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Welcome to Psychosis


"Jeez, would ya look at that guy! Keeps on takin' the hits like nobody's business!"

"Ah, he's gonna crack, sooner or later."

"Yeah, no human can withstand that much pummeling!"

"Oh, izzat so? Care to bet on it, gentlemen?"

"Heh heh…why? You got anything worth enough to put at stake?"


Another dreary, grey day in the Shinigami Realm. Same old, same old-gambling, napping, and general melancholy. And nobody was complaining.

'FWSH' Well, except for one resident.


A familiar pale face trudged through the eternally colorless world. Dark lips were tugged up into a grin, but irritation and distaste bubbled beneath the surface. His large yellow eyes scanned quickly to the left, and then the right, as his feet crushed yet another pile of old bones-this place was full of them. He resembled something from a nightmare: a demonic, dead clown.

His name was Ryuk, and he was bored.

Yes, bored. Bored, bored, bored. Out of his skull, out of his mind-what was left of it, and just-augh! He felt like a rat in a cage! A huge cage made of nothing and Death, if those were even appropriate building materials.

It wasn't like he didn't enjoy the idea of death. Far from it. A Shinigami's job, after all, was to follow those on 'Earth', and take their lives, courtesy of the now infamous Death Note. It's just that he wanted a little…pizzazz, to go with his body count.

And for a while, he'd had that spark. In the form of a human named Yagami Light. Yes, that guy had been something else-him and his whole cast of characters. He had gotten the entire human world on its feet. And it was all because of that little black book that Ryuk had 'accidentally' let slip from his grasp one dull day, so many, many years ago…

Light had been gutsy. He had had spunk. He'd had ambition. He had great plans for the world, once that book had fallen into his possession. He'd wanted to be a God. No, not just 'a' God, 'the' God, of a new world.

The Shinigami had finally reached his destination, if that was possible in a never-ending barren place like this. A large bone stump, in front of a small grey ditch. As Ryuk sat down, he scratched his head, now deep in concentration on his memories. All those people who he had seen while attached to Light. What were their names again…?

Oh, yes. There had been that one fellow, L or whoever-he'd been a strange one. But quite smart; incredibly smart for a human-though Ryuk would never say that aloud. He had enjoyed the battle of the brains and egos between him and Light, during the Kira murder investigation-that was the official nickname for the Death Note killer. Light got him eventually, though.

And of course, Misa. That pretty little blond. She had acted quite ditzy most of the time, but when it came down to it, she was a very valuable asset to Light's quest for his immortal-esque status. She loved him so much, and she would have done anything for him. Too bad, though-after Light kicked the bucket and she found out, she'd gone and offed herself. Oh, well.

There had been Light's father Soichiro, the superintendent for the NPA, as well as an avid member of the Kira task force-Ryuk had done the eye deal with him right before his death after the infiltration of Mello's hideout. Mello-all Ryuk knew was that he was another blond, and connected to L. And, something about a chocolate fetish. Near, that weird little albino kid who he'd talked to in the last few minutes before Light's 'untimely' demise. Ryuk took a moment to chuckle softly at this. Untimely…not.

And that fanatic, Mikami, who always became so worked up when he'd had to perform killings. Ryuk had stayed with him for a short while, and that guy was nutty. He would start screaming "Delete! DELETE!" every time he wrote down some random saps name. Sheesh. It's just a few lives. Give it a rest.

Ryuk scratched at the back of his neck. Anyone else of importance…? A few more names floated through the Shinigami's memory. Rem, the one who had given her life for Misa. Too bad for her. Watari, Aizawa, Matsuda, Mogi…and the rest? He shrugged. Eh, who cares? It was too long ago, anyways.

After Light's reign of terror had finally ended, Ryuk had returned to his home world, and had been banned from dropping his Death Note into the human world ever again. That sucked.

Then, his grin widened. At least…he couldn't drop it in Light's world.

