can hear me! I'm losing …. (static)"

Brushing a strand of hair from her eyes that had fallen while she tried to listen to this plea for help, Kim desperately pressed the call button, and tried to answer back. "I'm here! I'm Kim Possible! Can you hear me? Please let me know who you are so I can help you!"

Static was her only response. She dropped herself back onto the pillow and sighed in frustration, listening to the static that was still coming from the speaker.

Then without warning, Wade's voice came out of the speaker at a very loud volume, making her jump and let out a small "eep" in surprise. "Kim… why are you calling me after 2 o'clock in the morning? I was having a really good dream about… well, you don't need to know… but what's up?"

Her finger mashed down on the volume trying to quickly turn it down as she had it cranked trying to hear the call for help. "Wade! Did… did you hear any of what just happened?"

"I don't know what you're talking about Kim. I just received your call a few seconds ago, and was just now able to respond." A strange look came across his face. "Kim? Are… you OK? You look a bit… I don't know, frazzled?"

It was at this point that Kim realized that her hair must have looked like a mess after falling asleep the way she did. She tried to push some of it down as it was sticking in all directions.

"But… I just had a call from what sounded like a little girl calling for help. You… don't have a record of this?" Wade typed for a few seconds as he checked the communications log.

"That's strange…" He said with a furrowed brow, which worried Kim. Her tech guru rarely said those words. "For 21.3 seconds there isn't any telemetry data coming from your Kimmunicator. It's as if… it were just… dead."


The lights started to dim in Kim's room, until the only thing visible was the low light coming from the Kimmunicator in Kim's hands. Then that light faded as well, and everything went black. The Kimmunicator screen pulsed two times, giving a faint light with each pulse, allowing just the screen full of static to be seen each time. Then the light from the Kimmunicator steadied and started to brighten.

As the small screen brightened, it was clear that Kim was no longer holding the device but someone with hands much darker in tone and larger in size. By now it was clear that Wade Load held the device as he sat in Kim's high backed chair at her desk. Only the light emanating from the small screen illuminated his face.

In a subdued voice, the young boy began to speak. "Welcome back.

"Communication… The technology behind it is a truly wonderful thing isn't it? We have phones, radios, Television, and the Internet just to name a few… Although, Kim here is the only person in the world who has this kind of Device, and it's quite ingenious, if I do say so myself. Well, that's because I'm the person who invented it." Wade smiled to himself, and leaned back letting the hand that held the Kimmunicator drop into his lap, but his face was still illuminated by the screen.

Kim's voice sounds off to one side. "Wade? Is that you?"

Wade ignores the voice. "See… It's called a Kimmunicator. You know? Kim and the word communicator… combined? I named it myself too. Anyway… It's supposed to be fool proof. Well, nearly fool proof. See, I've always been able to communicate with Kim anywhere in the world by bouncing the signal off of satellites orbiting the earth."

"What are you doing in my room, Wade…at 2:13 in the morning?" Kim's voice said again from off to one side.

Wade's eyes look to his right, and he gives a smile and a small laugh. "What Kim doesn't know, is that what just happened with her is near to impossible. There is always minimal communication between my computers and her Kimmunicator. Its how I know if she's in trouble, and if I need to call in some backup."

"Get out of my room Wade…" Kim's voice is sounding a bit perturbed by this time, but the young African American male is just trying to ignore her. But he seems to be getting a little nervous as his eyes once again dart off to his right.

Wade continues. "So to have no communication at all between my system and her Kimmunicator is really a big deal. The telemetry signal that I designed is completely hacker proof. Or so I thought. If someone can hack into this base signal, then I would like to meet this person and congratulate him or her.

"But little did Kim and I know that, at this point in time, the two of us were being pulled into something that really shouldn't have happened. For Kim, this was another point in which she had entered the Season Two opening episode of KP-TZ - The Middleton Files:

"Voice in the Dark."

Kim's voice, which by now was sounding quite angry, was getting closer to Wade, and he quickly jumped out of the chair and took off running. A red blur can then be seen streaking (get your mind out of the gutter here, she still has her clothes on) past the camera, in the same direction that Wade had taken off.

Once again Kim's voice can be heard, but this time from the opposite direction from before. "Wade… I'll teach you to come into my home… Come into my bedroom… and bring a camera!"

Wade can then be heard pleading for his life. "Kim? Wh… What are you doing Kim? Is that a… a…?"

"Yes it is, Wade… I hope you've said good-bye to your goldfish, Lucky…"

"P… Please Kim. I'm sorry! P… put down the Cuddle Buddy. You… You don't want to do this! (Whump!) Ow! (Whump!) Ow! Kim… That really hurts! The medallion around his neck is really metal! It's not plastic! (Whump!)"

"I know that Wade… now get back here so I can teach you a lesson!"

Wade can then be seen falling back in front of the camera onto his stomach, his feet out of frame. Suddenly he is slowly dragged back off to the right, his fingers clamoring to get a hold of something, but all he succeeds in doing is giving his fingertips carpet burn.

Just before he is pulled out of frame, Wade turns towards the camera and speaks in a voice bordering on hysteria. "Be sure to stay tuned for a word from today's sponsor, and then tonight's episode!

"Kim! What are you doing with RhinoBunny? That horn is too… oh you're not planning to… Ahhhhhh!"

(Director) "CUT! That's a wrap! Wade, Kim, thank you…Wade…Kim…hello?" and a single scream and a maniacal laugh are heard.

Wade's voice fades out, and the light then closes in. The last thing to be seen before the scene goes black is the Kimmunicator that Wade had been holding earlier, its screen full of static.