Rose and the Doctor lay wrapped around each other in the bed completely sated. Rose was drifting off to sleep and she could have sworn she heard the Doctor whisper that he loved her, but she knew it had to be a product of her imagination. She knew the Doctor loved her, but he never said it aloud. Her last waking thought was that she loved him so much her own mind was playing tricks on her.

The Doctor looked at the bit of Rose's face that he could see, he had told her that he loved her, knowing that she probably wouldn't hear him. He'd have to tell her again soon, but he needed a bit of time to build up the guts for it. And he was sleepy, that was such a rare occurrence that it made him chuckle, apparently a good shag made even a Time Lord need to sleep.

He closed his eyes and immediately fell asleep, dreaming about his Rose.

Rose woke first. She looked over at the still sleeping Doctor and felt a rush of love for the strange man who had told her to run one day while she was working in that damn shop. He had a different face then, but it was the same man. She had fallen for him back then and fallen for him again in this new body. She had wasted so much time, lost so many minutes and hours of her life looking for Mr. Right in good old London, when her Mr. Right was zooming about the stars in a little blue Police Box that was bigger on the inside.

Rose slid out of the bed and head to the shower, stopping in the closet to grab something of the Doctor's. After a quick shower Rose re-emerged wearing one of the Doctor's button down shirts and a pair of boxers. She heard the Doctor stir on the bed.

"You know," he said to her, "I dunno if it's possible but I think you look even cuter when you wear my clothes."

She smiled at him, her tongue poking out from between her teeth, "It could just be your humongous ego." she laughed at the shocked look on his face. "I'm only joking. Relax, Go take a shower."

The Doctor took a quick shower and threw on a new pair of trousers before sitting down on the bed again. He motioned for Rose to join him.

She sauntered back over to the bed and snuggled up to the Doctor. They began to talk, and talk and talk. The Doctor told her of Gallifrey and of the Time Academy and why he had left. Told her what he had said to Martha about seeing the Time Vortex as a child. He told her about the Master and how it had nearly destroyed him to have to watch the only other of his people die in his arms. He told her about Donna and had her laughing helplessly when he told her about the time she had to help him detox that one time in Agatha Christie's house. The only two words he could get from her for about 2 minutes were "Harvey Wallbanger".

She finally got the whole story of his existence, she filled him in on her work with Torchwood, and how they had figured out how to cross the void without destroying the universes. She told him of Pete and Jackie and of Mickey and his new girlfriend. Of all the things she had seen, of how she, Rose Tyler, had defended that earth without him.

"Doctor?" she asked after a bit of a pause, "Did you ever figure out what was going to happen to Captain Jack after that little incident on Satellite 5?"

"What?" he asked looking at her, "You mean the incident where you made him immortal?"

She simply looked at him, it was SO not funny.

"Well," said the Doctor, "It's actually a funny story." She looked at him incredulously. "No really, it's a funny story.

She glared at him. "Out with it then!"

"So…" began the Doctor, "You remember me telling you about "The Year That Never Was" right?" She nodded at him. "Well I found this out after we had sorted everything out. Me and Martha were saying goodbye to Jack and he asked me if I knew anything, 'cause he couldn't die but he was getting older."

"Okay… so he ages." she motioned for him to continue, sitting up.

"Well, he tells Martha and me that he was the first kid from the Boeshane Peninsula to ever be chosen for the Time Academy, a "poster boy" of sorts. He was going on about how proud everyone was and how they used to call him… well; they used to call him the Face of Boe."

Rose looked at him completely stunned. "WOT?" her jaw dropped, "WOT? NO… NO, NO, NO. That's impossible, NO." The Doctor laughed at her. "You're JOKING! NO!"

"Funny, that was pretty much my reaction too." he grinned at her.

"So you're telling me that I am responsible for creating the FACE OF BOE?!" She was practically in shock.

"Well," said the Doctor, "I'm not 100% sure if Jack is really the Face of Boe or if its just some sort of insane coincidence, but I'm at about 90% certainty."

Rose was still completely thunder-struck. She had [possibly] created the Face of Boe.

"Think of it this way," the Doctor continued, trying to make her feel better. "You have possibly created a being that has helped countless people and civilizations, saved my life several times, and become legend as THE most enigmatic being in the UNIVERSE, its not SO bad."

'What happened to his body?" Rose moaned into her hands.

"Actually, I don't know." answered the Doctor curiously, "Maybe he got decapitated! Seeing as how he can't die… maybe the body was locked up and the head kept alive…" his voice trailed off as he saw the horrified look on Rose's face, "umm, I'm not helping am I? It's just a theory!"

"Next time I see Jack," Rose said quietly, "Remind me to apologize, many, many times.'

"Of course I'll remind you." the Doctor replied. He looked at Rose with sudden interest. "Hmm, since you brought up Satellite 5, there's been something that I want to check in you."

"In me?" Rose queried, "Is this some sort of weird pick up line?"

The Doctor chuckled, "Would I really need a pick up line?" Rose smiled at him, "Didn't think so. No, what I want to check is inside you mind." The Doctor scooted forward so that he was kneeling in front of Rose. "May I?"

Rose simply nodded and sat up. He placed his fingertips on her temples and delved into her mind, actually looking rather than sending images.

What he saw in her mind nearly stopped his hearts.

Rose's mind was still infused with the golden swirling lights of the Vortex. He could see it, wrapped around her very essence. In her mind, and therefore to some extent in her physical being, Rose was still the Bad Wolf.