Turns out, there were many other universes, populated with people, among other things. He had scanned through all of them. Because of what had happened in Light's world, the barriers upon exploring these other dimensions were lifted-what had caused them to be set up in the first place, Ryuk didn't know-and the original list of thirteen Shinigami was expanded. New faces had been introduced over the last few decades.

But this realm was getting a little too crowded for Ryuk's liking. More boring cookie-cutters, who fell in-sync with the laws and regulations.

Anyways, back to those other worlds. One of ninjas, another with talking animals-that was kind of creepy-a third with something called 'alchemy', and yet another handful with demons and killers of its own kind.

But, intriguing as they all were, they just hadn't caught his eye as being places where a Death Note would really be all that interesting to have fall into. Or, where a Death Note would actually be of much use. Most of them were full of enough chaos and destruction on their own. Sure, jot down a few names, if you were interested in adding a few extra years to your own span, but other than that...

He stood up, and resumed his wandering through the bleak realm. What he wouldn't give for some excitement: a character that would actually make good use of the Death Note, and who could also keep him entertained. Someone who could give him a great, if brief escape from this place.


"Eh?" There to his left was a crater, with another portal at the bottom of it. He heard the familiar sounds of traffic and rushing-but why was it so loud? He ambled over, and sat down upon the ground.

Yet another world, with a bustling city and hundreds of thousands of people, pushing and shoving their way to some pointless destination. Nothing new there.

But just as he was about to stand again, something caught his attention. He peered down, not really sure what to expect.

"Hey! Move it! Whoa! Watch it! Please-OUTTA MY WAY, YOU BLOODY LUMOXES!"

"Oh?" He leaned closer. That was a battle cry, and a unique one, too. Now this was different.

A young girl was fighting her way through the massive crowds. She seemed to stand out like a sore thumb. Her dirty blond hair was pulled back into a sloppy braid, and a few pieces were hanging down by her ears. Her blue-green eyes shone with the afternoon sun, but were soon shadowed by her bangs as she lowered her head.

Under her eyes…it appeared as if she didn't get much sleep. Thick bags hung beneath, and the pitch black eyeliner she had around them only seemed to emphasize their murky appearance. Her complexion was pale, and the shocking red lipstick she wore upon her tiny mouth only served to fade it further.

Her attire consisted of an oversized black hooded jacket, red t-shirt, black pleated skirt that came to her knees, and ripped black tights. The look was completed by a pair of well worn boots with ragged laces, and a black backpack.

"Heh…" Ryuk focused on the strange young girl, as she tripped and fell, palms flat against the sidewalk, knees scraped and starting to bleed. "Shit!" She swore, to nobody in particular. She hoisted her bag back onto her shoulders, and stumbled to her feet. Ignoring the stinging pain and warm sensation trickling down her calves, she kicked open a glass door, and barreled her way in-only to have it catch on her sleeve, and smack her against the frame. Ryuk snickered again. Now this was amusing, if he did say so himself.

He continued to watch as a short old man, balding and portly, rushed out from a door to the side, where he began to argue with the female. He threw a lump of fabric at her before storming off. She headed behind the counter, dropped her bag on the ground, and slipped the cloth over her head. It was an apron.

Ryuk soon learned that the girl worked as a cashier-slash-clerk at some little grocers shop. Not many people showed up though-why would they, with all the big supermarket chains cropping up less than five minutes away from the apartment complexes and townhouses?

So for most of the day, she was merely trailing up and down the aisles: rearranging things, inventing some random game out of-you guessed it, boredom-or sweeping the floor, and occasionally stealing a snack or two. It wasn't like anyone would notice, anyway. Nobody was there. Ryuk's mouth watered in particular when she feasted on a red apple. Damn, he loved human world apples. When was the last time he'd had one? He couldn't recall.

All too soon, it was evening. She took off the apron, gathered her belongings, made one last check, and shoved her way out the glass door again. The crowds weren't as bad at this hour, so she had more room as she headed down the road. He followed her with his eyes.

