Chapter 1 EPOV July 2005 7:00p.m.

I was driving Bella to my house after our date. It was our celebration for graduating high school. But she seemed a little down.

"Bella, what's wrong?" I asked while I parked in front of my house.

We waked in, but she stopped in the front room, and turned to me.

"Bella I…"

"Wait. Edward, you know we've dated since the beginning of out junior year?" Of course, how could I forget the day that the most beautiful girl in the world said yes to me? I nodded, and she continued. "Well I've been thinking." That is almost never a good sign. "I'm leaving Edward. You can't come with me." I wasn't hearing her any more. I was only wishing that she would say that she was kidding. "I have a flight this evening. I have a new job, and I'm not leaving any ties to this dreary town. I'm sorry, but I have to go."

What? How can she go? I love her, and I thought she loved me to. I was so shocked that Bella took this as her cue to go. I don't know how she got home. She must have walked to the bus stop.

I got to stop her! I thought. I can't let her go. I ran to my car, thinking this over and over. The car zipped out the drive way, heading for the main road.

I must have looked for hours, but I couldn't find her. She wasn't at home, at her work, not any where in town.

I have a flight this evening. She had said. Seatac.

I fill up my gas tanked, annoyed on how slowly the gas pumped into my car. I flew down the high way, speeding up when I got on to I-5. It was nine by the time I Seatac was in my sights.

I parked then ran into the airport. I found one of those screens that told you when planes arrive and depart. The only planes leaving soon were flights to Maine or to San Francisco. Bella doesn't like the cold, so that crosses out Maine. She must be heading to San Fran. It leaves in 10 minutes, flight number 564, a Delta flight.

I would never catch her. I ran outside and stood by the fence. The tarmac was facing me, and I could see one sole airplane sitting at the end. That must be the one Bella's on. It was small, a 757, Boeing plane. Long and skinny.

While I waited, I asked my self questions. How long had she been planning on leaving me? Was it something I had done? What would be her new job? How would I live without my heart? Would she find someone new? Would I?

The airplane advanced down the runway, picking up speed. Bella doesn't mind flying. I never cared much for it.

The wheels lifted of the ground and flew over my head. My heart was screaming at me 'Go get her! Buy a ticket and go!' But I couldn't do that to her. She doesn't want me, and I shouldn't bother her. I ached, my heart gone, on a plane to San Francisco. I had to sit down, the pain too strong. How could she do this to me? I cried over and over in my mind.

I didn't even realize that I was crying, and yelling out loud until some men in uniforms came out to drag me back inside. I was taken to an interrogation room, where I was asked the normal questions.

When I was released, I drove home very slowly. I couldn't think. I had no music on, for the first time ever. I was crying, and crushed.

I parked in the garage at my house, and sat there and cried. My mother came out to ask what was wrong, but I didn't, no, I couldn't answer her. Not yet. I pulled out the velvet box out of my pocket. Inside held a diamond ring, one that I had once hoped that Bella would wear. Now all seemed lost.

I don't know how long I cried for, but after a while I got out and went to face my parents. I told them what Bella had said, and what I had done. My mother just hugged me, while my father said it would all work out.

But how could that be true. How am I even alive, after my heart had been removed?

I did move on though. Three years has passed since then, and I got my own place. I stayed in Forks, against my parents wishes. They thought I should get away from where Bella seemed to be everywhere. But how could I leave.

My life went on but I was still reminded constantly of that day in July, 2005. I kept tabs on her, seeing how she was getting along. It wasn't hard. She was in the San Francisco news paper all the time, president of a company down there.

My life was okay until today when I got a phone call, and the caller ID kept saying

'Bella Swan. San Francisco.'