2-Fatboy 1200

I just have to say it now: I completely love my bike. It's my baby. I have been so depressed without her these past few weeks. But, now that I'm seeing Emmett and Edward's reactions to her, I'm not so sure I'll be able to ride her much, or ever.

"Emmett...Edward? What do you think?" I swiftly swung one leg over the seat of my black Harley, relishing the missed feeling.

"Ummm...Bella. As awesomeas that motorcycle is, I don't think Dad would like it very much." Emmett said, trying to remain calm. Edward, however, failed completely.

"Bella! You cliff dive, and you ride a motorcycle? Do you have a death wish?"

"No, but I do have a different wish." I bit my lip, trying to look innocent and cute.

"What?" He sighed.

"I want you to come on a ride with me. Now. You'll see how much fun it is! I've got two helmets...If Josh brought them both?" I basically asked Josh. He ran and came back with matching black helmets, handing them to us both. I put mine on, along with the jacket. Even though it's Spring, I'm wearing a tank top, and the wind gets cold! "So...Edward. You coming?"

"I- I don't want to Bella, but yes. Alice, here are my keys. Take the car to Charlie's." He said as he handed the pixie the keys to his Volvo.

"Em, do you mind showing Josh the way home? I wanna take a long ride. We'll be there soon. And Josh" I gave him a stern look "Be Good. Don't say anything incriminating, I'm serious! I don't want these people thinking I'm some sort of criminal or something."

"Okay, B. Promise!" He came over and gave me a quick, tight hug and whispered "Missed you" into my ear.

"Hop on Edward!" He did, hesitantly. "Hold on tight!" I stood up and threw all my weight into kick starting the monster bike. My Harley Fatboy 1200cc engine. Rides like a dream! The loud roar of the engine alerted the few others in the parking lot, and they all turned to look as I put up the kick stand and drove off, Edward securely behind me.

I took some back roads, yelling at Edward to "lean with me" when we went around curves. He seemed to like the fact that he had to hold on tight, I think he actually enjoyed the ride. I sped a bit, and all too soon we were in front of Charlie's. I parked the bike in the space between Josh's truck and my mustang, smiling as I got off.

"Did you enjoy yourself babe?"

"I have to admit I did. It was nice, but I'll still worry about you."

"Don't. But come on! I want you to get a chance to talk with Josh." I took his hand and led him inside the house.

When we opened the front door, I heard laughter coming from the living room. I walked in there to find all of my friends laughing their asses off, and Josh looking up at me apologetically.

"OH MY GOD, Josh!! What did you SAY?!" I screamed at him.

"You" pause for laughter "boardwalk" more laughter "clown" Emmett tried to tell us what Josh said, I knew Edward couldn't figure it out, but I knew exactly what he told them.