Eventually, the bright lights and congestion of the city dissipated and gave way, to ratty apartments, abandoned houses, a dying field or two, alleyways and flickering streetlights.

"Waaugh!" She collapsed against a stone railing. She was on a bridge, with dark, rushing water beneath. It was of a decent height, and a fall would probably kill you.

"This sucks." She picked up a lone pebble, and tried to hurl it across the road. It didn't go very far.

"This world is a dying whore!" she screamed, and Ryuk chuckled. Nice comparison.

"And I am its disease…" She pulled her knees close, as a faint breeze began to blow. He tilted his head slightly. Suddenly, she began to sing.

"Turn her over

A candle is lit, I see through her

Blow it out and save all her ashes for me…"

"Ahhh…" His grin grew. That voice…it was so anguished, and pleasing.

"Curse me, sold her

The poison that runs its course through her

Pale white skin with strawberry gashes all over, all over

Watch me fault her

You're living like a disaster

She said kill me faster

With strawberry gashes all over…"

She stopped then. Ryuk's grin faded. Damn, he had been enjoying that. Not that he hadn't heard a human sing before; it was just…the way she sang. The lyrics were dripping with misery and longing, loneliness and torment-so much suffering. It was beautiful. Her voice was absolutely delicious. A painful pleasure. Pain was his reason for existence, after all; death was his life force. Anything that encouraged that was all good in his book.

In less than a second, he had made his decision.

"There's no point…" The girl rose to her feet. She turned around, and leaned over the railing of the bridge.

"I could jump off now, and no one would be any wiser." She entertained these thoughts in her mind. The cold water below seemed to beckon to her, its swirling depths calling her name…a word she refused to remember. The day she'd died was the day that she had taken the first step to erasing her existence. She gripped the cool stone tightly, and pushed herself up, swinging one leg over.

Ryuk had no idea why he was about to do this. He hadn't chosen the human for the Death Note the first time around. Maybe it was from desperation on his part: a desire for the monotony to end already. Maybe it had been her singing voice; all that bottled up anguish. Or maybe it was that he could simply see she was unstable, and he wanted to see what would happen if he gave her power on this level. She was like a laboratory specimen, the subject of an experiment. And he was the scientist.

Whatever the reason, he let go of the small notebook in his clawed hand, and watched it fall through the portal on a one-way trip to the cement.

'THWACK' "Waah!"

The sound had startled her. It seemed to echo in the still night. Because of this, she almost did fall over the edge of the railing. After a few moments of flailing, she managed to stabilize her balance, and swung her leg back over to land on solid ground. What a stupid thought, anyway. Suicide.

And that was when she saw it.

"What the hell…?" She took a couple small steps forward. Then a few more. Closer and closer, until she was right in front of it. Kneeling down, and once again ignoring the dull throbbing that had returned to her legs, she picked it up.

"A…a notebook?" She blinked. How had she not noticed this? It hadn't been there when she first showed up. She was sure of it.

But then…where had it come from?

She had heard it fall. Had someone passed by and dropped it? No, that didn't work. They would have said something if they had seen her hanging over the edge. Probably something along the lines of "Get off of there, you stupid bitch!" She frowned. Whatever-the point was, that theory didn't make sense.

Oh, well. Not my problem. She was going to chuck it away, but curiosity got the better of her. She looked at the book's cover.

"De…Death…Note? Death Note? What the hell does that mean?" She stood up, and reached for her bag. "Is this like some Satanist's diary, or something?" At that, Ryuk had to snort. She had a sense of humor. She resumed her walk down the road. Meh, she'd figure it out later. She held it under her arm, and focused her thoughts instead on arriving home in one piece. This neighborhood could be pretty nasty sometimes, especially at night. She really didn't want any run ins with the local AA rejects, or the small time hustlers.

Ryuk watched her fade into the shadows, the smirk on his face no longer a mere mask. Now, he would play the waiting game. He laughed softly.


"Ah…hell sweet hell."

The apartment was dark, save for the light filtering in from the open doorway. The girl flicked on a switch, and slammed the door shut behind her with a good kick. She let her gaze travel around the small room.

