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I was lost, alone, scared. But I knew that there was more to my seemingly hopeless situation than that. Something had led me here, to the middle of a strange forest. It was, surprisingly, bright in the clearing where I stood. I could hear the calls of birds, and the wind rustling the leaves that had fallen to the ground. For mid-September, it was surprisingly warm. The sun shone bright, and was high in the sky. Almost noon.

A twig snapped, I turned quickly, but there was nothing. The undergrowth was dense. It could have been any type of small animal, I assured myself. I continued walking, out of the clearing and back into the pathless forest. How I knew where to, go, I don't know. But I followed an invisible path to an unknown destination. Hours passed and nothing happened. There was no sound other than the rusting of leaves and small animals, and the calls of unseen birds.

I could feel the pull that led me to my destination grow stronger. Almost there, I thought to myself. I moved faster, stumbling through the trees and bush. Faster and faster until I was running as fast as I could. The trees thinned, the sky became more visible, and everything seemed brighter. Finally, I fell through a gap in the trees, and came into another clearing.

This clearing was much larger than the last, and in the middle, stood an intimidating structure. It was – or so it appeared – a temple of a sort, in the style of the Feudal era of Japan. I stared in awe for a moment, astonished by its enormity. It was a moment before I noticed the red-and-white clad women swarming around the structure.

They took no notice of me, as I stared in absolute astonishment, and continued in there activities. I now noticed a group of small, but sturdy looking huts, their thatched roofs were peaked, something I found unusual. About a dozen small children milled around the huts, seemingly involved in a game of tag, or something of the sort. An elderly, kind looking woman watched over them. She, I noticed, wore the same garb as the women on the temple.

I jumped when I heard a masculine voice behind me. Quickly, I spun, ready to attempt to defend myself. Instead, I froze. The man was like nothing I had ever seen. His clothing, Haori, Hakama, what appeared to be a boa over his shoulder and two swords strapped to his waist, was beyond unusual. His hair was long and seemed silver, but that had to be impossible. Magenta stripes accented his high, regal cheekbones, and I then noticed his eyes, they were golden. Despite his beauty, which was immense, I found that this stranger made me very, very nervous. An aura of power surrounded him, it was almost suffocating.

"I said, who are you?" The man snapped irritably. I had forgotten that he had spoken at all.

"I…um…I am Higurashi Kagome" I answered, in a nervous whisper. I wasn't afraid, just extremely nervous. He looked down at me, literally and figuratively, he appeared to immediately think himself my superior. If he was judging me by my articulation and state of dress, I couldn't blame him. Not only was I wearing a pair of dirty, torn jeans, a plain blue t-shirt, and a black, rumpled jacket. But I had stuttered horribly when he asked me who I was. He looked at me, apparently curious, and sniffed the air. I did a mental double take, and stared right back. He appeared to have been sniffing me.

He frowned slightly, "Well, Higurashi Kagome, it seems you have gotten yourself into a bit of a 'pickle' as they say."

Beginning to get worried, I replied carefully, "How so?" in the most polite voice I could force myself to use.

"You see, Higurashi Kagome, now that you are here, I cannot possibly allow you to leave."