Amu's POV

Utau had seen Ikuto and I kissing right after everything was back to normal. She wasn't furious, but she was angry. She wanted to know everything that had happened and I'll let Ikuto handle that. Right now a few more people have to find out about us being together.

"How much farther Amu-chi?" Yaya whined. I smiled at her.

"Not much," I replied. I was dragging all of the Guardians to a picnic on a certain hill.

"It was nice of you to invite us to a picnic Hinamori-san," Tadase said sweetly. I nodded.

"He probably won't think that when we get there," Miki muttered and I glared at her.

"Where are we going Amu-chan?" Nagihiko asked looking around.

"A special place," I replied smiling. Just then we reached the top and I saw Ikuto waiting for us. I'm sure Tadase just about died from shock when I ran up to Ikuto and he kissed me.

"Ts-Tsukiyomi Ikuto!" Tadase and Kiseki exclaimed.

"H-Huh?" Yaya looked around confused. "D-Did I miss something?" While Nagihiko nodded to Ikuto politely and Rima glared at him.

"Maybe you just forgot," I said and Ikuto and I laughed. The Guardians stared at us in confusion.