The place was better off kept pitch black. It was small and dingy, and had the permanent odor of old age and pesticide. The glass sliding door was cracked, the ragged curtains barely hiding this fact. The floor was scuffed and stained, and would constantly groan, even when no one was walking across.

Its walls were a faded off white, with a few random pictures tacked up here and there-mostly newspaper clippings, and one single photograph. There was a small plastic table in the center of the room, with a navy blue cushion on the floor. The table was low, so she sat on the ground. A tiny TV was perched on a cardboard box in the corner. It worked, but barely. And she was too piss-poor to fix it or upgrade.

There was a small door to her left, which led to a toilet and shower. The water was usually cold, sometimes lukewarm, and the toilet pipes would always get plugged. Apparently, one of the other tenants in the building didn't know what a trashcan was. Right up against the same wall was a ratty foldout mat, with a couple of sheets and blankets thrown over it. Her bed, since she couldn't afford a nice one. This was only made worse when she would wake up to find a bug of some kind scuttling across the floor at close range. For all that poison, it didn't seem to have worked in keeping the insect population in check.

"Alright, what do we have to eat in this dump?" She insulted the place on a regular basis-but then again, who paid the bills? With the amount of money she made at her job, a rat hole like this was all she could afford. At least it was shelter.

She walked in, dropping her bag on the floor. She turned to the right, to face a cabinet and small cooler. She opened the wooden storage device.

"Hmmm…looks like we're eating cold soup again. Oh, well." She pulled out a can, and plunked it on the table. She proceeded to fish around in her bag, until she finally found a Swiss army knife. One of her most prized possessions-as well as her only means of defense.

'TUNK' She stabbed the top of the can, and continued to slice through the thin metal until she was able to lift the jagged lid up. Her fingertips scraped against it slightly, but she didn't care. It had happened before, many times. She was used to it. She flipped the knife shut, and opened another appendage on the red life saver-a spoon. Sticking it into the can, she began to eat.

"Heh…nice place." Ryuk surveyed the mortal as she consumed her cold meal, an expression of irritation beginning to take form. Her existence was rather miserable-maybe even worse than his. He laughed quietly. He couldn't wait until she actually found out what that little book could do. It would definitely liven up her routine.

"Uh? Oh yeah-the book." Speak of the devil. She placed the can on the tabletop, and leaned over to grab the black tablet. Picking it up again, she now began to study it carefully.

It was made of a tough material, and was all black. 'Death Note' was written on the front, in white letters and a strange scrawl. She scoffed, and opened it up. The first few pages were black, with more white writing. She creased her brow slightly. It appeared to be a list of rules.

"Uhh...maybe this is some kind of gamers' guide?" She focused her attention on the first section.

"The human whose name is written in this note…shall die? What? Is this a joke?" She cocked her head. What kind of game could this possibly be? She read on, curiosity now fully piqued. "This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his or her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected."

She took a deep breath. If this was a joke, it was a pretty sick one. Elaborate, too. To plan all of this out…maybe it was real? No. No way! She shook her head. But she continued reading. There had to be a giveaway in here somewhere; a tipoff that it was a total scam.

"If the cause of death is written within forty seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen…" At reading this statement, she almost dropped the book. She was shaking now.

Who…who the hell would write something like this? This is insane! Do they actually think that someone would fall for this? It's so obvious! She steadied herself. But maybe…if it's so obvious, then…does that make it-could that make it…real? She paused. The bizarre logic had struck a chord with her.

Slowly, she lifted the book to eye level again, and finished off the page. "After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next six minutes and forty seconds…"

She could feel it. That urge again. The urge she said she'd never indulge. The urge she had done everything in her power to banish, to the darkest corners of her mind. It had been awakened.

And this time, it was too overwhelming to ignore.

The urge to destroy. To kill.

To make them suffer.

A temptation unlike any other.

