Ikuto's POV

There it was. The Embryo was within my reach but I hadn't gotten it. Easter has it and there's nothing I can do to get it.

"All we have to do is give it to Gozen," The Director muttered. "But it still might not be ours."

"Why not?" I asked coldly. It's so close. I thought. My key to freedom.

"It'd be better to make a wish now," He continued ignoring me.

"Then Gozen will get mad," I told him. Maybe I can grab it. The Director smiled evilly.

"Not if I make a certain wish," He paused. "A wish that'll allow me to get the Embryo again." I narrowed my eyes.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Oh you'll see," He laughed and my blood turned cold. "What if the Guardians were never formed?" Now my blood froze. No. I thought. I'd have never met Amu and then Utau would still be trapped with Easter.

"Don't you dare," I growled.

"There will be no more distractions," The Director continued. "No more Hinamori A-"

"You couldn't do this nyan!" Yoru exclaimed. "You'll ruin everything nyan!"

"Maybe for you," He turned away and I lunged to grab the Embryo, but he avoided me somehow.

"Don't you dare wish that," I said angrily.

"Too bad," The Director said cruelly. "I wish the Guardians were never formed."

"No," I whispered. The Embryo began to shine brightly. The light engulfed everything.

My memories began to fade away; I cringed as they were replaced. The Embryo didn't reverse time but replaced every single moment that happened. It would be like nothing happened.

"I won't forget her!" I cried straining against the Embryo's power. Then my last memory of Amu flashed through my mind.


Amu's dress sparkled in the moonlight. I guess tonight was some sort of dance and she was clearly upset by something.

"Nothing's wrong," She sniffed. I smirked at her.

"Don't lie to me," I told her. She shook her head defiantly.

"I'm not lying," Amu lied again. I walked up to her and stroked her hair.

"Why are you so upset?" I asked again.

"It's nothing," She repeated. But I saw through her act.

"Why are you close to crying?" Amu shook her head again.

"It's just," She paused. "T-Tadase-kun d-doesn't…" She began to cry.

"Calm down," I murmured sitting down next to her. "It doesn't matter."

"Yes it does!" Amu cried. I felt tempted to tell her how much I love her, that I care for her so much.

"I'll take you home," I said instead. She just nodded.

End of Flashback

Why didn't I tell her I love her? I wondered sadly. At least she would've known…My thoughts trailed off as Amu faded away. Amu…