Nobody ever really knew it, but Sharpay, and me had always been intimate. Not intimate in a way that most people think of, it was nothing sexual, even though sometimes it came down to physical. It was an emotional, physical, intellectual paradise. We had never kissed, she was my stepsister for God's sake. But late at night one of us would get into the other's bed, afraid one of us would vanish and the other to be alone again. Our body heat would ricasay off each other, Sharpay was always on her side, and me on my back.

Her warm breath touching the shell of my ear. I'd want to cry, it wasn't from lack of love, my life was full of love. But I'd remember that it wasn't til my mother had married Sharpay's dad that we were able to express it.

I was allowed to hug and kiss as expression of love.

Not just pushed to the limit to be the best, but praised for who I am, and who I will be. And no, I'm not trying to put down my biological father he was my father after all, and was very resistant of having someone try and take his place.

But my mother settled me down, telling me that we were just trying to form a place where we could all be secure. In speaking terms it made sense to me, and I allowed our seal to be broken. And months afterwards, I found affection for them growing.

Even though Sharpay had turned into the most popular girl in school there were still rumors hanging in the air. A lot of people stated that in some way she was cruel and twisted, and couldn't like anyone because she didn't even like herself.

I could disagree on that it seemed to me that Sharpay loved herself with a confidence that would put Paris Hilton to shame. I also think it should go the other way around on us. If anyone was cruel and twisted it would probably have to be me. Well, maybe that putting to extremes but just like my mother we ran when things got too good for us. Always thinking it would be snatched from under out noses in matter of seconds.

That was now with Troy, I cry, cry so hard fearing what could happen. What will happen? But not wanting to leave him, not him. "Gabriella?" I turn seeing Sharpay lingering in the doorway...Sharpay was there to reassure me, that I had my own life to lead. She was always there to reassure me.