A/N: I had an urge to write a friendship Fic featuring Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex, just because there don't seem to be that many opportunities for these two to interact without the impetus of galactic destruction. Then, just for the heck of it, I threw Radek Zelenka in with them. Thus the title.

"Oh, come on!"

The familiar high-pitched whine drew immediate smiles and a few grimaces of commiseration as assorted scientists glanced up toward Dr. Weir's open office door. Whenever Weir was having a conference with Dr. Rodney McKay it was not unusual for everybody within twenty yards of her office to be able to hear what was being said, at least on Rodney's part. The over-excitable genius didn't seem to have a volume control, and God knew he wasn't shy about sharing his opinions. Unless directed at them, Rodney's diatribes had become a source of great amusement for the Atlantis control room personnel.

Much to their disappointment, the office door shut, cutting off the rest of the argument before anyone could get the gist of what it was about. With a sigh, everyone went back to work, but they perked up again a few minutes later when Ronon Dex strode across the upper deck and knocked on Weir's door, barely waiting for her invitation before entering the office.

Rodney's voice raised and lowered several times, and when he stormed out of the office a few minutes later with a red face and a murderous expression, followed at leisure by a playfully smirking Ronon, no one even pretended not to be watching. Rodney never noticed the attention, too busy grumbling under his breath and waving his hands as he evidently continued the argument inside his head, walking right past the control operations and out.

Braver than many of his colleagues, Radek Zelenka dared to ask as Ronon walked past the station where he was running diagnostics, "What was that about?"

The large Satedan stopped, resting hip-shot against the control station. The amused smile still lit his eyes as he replied simply, "McKay's going to join me for a few workouts. Do a little sparring maybe. Gotta stay in good shape to go on missions."

Mouths gaped and eyes widened. Any temptation to laugh was quelled by the former Runner's measuring glance as he eyed all of the other scientists, clearly noting how many of them were in need of toning and toughening. Though it was McKay who most often was called upon to go off-world, many of them had also been called upon when new discoveries were unveiled in the Pegasus galaxy. And if their stubborn, fast-talking, ridiculously intelligent superior had not been able to talk his way out of this fate, how much worse were their own chances?

Clearly enjoying the reaction, Ronon winked and straightened up, continuing on his way.

Over the buzz of worried conversations floating around the control room, Radek watched the Satedan's exit with a thoughtful expression upon his face.