Chapter 26

JD felt a gentle nudge at his side. He figured that it was just Todd pulling him closer and ignored the instinct to wake. His eyes still closed, continuing to snooze in his half waken state, JD fantasised about all the possibilities of what could be.

"JD, wake up. We really need the bed."

He opened his eyes gradually to find Carla standing over him, trying to ease him out of the hospital bed. JD turned to his side, expecting to see Todd, only to find he was alone.


He looked around the small room figuring that maybe Todd just wasn't in the bed but finding only him and Carla. For a minute, confusion filled JD before he turned to the Latina nurse for answers.

"Sorry to wake you Bambi but we need the bed." Carla ushered JD off the bed, leading him out of the room so the housekeeping staff could fix it up.

"I don't understand." As he was led out into the hallway, JD rubbed his eyes, wondering how long he'd been asleep for. "Is Todd in the bathroom or something? I guess I should wait for him."

The question was directed at Carla, but Turk who was standing nearby answered. "He wanted out, so he left a few hours ago. Insisted that we not disturb you."

JD couldn't help but feel simultaneously hurt and worried. "Why did he leave? Why didn't he tell me? Was he okay when he left?"

"He was okay. Fit enough to get out of here anyway." Turk shrugged. "But I guess he didn't want to wake you."

JD could spot immediately that Turk knew something he didn't. Something in the posture and the eyes gave the surgeon away. A part of him was scared to know exactly what that thing was, but he had to ask.

"Why did he really leave?"

"Look he mentioned something about you and said that he had to get out of here." Turk replied somewhat honestly. "By the way what's going on with you two?"

"I don't know, I thought we were back together. I mean, we are together." A frustrated JD ran his fingers through his hair. "I told him I loved him. He said he felt the same."

"See I knew you two would work things out." Turk smiled in order to show support. He knew it would make both his friends happy. "That's what I'm talkin' about." He fist bumped JD, who returned the gesture very weakly.

"What if he regrets it? What if he woke up and figured that he couldn't trust me?" JD's eyes became wide with paranoia. "I have to go talk to him."

Turk stopped his friend briefly. "First of all JD, breathe. What makes you think he regrets it? Come on now. He probably just didn't want to wake you." He began leading his friend towards the exit, calming JD down before the inevitable rush to Todd's place. "Now the last thing you need to be doing is charging into his place all paranoid and accusing, am I right?"

JD nodded in reply. "Yeah, you're right. I just don't want to lose him again, you know?" He didn't know why, but he felt a little bit more confident. "If I love him this much I can at least give him the benefit of the doubt."

"There you go." Turk walked JD to the parking lot.

"Was it this scary when you realised just how in love you were with Carla?" JD felt the need to ask as his heart began to speed up.

"It still scares me sometimes. But it helps me do all I can to keep that woman around." Turk patted JD on the back. "I have a feeling that you and Todd are going to be okay."

"I really do love him." JD whispered, more in realisation of just how much rather than as a reply to his best friend.

"Just tell me when you get all loved up again, that the public displays are kept out of my view." Turk replied, half joking but still stern enough to be serious.

JD grinned, having cheered up a little. "I can't make any promises on that front." He ran to his car, now eager to get to Todd's place. "See you C-Bear!"

The surgeon continued waving to his best friend until the car left the parking lot. Once Turk was sure JD was out of sight, he picked up his cell phone and dialled Todd's number.

"Dude…yeah he's on his way to your house right now Big-Dog."

As he drove along, the young doctor felt confident about the situation. Things couldn't possibly turn for the worst that fast; talking with Turk had reassured him of that.

However, being alone with his thoughts for too long began to innerve JD. All the possibilities, no matter how ludicrous, came to his mind. No matter how much he tried to convince himself of the positive, the possibility of something bad happening hung around.

By the time he reached Todd's apartment building, JD was quite nervous about talking to the man he loved. Looking at the empty seat beside him alerted him to the fact that he had not brought anything remotely resembling a gift.

