Hello Godzilla fans. I don't own Godzilla, Space Godzilla, and any other characters that generated from Toho. I have done previous work in Batman, but don't worry I have been a loyal Godzilla fan for about eight years. One of the things that drove crazy was that SpaceGodzilla never came back. I wanted to see a rematch. So this is my version of that rematch. For the record, my story takes place after Godzilla vs. Destroyer. In my story Godzilla 2000 through Godzilla: Finals Wars doesn't exist. Here goes nothing!

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla II

Prologue: 14 Years Ago: 1994

Little Godzilla poked his head out form behind a rock. he squeaked at the intruder, who let a high-pitch roar. Little Godzilla advanced towards the new monster. It looked like his Father in a few ways. It had Father's physical form. His skin was blue and it had strange, glowing objects coming out of his shoulders. SpaceGodzilla stared at the monster child. First letting out a ringing growl. Letting out a high-pitch roar, he saw the child's eyes glow red with fear.

Angered by this pathetic creature, SpaceGodzilla unleashed his orange aurora beam on the child. The child let out a high-pitch and fell to his stomach, crawling away form the monster.

13 Years Ago: 1995

Godzilla Junior, minutes ago had been in terrible agony. He didn't realize that he had seen his Father for the last time. Godzilla was dying and in his last minutes he passed his legacy onto his son. The enemy monster had been defeated and was no more. Junior soon realized that his father was gone as well. Absorbing his Father's last gift of radiation, Junior finally understood that he was alone. Now fully grown, Junior let out a ferocious roar that was equal to his Father's. With a heavy heart, Junior slowly walked back towards the sea, preparing for his life of solitude.