Chapter 1

My initial thought, as I was dumped, quite unceremoniously onto a cold, stone floor, was 'these guys have no class'. I'm not sure that was the most appropriate thought at the time, and it seemed a situation in which most normal people would be panicking. I guess it was lucky for me that I had never thought of myself as normal, per say. I'd always been a bit of an odd-girl-out and this was no different. Everyone here, in this strange place, was dressed as though time here had stopped, about 500 years ago.

It was an incredibly strange place. No electricity, and doubtless, no running water. Like I said, no class.

I was still sore from being dropped on the ground, after having been picked up, thrown over the shoulder of that strange, extremely proud and I must admit, very beautiful man. He had carried me, as though I weighed nothing at all, to the large temple I had seen previously, and inside. I noticed the strange looks we were given, and the way that people seemed to shrink away from the mans imposing stature, they looked terrified. He had marched straight to the door at the end of the hall, through it, and into a smaller room, at the far end, stood an even more intimidating figure. His features were nearly identical to those of the man who carried me, though the elder man was taller, and they were clearly related.

"Father," He said, depositing me on the floor "I found his strange ningen at the very edge of the forests."

The man, who was clearly my captor's father, turned gracefully and looked at me curiously. He approached me slowly, in such a way that looked as though he was trying not to startle me. I couldn't help but be slightly insulted, I wasn't that jumpy. OK, maybe I was, but at this moment, I don't think anything would have surprised me.

"Poor ningen," The tall man intoned, "You find yourself in the company of demons."

I did another mental double-take. DEMONS? So, maybe I was wrong, something could surprise me. Though, that being something so difficult to believe, I needed proof. Gather all my courage; I managed to speak two little words, "Prove it."


The older man chuckled, and replied "As you wish." His tone was almost mocking. Looking pointedly towards his son, he winked, and looked up. I followed his gaze, and saw only a very high, white ceiling. Next thing I knew, the younger males form began to shimmer slightly, it shifted, and he grew. He grew much, much taller, his form began to hunch, and fur began to sprout from his flesh. The whole process was strangely beautiful; entrancing to watch. The creature that now stood before me was an enormous dog. Its fur was white and beautiful, it looked silky and shone in the rooms bright, natural light.

"Ok," I breathed, "Now I believe you."

"Excellent!" The older man exclaimed, as him son shifted back into him humanoid form. "Now, I believe introductions are in order!" The man's voice was weirdly enthusiastic. Was this going to be one of those 'once you know, I'll have to kill you' kinds of things?

"I," The man continued, "Am Inu-no-Taisho, and this is my eldest son, Sesshomaru."

"Um…" I stammered. "I am Higurashi Kagome" I then bowed quickly and blushed. I have no idea why I was embarrassed, but my face felt like it was on fire. I heard the man chuckle warmly again, and I straightened, staring at him in confusing. "Sir? Um…Could you tell me what's going on? Where am I? And how do I leave?" My voice was steady, and I was slowly beginning to feel more confident.

"I believe," He said, "All of your questions will be answered in due time." He then turned to him son, and approached the younger man, "I believe, son, that she will make the ideal mate." His voice was low, and I couldn't hear what he said. "Now, take her to the chambers we had prepared."

Sesshomaru, as I now knew him to be, turned to me. This face was blank, like a cold mask, but his eyes were expressive enough. Confusion swirled within the golden depths, and I couldn't stop myself from staring. He really was beautiful. His white Haori looked just as silky as his gorgeous white hair.

"Come." He said simply, and I followed. He led me through several long, narrow corridors, and up flights of worn stone stairs. Soon, we found ourselves in front of a wooden door. It was simple, but held certain elegance. He opened the door, and I was awed by the room before me.

It wasn't especially large, but the furnishings were beautiful and looked expensive. It consisted of a bed, with red and black covers and a considerable pile of white pillows. The frame looked to be of rosewood. A stately, ornately carved dresser against the wall, which was made of the same wood as the bed frame. A small chair and writing desk, again of the same wood, sat by the wide window that overlooked the forest. I must have been several stories up, to be able to see above the trees. Trees, they were the only thing I could see for miles, a sea of thick green below a blue sky splashed with fluffy, white clouds.

My attention was again directed to Sesshomaru, who was watching me with a curious expression. His eyes were, softer, than I recalled them being only minutes before.

"You should be aware," He said softly, "That my father intends that we mate."

I stared at him in confusion. Mate? Me? I was far too young. And who was his father to demand such a thing, I was not one of his subjects, nor was I of any high rank that would make it possible for me to be mated to a lord's son. I was a simple, Tokyo born city girl. I wasn't poor, but I certainly wasn't of high rank. In all simplicity, I was average.

"I realize," He said, "That this is a shock to you, but I ask that you do not disagree with my father, at the least not openly."

I blinked once, it would take a while to get used to this formal form of speech.

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