"Maybe I could make him some pancakes." JD figured as he stared out at the building in front of him.

Finally he managed to get himself moving. Slowly but surely he made his way towards Todd's apartment. Eventually, yet too quickly, he found himself staring at the door. Every time he went to knock, JD would take a few more seconds to mentally prepare himself.

"Okay J-Dizzle. You have to do this." JD knocked on the door, anticipating a reply.

A few moments later, with no response, left JD in a somewhat more anxious state. He tried the door handle, to find that it wasn't locked. Figuring that maybe something happened to Todd, JD made his way in.

"Todd, what's going on? They said you…"

JD couldn't complete his sentence as he looked around Todd's apartment. A few candles were lit and a bunch of roses were sitting on the table. There was a faint scent in the air, which JD recognised immediately as incense. The apartment was looking ready for romance.

Just as he was absorbing all around him, Todd appeared beside JD wearing his red robe and sporting a smile just for him. Without words the surgeon brought the medical doctor into a cuddle. It took a moment for JD to shake off the surprise and finally return and deepen the hug. The smell of incense was soon replaced by the amazing scent of a recently showered Todd.

"What's this all about?" JD pulled back from the hug slightly so he could look Todd in the eyes. "Do you have a hot date tonight or something?"

Todd captured JD's lips gently, kissing him three times in quick succession. "Hopefully, if you're up for it." His hands moved down JD's back, coming to a rest at the waist.

"Why did you do all this?" JD buried his head in Todd's shoulder, feeling a little embarrassed at his anxiety.

Mistaking this action for something bad, Todd stroked JD's head. "I thought you would like it. You always said incense made the room smell like Chinese rain." He reached over and grabbed the roses from the table. "Plus The Todd got you flowers."

JD giggled, smelling the roses appreciatively before setting them aside. "It's not that I don't like it." He playfully messed Todd's hair, enjoying the feel of the silky strands running through his fingers. "I love it. I just thought when you were gone…I guess if anyone should be giving the huge romantic gestures, it should be me."

Todd hushed JD with a forehead kiss. "Dude, you sat with me for hours. You've proven yourself."

JD felt reassured with the kiss, but felt the need to explain. He took both of Todd's hands in his. "I just never thought I'd feel this way again so soon after I'd been burned. But then you were there. You really came through for me, after all these years of underestimation."

"I've always been intrigued by you." Todd confessed. "So smart and cute."

Smiling at the compliment and sliding his arms around Todd's shoulders, JD continued. "I'm going to do everything I can to keep you around. I don't want to be without you now that I have you again."

A quick peck on the lips and Todd replied. "The Todd isn't going anywhere. Though I did try and make you jealous so now I have to make it up to you."

"I can deal with that."

JD led Todd over to the couch, pulling the surgeon onto his lap. At first Todd felt a little heavy, but somehow JD didn't care. As Todd snuggled up against him, a new strength filled him.

"I love you." JD whispered, pulling Todd's face to his in a passionate kiss.

The kiss soon intensified. Both men held each other very close and tight. Body temperatures were rising and as a result, clothing was begging to be removed. JD opened Todd's robe and trailed kisses down and across his chest before moving back up to capture his lips again. As Todd's hands wandered up and down his back, he somehow just knew that Todd was always going to be there. With his kisses and touch, JD hoped he was telling Todd the same thing.

"Let's take this to the bedroom." Todd wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as his fingers traced JD's face.

JD saw the activity leading to this point and as much as he wanted to push things towards the bed, his concern for Todd over-ruled his libido. His fingers twined with those he loved and his eyes filled with concern.

"You know I want this more than anything and as much as my penis hates me right now, I just want to know that you're okay." JD sat up, bringing Todd into a sitting position with him. "You were just in the hospital."

Todd stood up, hands on hips. "You know you look sexy when you're concerned about The Todd's welfare."