She had suffered at their hands her entire life; it was only fair that she finally return the favor! Her expression contorted, into one of burning fury. And what if this little tablet was the means of doing so?

Ryuk noticed her malevolent pause, and leaned closer. Was it sinking in? Did she believe?

Wait-no! No…I'm not that kind of person. It's not my place to make that decision. She sighed, and the spell was broken. You can't sue me for being inquisitive, though... She forced the feelings down, quieting them with the motion of crossing the room and turning on the dinky little grey box, A.K.A her television.

"Come on, come on, you piece of shit. Work." She hit it a couple of times, in an attempt to cure the bad static. After a few moments of fizzing and crackling, the picture finally came into focus. She grinned. "Alright, the 10:00 news…let's see what you got for me." She sat down cross legged, holding the Death Note, and peered at the screen. Above, Ryuk watched with bated breath. Yes, this human was a very unique character indeed.

"…In top news, the suspect in last week's violent mother and child murders, is set to be released on 150,000 bond tomorrow. Christian Polston, 45, is accused of having stabbed and beaten his thirty-four yr. old girlfriend and eight yr. old daughter to death, on Tuesday. Polston denies all the charges, claiming he was out of the house at the time, and that someone had broken in. Sources close to the couple say, however, that the two did have a tumultuous relationship, and his girlfriend was apparently planning to leave. Polston is well known as an influential player in the stock market scene, as well as a top member of a banking chain. He will be under armed guard at the local prison, until the morning. Our team is also on site, to keep up to date with this startling story…"

"Perfect." The girl blinked, as the image of the murderer flashed on the screen. She pulled out a pen from her bag, and proceeded to write the information down, her mind burned with the image of the smirking bastard. "If anyone needs to go to Hell, it's you." Now, she had to wait. "Forty seconds, right?" Although her conscious mind denied the book, the little voice underneath kept goading her on. It was absolutely determined to prove the Death Note right.

"…thirty-nine…forty." She looked at the screen. "Nothing. I knew it." She turned her head down to the book in her lap. "What a rip."

But just as she was about to shut off the screen…

"Oh?...This just in, we have received breaking news from our team at the penitentiary! Apparently, Polston, the set to be released suspect in the brutal family murder, has just collapsed! Guards said he began convulsing, and fell to the floor…"

'THUMP' The book had slipped from her grasp. She watched the screen intently now, eyes wide.

"…It's official! We have just received the confirmation-Christian Polston is dead! I repeat, the suspect and alleged perpetrator of Tuesday's mother/child murders is dead! They're not sure what the cause is yet-oh, wait-the medics are on scene-yes…yes…" There was a long pause. The young girl's legs were shaking.

"…I see. It's official, then. Christian Polston is dead, of a heart attack. I repeat…"

"No…no way. No way. No way! It can't be!" She shut the TV off with a swift flick of the hand. She slowly picked up the black notebook, and took a few steps back.

"It…it can't be. It just can't. It has to be a coincidence. Yeah, that's it. Coincidence. The fucker must've been so guilty about what he did, that his heart gave out. Yeah…" She undid the braid in her hair, and placed the Note on the table. She cleaned up her dinner remains, before searching through another cardboard box for a change of clothes. She was still shaking.

"It's coincidence. That's all. Just a twist of fate. Nothing more, nothing less. That's not enough proof that the Death Note works…yeah, not enough…" she continued murmuring. And yet, as she tried to reassure herself of this, she felt a rush inside, almost like a sort of…triumph. Had she just ridded the world of someone who had taken two lives without any hesitation at all, and therefore didn't deserve to live themselves? Or was she just trying to make herself feel better? She was still conflicted as she headed into the bathroom to shower. At that moment, Ryuk looked away. Shinigami or not, humans still need at least a bit of privacy.

Besides, there was more fun to be had in the morning. Oh, yes. Eventually, the point would get through to her: that the Death Note was real. And then, he would make his grand entrance. Goodbye boredom, hello mayhem!

He cackled as he lay down, waiting for the dawn to arrive. He would be back in business in no time.

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