This is my new story, stuck in the middle :)

My story is about their family mostly on their middle daughter, well she will be a middle daughter when her other siblings are born. Meredith and Derek already have 3 year old daughter Sophia Cristina Shepherd, and 1 year old twins Hayley Logan Shepherd and Paige Addison Shepherd. Trust me that is only the beginning but what happens when there a child that is completely in the middle and her parents are world class surgeons.


"So how is life with McDreamy and the perfect little life with the squirt and the look-a likes," Christina teased as they got changed in the locker room.

"For one, Hayley and Paige are fraternal so other then Derek's dark hair, they look nothing alike. And two, you have a perfect little life with Owen," Mere countered.

"He does not care about his hair like your husband," Christina said. "And we don't have kids."

"Derek does love his hair," Izzie said.

"Barbie, be quiet, you are screwing Karev," Christina said.

"Not screwing him, married. See the ring on my finger." She showed the shining rock on her finger that she got two years earlier, the same time she was pregnant with their daughter Dylan Katherine Karev. "Plus, we have Dylan," Izzie said.

"Yeah, yeah." Izzie rolled her eyes at Christina

"So Mere," Izzie started but when she turned around she was no where to be seen. It took a few seconds for the puking to be heard in the bathroom near the lounge. Izzie smiled at Christina who went to get a blood kit. Izzie walked in.

"So Mere, when was you're last period?" she asked her friend when she stopped. Mere opened her mouth to speak but closed it.

"Shit!" she exclaimed. "I can't remember."

"Then come out here. You are really lucky that I went into OB/GYN," Izzie said.

"Yeah, but if Addison...."

"Shut up," Christina said. "Stick out you're arm." Mere rolled her eyes and did as she was told.

Izzie stuck the needle into her friends arm and laughed as she winced.

"A doctor afraid of needle," Christina scoffed.

"Shut up," Mere said as Izzie left the room to bring them down to lab.

"So," Christina said. "I hope we finally get a little McDreamy, I even feel bad for him. He has four sisters and now three daughters."

"We don't even know if I am pregnant yet," Mere countered. They sat down and talked. About life, how far they have come, and when Izzie paged them she was coming Mere started getting anxious.

"Christina I don't know if I am ready for a third child. The twins are only 1, Sophia is only 3, what if I am pregnant."

"You will love him as you do them, you and McDreamy will be fine," Christina said as Izzie opened the door to the lounge. Mere walked over to her calmly and ripped they envelope from her hand and opened it quickly. Her eyes widened.

"I already have three, now a fourth."

"Congratulations Mere" Izzie said hugging her. Meredith looked at Cristina for a second, but shook her head.

"I am gonna get the girls from day-care, see ya around, oh and if you see Derek tell him to call me." she said with a smile walking out of the bathroom.

Walking into the day-care she spots her daughter at the same time she spotted her. "MOMMY!" Sophia squeals barreling into her legs.

"Hey Phi, how was your day." Mer says to her daughter picking her up and tickling her.

"Good! Are we going home now?"

"Yeah sweetie lets get your sisters."

"Okay" she says as Mer puts her down and they walk over to the twins. She puts the girls in the stroller and begins to walk out of the hospital until stopped by Derek.

"Mere Iz said you needed to speak to me, what about?" he asks.

"Derek I am ... I'm pregnant." she says with a smile.

"Really?" he questioned, his eyes wide.

"Really Der," Meredith said, rolling her eyes. Derek gathered her in a hug and kissed her head repeatedly.

"Let's just hope it's a boy this time," he murmured. Mer pushed him away playfully.

"Not on your life Dr. Shepherd, I..." she began and was interrupted by Sophia.

"Daddy!" she squeals, let's go of her mothers hand, and throws herself into her father's arms.

"Hey Phia," Derek chuckled kissing her cheek.

"Dadadada," Hayley and Paige babbled, reaching for him. He bent down beside the stroller.

"Don't worry, daddy didn't forget his babies either," Derek said, kissing them both as well.

"Daddy, you comin' home with us?" Sophia asked.

"No sweetheart, daddy has another surgery, be I will be home later, okay?" Derek told her.

"Okay Daddy Love you!!" she answers. "Go fix somebody's brains."

"Love you too sweetie," he says kissing her forehead and turns to the twins and does the same thing. "See you at home Mere." he turns to kiss her but she grabs him by the arm.

"You don't think getting me pregnant again will get you off easy that easy do you?" she whispers seductively in his ear.

"I was hoping."

"Good Bye Dr. Shepherd." and she walks out of the hospital into the car and home to spend some time with the girls.

A few hours later all the girls are asleep and Mer picked up the phone and called Derek's mother, Elizabeth.

"Hello" Elizabeth said.

"Hey Mom it's me Mere."

"Hey Mere how are you sweetie how are the girls, I miss them, and I miss you."

"We are all good, great actually, I am pregnant again."

"Congratulations honey." she says, "Guess you've got a lot of calls to make so I better let you get to it."

"Okay thanks hope to see you soon."

"Yeah don't be a stranger."

"Don't worry, how could we keep you away from your newest grandchild."

"Grandson," Elizabeth said. Mere frowned.

"Why does everyone want this baby to be a boy."

"Because, Derek is already outnumber 4 to 1.... and you and the girls have him wrapped around your fingers. Plus we need someone..."

"To carry on the Shepherd name, I've heard it all before Mom," Mere rolled her eyes.