JD couldn't help but feel flattered and as a result he blushed slightly, though he tried to remain serious. "Come on. Maybe we can just hold each other or something. We have plenty of sex time when you're fighting fit and healthy. How about we just watch some TV, or listen to music, maybe talk or something?"

"I love you and we're doing it." Todd told JD sternly, with that cheeky twinkle in his eyes. "Now get your cute ass to my bed."

"What if I refuse?" JD teased. He knew perfectly well he'd end up making love with the stubborn Todd, but it was always fun to see the effort by the surgeon.

Todd leaned over and scooped up JD with ease. He carried a laughing JD towards the bedroom. With ease they both slid onto the bed, resuming the make-out session that had started on the couch, intensifying every kiss.

Todd slid JD's t-shirt over his head, leaving their midsections to press and rub together. His robe slipped off his shoulders with ease as they continued, leaving him bare. How the couple had missed the feeling, doing what they could to savour it as their lips continued to express deep emotion.

"Wait." JD stopped Todd as the naked surgeon started trailing south towards his pants.

"I told you to stop worrying." Todd playfully tickled JD's waist in order to get him to lighten up and play. "You're way to tense."

JD managed to squirm away from the scribbling fingers, laughing as he did so. "No, it's just that I have a better idea."

Todd grabbed both of JD's arms. "Oh no, you're not getting away."

"I promise you'll love it my muscular Angel Cat who smells all manly." JD slid off the bed, despite Todd's clear protests, and exited the room with a flirtatious wink.

Todd sighed, frustrated and up for it. He lay back on the bed and watched the door, figuring to give his lover a chance. Patiently he continued to wait for JD, wondering what his boyfriend could possibly have in store.

Just as Todd was getting antsy enough to jump off the bed and drag his lover back to bed, JD reappeared. The medical doctor was wearing nothing but a light blue banana hammock. One of the red roses was being held in his teeth. Though he felt a little silly and awkward, JD knew how much it would mean to Todd. For his boyfriend's benefit, JD struck a few sexy poses; taking the rose in his hand and beckoning Todd towards him.

A wide-eyed Todd stood up from the bed, walking around JD to admire him from all angles. His eyes trailed over the soft and tasty skin and admired the way the speedo managed to accentuate JD's nether regions. With one fingertip, Todd trailed around the waist of JD's banana hammock to tease him. Once he hit the sensitive spot on JD's hip, he allowed his finger to simply circle the area.

"Ooo that feels really good." JD shivered, feeling a little weak at the knees. "Do you like it?"

Todd moved closer and whispered his reply seductively into JD's ear. "So hot."

JD locked Todd's eyes, easing him back towards the bed. Once reaching it, JD pushed Todd back and licked his lips. He stood over his boyfriend with a cheeky smile. JD leaned over and tenderly lapped at Todd's knees. Enjoying the pleasurable encouragement, the medical doctor flecked his tongue upwards to taste Todd's inner thighs. He could feel Todd shaking and his breathing quicken.

Just as he was getting very close to Todd's long erect member, JD moved to straddle Todd's legs and pinned him to the mattress. Rose still in hand, JD used it to lightly brush a trail down Todd's body then back up to the nipples. JD circled them with the flower, teasing Todd's skin with the petal light touches. Suddenly, he threw the flower aside and dived in to mouth Todd's neck, coaxing a moan from the surgeon.

"Since you did all this for me, the least I can do is make this all about you." JD sat up once again, letting his hands roam all over Todd's body. "I mean, that jealousy plan of yours really worked on me. The thought of anyone getting their hands on you…I'll mess them up JD style." It was just as he remembered; every curve, muscle and sweet spot on Todd's body was in place, only a little more muscular than before.

"Maybe I should make you jealous more often."

"You better not, or I'll have to tie you up." JD growled, playfully tweaking a nipple for that kind of comment. "You've been working out extra hard haven't you? I have to say I like it."

