This is a oneshot I wrote at the urging of my friend, FFN writer flowrite, who also suggested the title. I'm hoping I did well, and that their aren't to many errors. Also, I'd like to point out that I suck at humour, so this might not be all that funny. Sorry for that...

Tsubasa belongs to CLAMP, not me, obviously.

It was an average day at Yuuko's shop. As in, incredibly average. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, birds were singing, and cars were rushing by on whatever business they had. The dimension witch herself was out somewhere, looking for either liquor or rare and magical items. The two magical creatures sharing the name Mokona Modoki, whose real names were Seol and Larg, were lazing about in the living room.

"Mokona is bored!" the white manjuu whined. "Mokona has nothing to do!"

"Mokona is also bored!" replied the black one. "Mokona also has nothing to do!"

"But what can Mokona do to have fun?" Seol asked, white palms together as if in prayer.

"Mokona can… Mokona can…" Larg hesitated, thinking. "Mokona can go investigate the treasure room!"

"The treasure room!" the white Mokona cried, jumping up and down. "There has to be something interesting there! To the treasure room!"

"To the treasure room!" the black Mokona repeated, following the other's bouncing gait down the hallway and out towards the treasure room.

There were no barriers on the door, magical or physical, so the two Mokona had no problem entering the treasure room.

What lay in the room would have made a normal persons eyes open wide. Everything imaginable from pipes to vases to carpets to monkey paws was crammed into the long, thin room in an indescribable mess and covered with varying layers of dust. It was what Yuuko got for never cleaning the room.

Larg immediately hopped towards the back of the room, the only place that was not dusty.

"Uhuhuhu…" the black manjuu cackled.

"What?" asked the other Mokona, bouncing towards the other from the other side of the room.

"I found it!" The black thing's paws rubbed together evilly.

"Hunn? Found what?" the white Mokona asked, looking around the black one.

Larg pointed at the wall. On it was rack upon rack of liquor, ranging from wines to beers to Nihonshu.

"Uhuhuhu!" Seol agreed with a cackle.

Larg reached towards the two nearest bottles and handed one to Seol. They cracked open the bottles and chinked them together.

"Kanpai!" they chorused.


When Yuuko returned home, she was greeted to the sight of a worried Maru and Moro.

"What's wrong?" she asked them.

"Mistress!" they chorused. "Come see! Come see!" They both grabbed her by the hands and dragged her towards the treasure room.

"It's Mokona!"

"It's Mokona!"

"What are those two trouble makers doing… now?" the witch trailed off.

At the back of the room stood a pile of empty alcohol bottles and caskets. Next to it, the wall that once contained Yuuko's entire collection of liquor was bare of even the smallest, oldest, most twisted bottle.

On top of the pile lay the two Mokona, asleep in a drunken stupor.

Yuuko narrowed her eyes and twisted her mouth into an angry smirk.

"Oh, those two puff-balls are so going to pay…"

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