KP-TZ - The Middleton Files: Voice in the Dark

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KP-TZ - The Middleton Files: Voice in the Dark




When Kim asked Wade to contact the authorities, she had also asked him to call Ron and Mrs. Larsen.

Kim was now sitting with Ron underneath a small white pavilion that was erected to serve as a center of operations, drinking a bottle of water. One of the medical personnel that had arrived had already bandaged up her forehead, and Kim had a piece of white gauze taped over the wound. Mrs. Larsen was also under the tent, sitting at the same table with Kim and Ron, and she too was drinking a bottle of water.

Personnel were quickly moving about the area, keeping the media at bay, and coordinating the exhumation of the body.

Dark clouds were starting to roll in, and there was a light sprinkle starting to come down. The predicted storm was indeed coming, as the weatherman had said.

"You sure you're feeling OK, KP?" Ron asked watching her as she had been gently touching the bandage on her forehead.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Ron. I was just thinking about something." In actuality, Kim was still trying to wrap her mind around what had just happened. Witnessing a person's murder from the victim's point of view had taken a lot out of her.

"You want to talk about it?" Ron asked, looking at her with concern.

"No, not yet: I probably will in a couple of days though. I… just need to work things out myself first." Kim placed a hand on Ron's shoulder. "You're a good friend Ron, but I'll tell you when I'm ready."

Kim reached into her pocket, pulled out her Kimmunicator, and said, "I can't believe all this started as a result of this." She indicated the unit in her hand.

"What's that?" Ron asked, pointing at something dangling from Kim's finger. She had inadvertently snagged the locket when she pulled the communications device from her pocket.

"Oh… my…" Kim exclaimed. "I… almost forgot about that. Mrs. Larsen?"

"Yes, Kimberly?" The older woman said after taking another swallow of water.

"I… found this with Ginny, and I think she wanted you to have it." Kim held up the locket.

Mrs. Larsen gasped, and held her hand out across the table. Kim gently placed the piece of jewelry in her palm. "Oh, Ginny…" She said under her breath, "I had given this locket to her on the morning of her disappearance." She popped open the locket, and fondly gazed at the picture inside.

"You two loved each other very much, didn't you?" Kim asked as tears began to flow from Mrs. Larsen's eyes. All she did was nod and gently nibble her lower lip.

Almost in unison the two stood, leaned across the table and gave each other a hug the best they could with a table between them. Ron just sat there looking at the two pouring out their emotions.


Red lights flashed on the ambulance, but the sirens stayed silent. There was no need to rush back to the hospital with its cargo. As the emergency vehicle left the scene, Kim, Ron, and Mrs. Larsen held onto each other, watching it slowly leave. Just as the vehicle pulled onto the highway, all three heard a shout.


"Everybody: look out!

A small area on the side of the mountain, directly above where Ginny's body had been found, had been saturated with rainwater to the point that it released a small area of land. It wasn't enough to reach over to where the three stood, but a pair of workers who were still at the exhumation site came running out of the trees. About two tons of material slid down the hill and completely covered the site of the shallow grave.

Kim realized that, if she hadn't found the body when she did, this slide would have completely covered the area, and Ginny would never have been found….


The end…


The picture fades in from black, and we see Wade sitting in front of his computer with a bit of a grimace on his face. He's moving around in his seat as if he can't quite get comfortable.

"Hey there everyone… I hope you enjoyed this Twilight Zone-esque ghost story." Wade looked like he wanted to stand, but he never completely did.

"Before I sign off this evening, I would like to publicly apologize to Kim for entering into her personal space at the beginning of this episode. At the time I thought it would be necessary to set the mood, but upon reflection I have noticed the error of my ways."

His eyes glanced to the left and Wade continued to speak. "I also now have a new respect for Cuddlebuddies. I never knew that they could be used as an effective weapon. Of course, any object in the hands of Kim Possible could become a weapon.

"Can I stand now, Kim? It hurts too much to stay sitting for long amounts of time."

Kim's voice can barely be heard off to one side of the camera. "I guess so, Wade. I think you've learned your lesson."

"Oh, I have, Kim… I have.…"

He stood, and as the screen fades back to black Wade could be seen gently rubbing his backside with both hands.

The entire screen suddenly fills with static. The voice of a young boy no more than 5 or 6 years old can be heard fading in and out as he speaks.

"H… Hello? Is anybody out there? Anybody at all… (static) I hope you can hear me… I need help…" The voice then suddenly cuts off, (Crackle… Hiiiisssssssss) the screen fills with white static, and the speakers only have static issuing from them.

The white noise that fills the screen gradually fades, along with the sound, and eventually the screen is completely black, and quiet.