"I'll tell you about something that's extra hard." Todd winked at JD, pulling him right on top of him. "I love you when you're all kinky. The scarves are in the bottom drawer if you want to tie The Todd up."

JD contemplated it briefly, but as he felt Todd's finger tease his crack and slide down to stroke his hole he decided against it. "Maybe later. For now I want you to touch me all over."

The couple was unable to resist surrendering to another kiss. A romantic, yet hungry and horny kiss which saw the two men tonguing desperately at the taste of the other. As a result, neither could hold back any longer. They had to become one again, fully rekindle all they had together.

JD trailed off the kiss with a couple of teasing, light pecks. His eyes were filled with a combination of passionate love and cheeky lust as he took in all the features of Todd's face.

"Let me show you just how much I love you."

The next morning saw the two cuddling extra close in bed. The silence was comfortable, the bed was warm and everything was just too perfect. Neither of the doctors wanted to get up for work, but both knew that they had to.

"We'll be on time, just five more minutes." Todd held JD possessively close, burying his face in JD's neck.

"No more neck nuzzlies, we have to get up. We already have to miss breakfast." Even though he said it, JD made no attempt to move. He could feel Todd sucking on his neck lightly before a little nip. "Wait a minute, are you giving me another hickey?"

Todd admired the love bite on JD's neck. "You gave The Todd a few last night."

JD briefly glanced at his own handy work. "Wow, I really get feisty when I'm on top."

"Yeah you do." Todd wrestled JD when the medical doctor attempted to move.

JD wanted nothing more than just to go with it and stay in bed with Todd all day, but looking at the clock alerted him to their situation. "We're going to be late."

"You're not going anywhere." Todd trailed a line of kisses up JD's spine, a move he knew to be pretty much full-proof in the past.

It tempted JD as the tingles danced up his back, like only Todd could cause, but he was too stubborn to give in. "The sooner we get our shifts over with, the sooner we can get back home and do this again. Plus I want to show you off all over again."

With that statement, the two doctors got out of bed and within minutes the two were ready to go. They walked to JD's car holding hands, appreciating the simplicity of being back together. Though JD did seem a little worried about getting to work on time as they started off in the car.

"Why do you keep looking at the clock?" Todd asked as JD kept glancing at the numbers while driving.

"No reason." JD replied bluntly. Once he worked out he had enough time, he calmed down. Reaching over, he squeezed Todd's hand. "Just making sure I don't miss that radiology lecture this morning."

"Okay." Todd dismissed the thought, sneaking his hand on JD's knee.

Once in the Sacred Heart car park, JD let out a sigh of relief. He tried to play it cool as Todd seemed suspicious of his behaviour. JD simply got out of the car and resumed walking hand in hand with Todd towards the entrance.

"Since we're pretty much late anyway, how about we sit down on that bench for a little while." JD suggested, leading Todd to the bench in front of the building. He sat down with his boyfriend, leaning on his shoulder. "Isn't this just nice, like this? Sitting on the bench, together while a whole bunch of doctors and nurses are no doubt watching us from the windows."

"Well why don't we give them something to watch?" Todd cupped JD's face and seized the lips, giving anyone who observed the couple a sensual kissing display.

"You smell like yummy." JD muttered, wrapping his arms around Todd once again. He was sure he heard the faint sound of girlish squealing and gushing from the building.

As though to ruin the romantic moment, Janitor came over and stood in front of the couple. His face wore a look of triumph, though neither JD nor Todd knew exactly why. JD preyed the custodial worker wasn't there to cause more trouble and as a result found himself clutching tighter to Todd. Though to his surprise, Janitor motioned to the couple and clapped.

"Aren't you going to thank me?" Janitor asked as he observed the puzzled couple staring back at him.

"Thank you for what?" JD replied, half angry half confused. Still he wasn't going to let his nemesis ruin a good day.

Janitor scoffed as though the answer was obvious. "For getting you two closer together. Look at you guys, all in love and stuff."

JD's eyes narrowed and he snapped. "You were basically the reason we broke up!"