"Meredith Elizabeth Shepherd," Elizabeth scolded. "You may not be my real daughter but you are like a daughter to me and I will not be spoken to in that way."

"Sorry," Mere giggled.

"Go call everyone... I hope to see you soon."

"Okay bye!"


Mere did the same with Derek's sisters Nancy, Kathleen, Lyndsey, and Emma each extremely excited. Finally the last person she called on the phone was Addison.

"Hello." she said.

"Hey Addison It's..."

"Meredith how have you been I haven't seen you in forever, I can never stop thanking you for naming little Paige after me."

"It was the least I could do, you helped deliver her, but anyway I have been good, well actually wonderful, I am pregnant again."

"Congrats Mere."

"Did you call..."

"Yes I called the Shepherds already and as you could probably guess they are ecstatic."

"Of course" Addy said laughing. The two women talked a little more until a cry interrupted them.

"Sorry Addison I gotta go Paige is up and it sounds as if she's hungry."

"Well I will let you get to it."



And then Mere went upstairs to find a crying Paige and a newly awaken Hayley. "Hey guys" she said to them picking up Paige soothing her. "Come on," she said and picked up Hayley too. Leaving the twins room she find Sophia in the hallway also awakened by Paige's cries. "Hey Phia Paige wake you up?

"Yeah but its okay Mommy." she answered sleepily rubbing her eyes.

"Okay lets go downstairs, you hungry?"

"I want to wait for Daddy."

"Sweetie, Daddy's not getting home until 8:00." she told her daughter feeding Paige while Hayley sat in her swing.

"Oh, Okay, then I am hungry."

"What do you want?"


"Pizza it is," Mere said picking up the phone. Mere had let Derek teach her the little things like mac and cheese or chicken nuggets but the one thing she was still best at was ordering take-out or pizza.

They ate their pizza and got the twins ready for bed and then it was Phia's turn. Derek got home right as Meredith was putting Sophia to bed. He walked upstairs and he heard Sophia scream, "Daddy!"

"Hey sweetie were you good for your mommy."

"She was a little angel." Mere answered for her.

"Well it is time for this little angel to go to bed." Derek said.

"Okay." Phia said grudgingly.

"Night sweetheart!" they both said and kissed her on her forehead.

Mere left the room and went to the bedroom while Derek looked in on the twins. He came into the bedroom to Meredith feigning to be asleep. Derek got ready for bed and laid down next to Mere and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hey, you shouldn't wake a pregnant woman."

"Well my wife shouldn't be pretending to sleep."

"I was kidding about the whole your gonna pay thing."

"I knew that Mere."

"I have a scan on Wednesday with Izzie, I thought I'd let you know since it is Monday."

"Goodnight Mere."

"Night Derek."


On Wednesday the couple took off for her first scan leaving Sophia, Hayley, and Paige with Lexi, who was off today. Mere and Derek felt like they were waiting for hours till Izzie appeared at the doorway.

"Sorry, Alex was..."

"That explains it," Mere said jokingly.

"Shut up and get on the table Mere." she said laughing.

"You're a little pushy Iz. I am pregnant here."

"Okay whatever, now this will be a little cold." Izzie said putting the gel on Mere's stomach. She waved the wand around her stomach.

"Now, here you go there's the baby." she said turning the screen toward Meredith and Derek.

"Hey baby, Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet you." Mere said to the screen.

"Okay so you will stop talking to the screen I will print out a picture" said handing it to them a second later.

"Okay now get out of here, get to your babies." Iz said to the couple who were kissing at the sight of their next child. "And for Derek's sake let's hope this one is a boy."

"Bye Iz see you tomorrow." Mere said hopping off the table. "And it won't be...."

"Thanks Izzie." Derek said still looking at the scan.

"Don't mention it." she answered and left the room before the couple.

Mere and Derek managed to avoid their friends who would have wanted to see the scan, except Mark.

"Shepherd's you think you can get out of here without showing me the scan." he called down the hall. Meredith giggled.

"Sorry Mark, here you go." Derek said handing him the photo.

"Aw he's cute." Mark said.

"Why does everyone assume it's a he, am I the only who wants another girl."

"Looks like it Grey."

"Shepherd Mark, it's been Shepherd for 3 years now."

"Whatever, I am just saying you have Phia, Hayl, and Paige, it's time for a boy."

"I know it's a girl ....maternal instincts." she said putting her hand to her stomach.

"See you around then Mere" he said handing back the picture to Derek who watched the fight silently. He wanted a boy and everyone knew it.

"Bye Mark" they said and went to pick up the girls from Lexi's.

"I hope they weren't any trouble Lex." Mere said picking up Hayley while Derek picked up Paige.

"They were little angels, I love them."

"Thank you again." Mere said.

"No problem."

"Well we gotta go Lex, bye" Derek said.

"Bye!" she said kissing the girls in turn.

"Hey Mommy?" Phia said tugging on her pants while walking to the car.

"Yes sweetie." she said strapping Hayley into the car seat.

"Are you having another baby?" she asked.

"Why do you ask?" Mere said strapping her in looking over at Derek.

"I heard you talking and I wanted to know."

"Then yes I am."


Mere and Derek get into the front seat and begin driving when Phia says, "I want you to have another girl Mommy."

"See." Mere says smirking, "I am not the only one.

"Shut up Mere!" Derek responds and they begin laughing, the picture of a perfect family.


I had to do this to show little of the history of the family before she come into the picture, I will update soon if you want.