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You were four when your dad left.

He kneeled in front of you so you were face to face, his big hands resting on your small shoulders. He was telling you something important, he was telling you he was leaving.

"Where you going?" you asked.

"I've got to go see you Uncle Sam".

"Why?" You'd never met an Uncle Sam before.

"He…he's not feeling like himself. He's doing some things he shouldn't."

"Are you gonna put him in time-out?", because that's what happened to you when you did things you shouldn't.

"I don't know. Maybe." He chuckled.

"Will you come back?"

"Yea. Course I will." He gave your shoulders a light squeeze.

"How long will you be gone?"

"Not sure." He paused to think. "Couple of weeks…a month maybe. I don't know."

You made a face. That seemed like forever. "Oh."

"You're gonna have to take care of your mom for me, okay? Can you do that? Be the man of the house while I'm gone? It's a lot of responsibility."

You nodded in a way that moved your whole body. He smiled, but even you could tell that it was mostly sad.

Your dad pulled you to him. The hug is one of those goodbye hugs. The kind that squeezes you more and lasts a little longer than normal.

Letting and turned to your mother. They had already talked it over, so he gave her a quick kiss and ruffled your hair before leaving.

You and your mom didn't move as you heard that familiar rumble move farther away, until it faded into silence.

Most of your early memories are fuzzy and fragmented.

This one however, is not. This one is clear though, and you revisit it often, whether you want to or not.

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