"And as a result of that break-up, you're closer than ever. Am I right?" Janitor looked to Todd for support.

"He does kind of have a point." Todd admitted before kissing JD's forehead and trailing his hand over JD's thigh.

"No Todd, I can see my work is not appreciated here." Janitor began to frown as he pulled something from his pocket. He fiddled with the small yellow object in his hands. "Don't leave your crap on my floors again."

He threw the small object in his hand towards JD. Todd managed to catch it, not quite sure what the meaning behind the gesture was, but gave Janitor a nod of thanks anyway.

JD recognised the yellow golf ball immediately, wondering briefly how Janitor got his hands on it after he ditched it in Coffeebucks. He dismissed that thought and considered it a sign from fate that everything was going to be alright. He took the golf ball from Todd and smiled widely before putting it in his back pack.

"I love you." JD said as he glanced behind Todd to see that his own little surprise had arrived. "And you shouldn't have to go back to work today."

"JD I think they've already seen us. We can't just go back home now." Todd said, mulling it over for a moment. "Or can we?"

"We're not going to work and we're not going home either." JD hailed over the limo that had just entered the Sacred Heart parking lot.

"The Todd's intrigued." Todd, one hand on JD's waist and the other on his hip, stared at the limousine in awe.

JD pulled Todd to him and looked deep into the cheeky chocolate eyes. "Do you remember when I told you that I had a full-proof plan for you to forgive me?"

"You know I already forgave you."

"I know, but I think a big gesture is in order." JD explained, nodding towards the limo driver and hugging Todd. "I can be crazy sometimes and you deserve something for putting up with that. Besides, Todd you just give me this kind of go-with-the-flow strength and I want to keep that around."

As the hug continued, making sure it was a good ten second hug, JD noticed Jordan with Jennifer Dylan walking towards the entrance of the hospital. She didn't look at him nor did he feel the need to acknowledge her, choosing to shut his eyes and absorb the scent, touch and sounds of his boyfriend instead. Whatever happened with Perry was not his concern anymore. His only concern was the man in his arms, who he loved. He truly did forget the world while being with Todd.

"I love you so much. I just want to have a few days to reconnect. Just us." JD whispered, cupping Todd's face. "A couple of days by the beach, in a nice hotel with room service. You're not the only one who can make plans while your lover is sleeping."

"I love you." Todd softly replied back, but then a thought occurred to him. "What about clothes and stuff?"

JD smiled back cheekily. "Let's just say everything we need is in my backpack."

"Awesome." Todd turned his attention to the limo, where the driver waited beside the open door. He led JD over by the hand and practically tackled him into the vehicle.

"JD." Todd nibbled his lover's ear playfully.

Todd noticed the moment he said his lover name, the look on JD's face and twinkling eyes that came with a fantasy moment. He waited a moment for JD to snap out of it.

JD came back to the moment and cuddled up to Todd on the back seat. "Mmm Todd."

He smiled as he looked into Todd's eyes. JD remembered the funny, fun and interesting times of their friendship. Their loving yet bumpy past when feelings surfaced and blazed. All the moments that he'd felt himself grow beside Todd. A potential and probable future tempted him, showing him what likely would become of the couple.

"What were you thinking about?" Todd asked as the limousine started moving.

Ultimately, it was simply being with someone that understood him and loved him quirks and all and allowing him to return such strong affections that was the real dream. Being with Todd in that moment, driving in a limousine for a romantic getaway was the real fantasy.

"This. Just this."


NOTE: Well after all this time it's finished with a nice, lovey ending. I've loved working on this, so it's cool yet kinda sad that it's over LOL. I was going to split this end part into two chaps but I figured that this wraps it up nicely with JDodd in love and stronger for what they've been through. Thanks for reading/reviewing/alerting/favouring this story throughout the months. It was much appreciated and very encouraging. Who knows what I'll write next. In the meantime, Enjoy! :-D